so when I went to go see It again no one in the audience seemed to care when Ben kissed Beverly and woke up from her trance, but when Bill kissed Beverly, everyone broke out into applause. can someone please tell me why my son Ben was ignored?? Ben, the boy who helped carry the plot. Ben, who did all the research on Derry. Ben, who told the losers’ club about the tragedies in Derry. Ben, who ultimately saved Beverly. can we please show some love and respect for this boy the same way we love and respect the rest of the losers’ club?

honestly i’ve been buying XL/XL+ clothes for years because i’m fat and all of you guys acting like harry’s the only artist who charges more for bigger sizes have clearly never attempted to buy plus-sized clothes…anywhere? let alone a concert? if you’re thin (or just….Not Fat) you have no idea what it’s like buying XL+ clothing. it’s gross but the main goal of every artist (not just harry, believe it or not) is to make money and it costs more to make bigger sizes because they use more material so they charge more! not saying it’s alright but it’s…how it is. let’s not pretend harry went up to his team like “hey guys…i fucking hate fat people so let’s charge them more for t-shirts.”