If you give some dogs enough of an incentive (see bones/treats) then they are able to cook some of the finest gourmet meals in the world. Gordon Ramsay refuses to have dogs on his shows, insisting that the human contestants simply could not compete.
New VAMPIRE HUNTER D Animated Series in Development | Nerdist

A bit late, but this is amazing news. It’s about time!

In the novels, D encounters countless weird monsters and has death-defying adventures every other minute. If this new program is going to use material from any of the books, which story would you most like to see animated?

sometimes you’re just driving down the street, and it hits you. just a sudden “wow, my partner is a beautiful human, and out of all the other beautiful humans, the billions of people in the world, and the thousands they encounter daily, they chose me to spend life with. it’s so beautiful that your eyes well up with tears, and you thank whoever is listening (God, the universe, cosmic energy of random glorious happenings) for giving you this gift.

The Breakup Playlist Hangover. Paano ba ang magmahaaaaaal, palagi bang masasaktan? Haaaays.

So ayun, di ba nga nanuod ako kagabi, nagdala ako ng jacket kasi alam ko malamig sa sinehan, pero iba yung naging purpose nya, naging pamunas sya ng mga luha kong sa simula pa lang panay na ang agos. Hahaha. Haaays. Sorry pero ang hirap talaga magmove-on. Okay. Bye.