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No worries on the wingless AU ( inspiration is better whwn it comes naturally. I dont mind the Keith centric story 😄😊). If you can, instead, Lance plus Amnesia.

You just love the angst, dont cha buddy?

There are three words that will make Keith’s heart to skip a beat, everytime without fail. Three words that would be either be: mumbled, shouted or whispered against his skin and lips.

Three words that would be full of fondness, love, and promise.

“Who are you?”

These are not them.

Keith’s heart doesn’t do its common flustered beat. It stop, abruptly, setting a sharp cold stone on his stomach and then he feels a hollow feeling inside him when those blue eyes, that once held so many memories and love, stare at him blankly, a faint curious but defensive edge on them.

“You’re kidding, right?” Keith breaths out, eyes wide and blinking in astonishment because this has to be a joke, because there’s no way -

“I’m…I’m sorry? I don’t know who you are,” Lance says, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion before wincing and rubbing his temple, a small whine leaving his lips that makes Keith to almost launch himself towards the injured brunet but Hunk’s by his side before he can even take a step.

“Easy, buddy, you just woke up, it’s okay,” Hunk mumbles quietly, hand rubbing small circles on the Blue Paladin’s back before looking back at Keith, eyes apologetic and sad.

Keith doesn’t want sympathy, he doesn’t need it; what he needs is to know why his boyfriend doesn’t know who he is.

“Lance - “ Keith tries again, because he has to; he needs to try again but the brunet’s response in to flinch away, pressing himself closer to Hunk’s side and Keith’s heart breaks at the sight.

He doesn’t even notice the worry glance Allura and Coran send his way as Shiro drags him away silently. He doesn’t hear Pidge’s soft mumbles as she tries to comfort Lance along with Hunk but he does hear Lance’s voice, he hears his confusion and distress.

It takes him a while to hear anything else, even after the infirmary’s doors close shut in front of him. Keith can only stare wide eyed at the white doors, hands twitching, not sure of what to do with them; trying to reach out for something familiar that he can’t have anymore.

Keith doesn’t notice the tears running down his cheeks until Shiro’s holding his face carefully and wiping them away, a deep concerned gaze piercing through Keith’s heart and it’s then when Keith’s brain finally clicks and then he’s falling.

He tries to follow Shiro’s indications, he tries to copy his brother’s breathing, but it’s no use because there’s a heavy lump in his throat and there’s not enough air.

“Keith, buddy, you gotta breath with me, please,” Shiro says above him, his arms around Keith’s lean frame tightening protectively, “Come on, Keith, slow and steady, follow my lead.”

‘Come on, amor, you’re not going to cradle me in your arms?’ Lance’s voice echoes inside his head, tuning out Shiro almost instantly and Keith’s heart is a mess, ‘I thought we bonded.’

God, bring him back.

‘Okay, but one time I forget our moment and you never let me live it down,’ Lance scoffs, voice teasing and playful echoing in his mind, ‘One of these days, Kogane, you will regret that!’

Please, bring him back.

‘You’re lucky I love you,’ Lance’s voice full of tenderness and fondness echoes and it’s too much for Keith but it’s the only thing he has left to hold on to.

“Bring him back,” Keith whispers, voice muffled and wet against Shiro’s chest, “B-bring him back.”

He gets no answers, but there’s no need for one. He knows he’s praying to dead stars.

in nct..

among the nct members, name who’s your…

best friend:
that one guy you have a thing for but not a crush:
your crush:
your future boyfriend:
the guy that hits on you:
your cute neighbour next door:
the one you always get grouped with for projects:
your skype buddy:
your heart-to-heart buddy:
the cute barista at your favourite local cafe:
the one you wished you could be friends with but you’re too shy:
the one that you don’t talk to much but always makes you laugh when you do:
the guy you look up to:

rules: only use each member once! excluding smrookies and hansol

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What songs from musicals do you think best represents the squad? (bonus: what does admin think represents them~?)

Alex: “Just whistle while you work, and cheerfully together we can tidy up the place!”

John: “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say my collection’s complete?”

Laff: “Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze!”

Herc: “You ain’t never… had a… friend… like me! You ain’t never had a friend like me!”

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We've got a pretty good idea of what to expect from all of season 5, although the Crew often surprises us. But either way, where do you think we'll be in season 6? Any wild predictions? Not exactly a season 6 prediction, but I feel the whole Zoo situation will make a comeback in the latter part of season 5. Perhaps Holly and the Fam will be on better terms then and either taking more personal care of the zoomen, or bringing the zoomen to Earth.

Ohh, I do have one wild prediction, since you asked:

Assuming the Fam and the Zoomans make it to Earth (whenever that may be), I predict the Zoomans are going to be re-located to Mask Island to co-exist alongside the Watermelon Stevens. The Famethyst help them adapt to their new home by teaching them how to fish, build huts, and other survival skills that can be passed onto future generations. The Famethyst care about the Zoomans a great deal and want to see them thrive as free people, but of course they can’t babysit them forever.

The Zoomans have a rocky start. They’re so used to having the Little Voice and their needs being provided for them. They don’t understand farming or weather patterns. The transition is all kind of scary, but the Fam are very supportive.

The Famethyst leave the Zoomans alone for one day on the island. When they return, they discover that all the Watermelon Stevens have been hunted down to extinction and devoured. 

Teen Wolf Bingo Masterpost

I’ve finished my Teen Wolf Bingo card! Woohoo! If any of the links don’t work or lead to the wrong place, please let me know so I can fix it.

*tumblr post is a link to AO3

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Partners in Crime | Braeden/Malia | T | 1104 | tumblr* | AO3
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Sharing Is Caring | Derek/Isaac/Scott/Stiles | G | 446 | tumblr* | AO3
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Home Is Where the Clothes Are | M | 763 | tumblr | AO3


Lisa finds the scars on his knuckles and along the sides of his fingers. She holds his hand between hers, the careless way a kid does, and her little fingers are dwarfed by his own, somehow finding tenderness beneath the thick chains of callouses.

“What’s this one for, Daddy?” she asks, again and again, pointing at one and then another.

They sit together in their living room, the same way they did the last time he was here, except she fits in his lap differently this time and Junior is listening-not-listening on the floor on his old playmat, waging war with his GI Joes. So Frank tells them the stories - not the truth, that he can’t remember most of them, but shit out of their comic books like trying to lasso barbed wire and Lisa twists in his lap to look at his, with her face all screwed up, skeptical but bemused.

“Really, Daddy.”

“As real as I’m sitting here,” he answers, straight-faced, but then he catches a glimpse of Junior staring at him in awe on the floor and cracks and Lisa stabs her finger into his palm as he starts to laugh, once again managing to tickle him.

“Daddy,” she admonishes, but she’s laughing too. He has to shuffle her aside as Junior begins to pout on the floor, expression clouding over with the beginnings of an upset.

“Hey, buddy,” he says, and reaches for him. Junior gravitates to him as if being pulled. When he clambers onto the sofa as well the three of them are a mess of limbs, and Frank draws the two small warm bodies to his chest, pressing a kiss into his son’s soft hair. He’s not sure if he still knows how to do this. Junior’s hand clamps conciliatory, possessively, to the shoulder of his shirt. He’s not sure if he knows these two humans at all. “Hey, I’m sorry, I was only messing with you…”

“Shut up, Frankie,” Lisa says suddenly, sourly, turning her head and tucking it into Frank’s neck.

“Hey, hey,” he says, frowning, his hands coming up to rest on their backs, but she won’t look up and he feels the mood of the afternoon change, as swiftly and suddenly as dust kicked up over the sun.

They sit there awhile. It’s silent save for Frankie’s sniffles and then they calm and all’s left is the steady breaths of children clinging to him like a lifeline, a quiet bubble in the afternoon.

“I don’t want you to go again, Daddy,” Lisa says, eventually. She mumbles the words into the crook of his neck and doesn’t look up and he feels Frankie nodding on his left side. There’s a beat. “I don’t want you to go.”

He works his suddenly tightening throat into his response. “I don’t want to go either, sweetie.”

It isn’t exactly the truth. It’s not a lie either, but the words seem to sink into stomach and settle there, like dumbbells. Like weighted chains.

The kids’ arms tighten around him, holding onto him as tightly as they could.


Do it for Frankie, Karen Page says in the aftermath of the car crash. Do it for Maria, do it for Lisa - tell me what happened, Frank, tell me, we can figure it out-

A laugh that’s more spit than breath and Schoonover knocks his head back against a trunk until he can look up at him, eyes glittering in the headlights.

“Yeah, Frank,” he coughs out, “tell her the truth.”

“You- shut up,” she hisses, trying to scramble him back. “Frank, Frank please, don’t do this, you don’t-”

He drags Schoonover to the shed and throws him through the door, kicking him for good measure, feeling the swell, the weight of his rage, heavy like poured lead and throbbing behind his eyes.

“If you do this, I’m done.” Karen staggers along behind him, arm crossed against her ribs and slip-sliding in the damp mulch. “You do this and you’re the monster they say you are, you hear me Frank? You’re dead to me.”

“I’m already dead,” he says.

And he shuts the door.