Dejame decirte qué es lo que merecés

Te merecés a alguien a quien se le escapen sonrisas al verte. Ya sea que estés desastroso, que estés linda. Enojado. Contenta. Porque lo importante es eso: que estás.

Que note actitudes tuyas que ni vos estabas al tanto de tener.

Que además de ver galaxias en tus ojos, te cuente que descubrió esas manchitas raras que tenés en el iris.

Que te bese los labios, pero también las mejillas, la nariz. Y que lo haga riéndose, halagando esas pequitas que a vos no te gustan.

Que con un beso en la frente, pueda silenciar los rugidos de tu tormenta.

Que no tenga miedo de amarte fuerte porque sabe que a pesar de todo lo que sos, no valés la pena sino el esfuerzo.

Que entienda tus defectos y que a pesar de ellos, decida quedarse.

Asian fetishization is so normalized among kpop stans. There are so many ppl (especially minors who need learn better) that say they love “asian men uwu” and we learn to just ignore them and move on. There are tons of ppl out there that do this and its gross and seems impossible to educate them all. Plus there are a lot of ppl that will be stubborn and say we’re just being sensitive/ its a compliment/ asian men are nicer and a whole lot of other bullshit 😪 it’s tiring.

In hs, I had a classmate that said she had a “preference” for asian and white men. There are so many things wrong with that. We all know when ppl say this they mean east (maybe se) asians and it’s blatantly racist to non-east asian poc. And the thought process that asian men aren’t capable of abuse bc the idols/actors you stan are nice guys is disgusting. Also, asian ppl aren’t an aesthetic. Every asian guy isn’t gonna dress nice and making asian men into a dreamy fantasy is gross (not to mention it disregards poor asians, trans asians or anyone that doesnt fit your Ideal Asian.)

I could go on but i’ve said enough. I’m just asking you say something to people fetishizing east asians. You dont have to go into a full argument but tell them theyre being gross so if theyre willing to look into it, they’ll see their mistake and better themselves.

did you 🤔 see 🔎👁 my bag 💼 did you 😳😳 see my 👀 bag 🎒⁉️ teuropideullo 🏆🏆🏆 baegi 👜 gadeukhae 😵🤢 how you 😏 think ❔💭 bout that 👉 how ❓💁 you think 😰 bout that 💪💦
haterdeureun 🖕😬 beolsseo hageul tte😂👊💯

ppl need to finally realize that they shouldn’t have hangul in their blog title/ description unless they’re korean and this goes for other fetishized e asian languages (like jpn) that get used for their ~aesthetic~