Hope all my fellow Richonners enjoy this as much as #1

It’s short and sweet but this will most likely be the last one until S7 comes back!

Melissa McBride and Angela Kang on ‘The Same Boat’ Caryl reunion! (video here)

Angela: I love this little reunion.

Melissa: Mmmhmm. It’s sad, it’s sweet.

Angela: I’m gonna cry again watching it.

Angela: One of my favorite things, having been on the show since the seventh episode, as a writer, is when you get to write these little tiny bits for character who have been around a long time and have a history, because so much can be communicated with very little. And I feel like we have that with Carol and Daryl and with Glenn and Maggie, and it’s just – you can have these really full moments with almost nothing set between them. So, I love the work you guys did there.

So there you have it, folks. Kang wrote The Same Boat and says she loved writing the Caryl reunion, and compared it to Gleggie’s reunion, and compared the Caryl and Gleggie relationships.

@24cats just showed me this great news! So this means that on Friday we will probably have our answer on whether or not Daryl has gone to the creeptastic house to find Carol!! 

Now it seems that he’s not been filming with Rick and the others since arriving at the Kingdom, which is suspicious. And good for us because it could possibly mean that he has indeed gone after Carol. We’ll see soon…

If Daryl stays at the kingdom, with Morgan there, its gonna be a huge bullshit if we don’t have Morgan telling him about Carol and where she is

Like, there is no excuse
Only Gimple messing with us
Even if Daryl suddenly forgot about carol’s existence, Morgan would still be like “oh, remember Carol? Dude, a crazy story happened between us” because he is gossip girl