About Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Colin Firth is still hot

Taron Egerton is still hot

Mark Strong is still hot

Channing Tatum is still hot

Jeff Bridges is still hot

Pedro Pascal is still hot

Edward Holcroft is still hot


what broke my heart is knowing that harry wanted to be a lepidopterist (butterfly specialist) before joining the army, and he never got to achieve that dream but it was just a mere hobby of his to collect butterflies and study them. but he never became one.

what broke my heart EVEN more is when merlin sang to distract the guards so he can let eggsy and harry in poppyland. he sang with such emotion and passion which leads me to think that merlin wanted to be a singer then, but like harry, he can’t because he had to do his duties. he sang like it would be his end (well it kind of is fuck) and he would do anything to protect harry and eggsy. merlin will not be able to achieve that dream anymore or it being a hobby of his.

the thought of those two never achieving their dream of becoming a lepidopterist and a singer really broke my heart :( </3


Before and after “A Dragon”

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