::lies on the floor and cries::


i finally had the time to draw but now that I have the time and energy.. i’m reeeeaaaally lacking the skill.. and i updated my compooter so now my lines have deteriorated.. i don’t know how/why but my tablet makes the uglies line work ever ;-;

so to break out of rustytown, i drew @markiplier while watching him play the Joy Of Creation: Story mode! i really liked his reaction when he started peaking all over the place like a cat. heh

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horrible line quality©me



“Occasionally, on purpose, Dr. Lecter drops a teacup to shatter on the floor. He is satisfied when it does not gather itself together. For many months now, he has not seen Mischa in his dreams. Someday perhaps a cup will come together.” ― Thomas Harris, Hannibal.


[15/01/21 TAO’S WEIBO]

what is the definition of time? don’t ask me, everyone knows it well in their own mind, do not waste and do not let it take you away, treasure any minutes any seconds

beijing, shanghai~ i have to leave now, the beautiful memories i will keep it in my heart

guess i shouldn’t reveal the people i’m thankful to and the director at this moment~ aye but see you next time everyone, it’s getting late, please go to rest early

i will miss you guys a lot…. i’m deeply thankful to all who support and believe in me, i will keep working hard~ muah~


went to see the 1975 last night!

it was an amazing concert and my sister screamed louder than i’ve ever heard her but that’s cool. i had too much fun. i wish i could live in that whole scenario again and again along with the stromae concert -sighs-

Matt Healy is a bae wtf >:(

this was a new way to colour uwu;;

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the 1975©.. o__o;;
Matt Healy©himself

N Is For Niven, Jennifer ¬ All The Bright Places (4.5/5 stars)

Is today a good day to die?