::adjusts collar::

anonymous asked:

ok but imagine kylo fucking you from behind and using the collar to choke you while telling you what a good girl you are, how beautiful you are when you take his cock, how much he loves your moans~


The power of his hips slamming into yours forces squeaks from your lungs with every thrust, a noise throttled by the pull of your collar at your neck. His grip is firm, tight, the movement of your bodies causing his knuckles to brush your nape–that sensation alone enough to flood your flesh with heat.

His other hand is digging into your hip, holding you in place as he pounds into you, and he’s panting as you clench and squeeze his thick cock. The pinch of the collar is spilling spit down your chin, drool dripping onto the bed, but you don’t care–you’re lost in the sound of skin slapping skin, the feeling of his dick driving into your cunt, the bliss blooming from your core and purifying your veins.

“You like that, pet?” Kylo snarls. A sharp tug jerks your head back, and he’s looming over you, hissing in your ear. “You like taking this cock?”

A spike of lust shoots through you, and you whine, nodding against the bite of the collar, pushing words from your throat. “Yes, sir, M-master!”

“Good girl…” His lips burn your neck, teeth grazing over your sensitive skin, drawing another contraction around his cock. “So perfect–fuck–you feel so good…” You yelp when he nips your shoulder, the hand on your hip sneaking around to tease your clit.  “Are you going to cum for me, pet?”

The pleasure that swallows you is so intense that you choke on it, only able to stutter out some admission before he growls, his body completely enveloping you as he rubs tight circles around your nub, his dick sinking deep into your pussy. You moan, your head spinning, and he tugs your collar again, silencing you, his breath growing hot on your neck.

“Fuck–that’s right,” he groans. “Cum, pet. Cum for your Master.”

Obediently, you do–sanity snapping as you cry out against your restraints, fisting the sheets below you as your cunt convulses around his cock, ecstasy wracking your nerves. Kylo gasps, growling in your ear as your tight heat sends him over the edge, pumping you full of hot, thick cum, filling you until you feel it leaking from your core. His hips stutter, and he stops, chest heaving at your back, the hold he has on your collar loosening until he drops it entirely, and you suck in a long, deep breath.

“Good girl,” he coos, kissing your neck. “Good girl.”