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Idk if this has been done before but... Pevensies as college/university students please?

hope u like anon!! i rlly enjoyed this one! modern aus are my jam xx

College / Uni students modern AU


·      We all know peter studies medicine c’mon

·      Studies until midnight because he just wants to help people already

·      Friends have to drag him out to parties so he’ll have fun

·      Susan dragged him to a few

·      Is the literal definition of uni hippie

·      Man buns, vintage coffee shops and immaculate notes are his things

·      Becomes a hypochondriac accidentally because he learns so much about diseases and injuries

·      Whenever he sees Ed he has a new bruise and it always freaks Pete bc he’s like eD WHAT DID U DO NOW

·      “I got into a fight with some bikers” is what ed’s response is ofc

·      (lucy bet him to the chocolate and he fell over in defeat)

·      Pete’s the uni student that always has dark circles under his eyes

·      Listens to a LOT of james Arthur, taylor swift, bon iver, and

·      He. Loves. Hamilton. Wicked. Les Mis. On repeat.

·      He always gets high destinction on his thesuses because he’s just so dedicated

·      He gets a placement in a hospital and all his fam are rlly proud

·      Then ed breaks his arm

·      And Peter has to fix it.


·      Okie but susan is literally elle woods

·      She’s legally blonde af

·      She’s the girl who walks into the lecture theatre of law with immaculately polished shoes and amazing fashion sense.

·      She’s gorgeous and she’s fierce

·      And she knows what tf she’s  doing and she shocks everyone when she gets high distinction on everything bc she’s so effin good at what she does

·      She has rings under her eyes a lot

·      Her notes are clean and simple and she knows exactly where to look because she’s memorised them

·      dEPENDS on her morning coffee

·      but she always works hard and studies and gets shit done

·      studies in the coffee shops

·      when she goes to parties (w peter a lot of the time) she PARTIES

·      She rlly lets her hair out bc she knows she’s effin earned it.

·      Listens to a lot of classical music

·      (and the legally blonde soundtrack)


·      Also studies law

·      Likes the feeling of making things right in the world after feeling guilty for so long

·      He feels a little bit inferior compared to his sibling Elle Woods herself

·      But he tries

·      And he gets the marks

·      And he drinks a lot of coffee

·      But he actually loves tea more

·      Its very relaxing

·      And he and lucy often have tea together in his dorm

·      His notes are always a bit messy but boy he knows what he’s doing

·      And he plays for the campus football team

·      And all of his siblings go to support each game

·      (he also has a lot of bruises from this)

·      (Pete is not pleased)

·      His fave coffee shop is in the corner of the city

·      It’s so cute and small and its g8 for studying in

·      The four of them have study sessions and test each other in there

·      They all love it

·      He listens to a lot of video game soundtracks because they help him to focus

·      He also LOVEs metro station (he secretly lives in 2009)

·      He also listens to a lot of arctic monkeys

·      He’s the one havin deep convos w everyone in the corner of every party

·      You never know whether he’s drunk or not when he does this

·      (but usually you know he’s smashed when he starts yelling Sherlock quotes across the dance floor)


·      Lucy actually studies animal studies

·      She loves being able to heal animals like she did in Narnia

·      It makes her feel like she’s doing some good

·      Listens to meditation tracks to help her sleep

·      Only drinks tea

·      Rarely attends parties, and when she does she’s the sober one dancing her heart out

·      Her notes are a highlighted mess of drawings in the margins and footnotes, but she studies hard and her dissertations are graded well

·      Always looks forward to Ed’s football games and meeting up with her siblings each week

·      Goes to each of Susan’s and Edmund’s mock court cases

·      “Accidentally” falls over so Pete can treat her when he gets a placement at the hospital

·      Smuggles animals into her dorm room and looks after them

·      Edmund helps look after them and helps her get them out

·      She starts volunteering at a shelter as well

·      Listens to a lot of Ed Sheeran, the beetles, and lorde

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This is Liam reacting to the story of a fan that went through bullying and that found his own story relatable:

This is Liam reaction after reading a fan’s sign thanking them for helping her through her issues and how she had find her girlfriend:

This is Liam asking for more rainbow flags:

This is Liam with kids for Comic Relief:

This is Liam crying after he injured himself in concert and couldn’t perform like he used to and fans just screamed so loud for him:

And this is Liam talking about his family and his best friends:

So don’t ever tell me there is a more precious human being in this world!