:333 thanku

I commissioned wonderful @zippi44​ for this hehe. Inspired by Brock O’Hurn who I saw in the news and was like ‘imagine Freed doing that; tying his long ass hair into a bun while half-naked and whop he getting popular aha. So I went Brock O’Hurn ref pic hunting and… this pose was the result for the commi B) ENJOY and absolutely go commission ZIPPI, as you can see it’ absolutely worth it~

anonymous asked:

💍;-; what about freed ;-; 💍

[ meme;; ] Munday! Send me some stuff! 
[ 💍 - what can you say about your significant other, if you have one? ]

uHM. that’s an ooc meme but if u wanna i can get laxus—

         “… ev’ryone already knows ‘bout my feelin’s for him…
              I–isn’t that enough? Don’t involve me in yer fuckin’ meme things–“

erGH. you know, just say some kitschy stuff…

however… sorry anon. but i can tell you he’s the happiest man alive!
he loves his husband very much and… yea he could tell a lot, but i guess some things are for freed only i think, eh. ♥