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You and your squad seem like super cool, quality people to hang out with! Also your costumes are AMAZING! :D *swoon* Such cosplay. Wow.

awww thanks

(and.  they are.  so good.  I do not deserve.  how did I even meet them?  oh god I guess it started with the booty shorts roller derby that’s really weird)

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Rules: Post ten favorite characters from ten favorite fandoms, in no particular order, then tag ten people.

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  1. eobard thawne
  2. anakin skywalker
  3. peter parker / spider-man
  4. president snow
  5. edward kenway
  6. edward thatch / blackbeard ( from ac4 not that potc bullshit w/ a flame throwing ship & magic sword like what was th A T  )
  7. dick grayson
  8. kal-el
  9. katniss everdeen
  10. alice kingsleigh

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