Happy Birthday to one of the kindest, sweetest souls I’ve ever met! ♡

There’s already a super sappy birthday card headed your way (and Mr. Molly is very insistent that I tell you he’s the one who mailed it), so I’ll keep all my mushy gushy feelings off of everyone’s dashboard. ≧◡≦

I just wanted to publicly wish the happiest of birthdays to my favorite plant, my sweet soulmate, and one of my very best friends. ♡ I love you, @ohthesefaces! I hope you’re having an amazing day, because you deserve absolutely nothing less.

mdceleste Had the most amazing afternoon with Sebastian Stan…you know him as The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) from Captain America and Avengers!! He came to Ronald McDonald House New York and spent a few hours meeting young fans who are currently in cancer treatment. We celebrated two very special birthdays, Sebastian handed out gifts and even got to meet a number of kids who are post-transplant. The entire House was full of happiness and excitement and my heart is so full! He’s such a wonderful person and I’m so glad he came to see what the House is all about. It’s great for these kids to know that their favorite superheroes are pretty heroic in real life too.

Okay, but can we talk about how much Adrien clearly NEEDED to hear this? His whole life he’s been made to feel like nothing he does is good enough. So when he puts on his mask, he makes up a persona which he thinks is how a cool guy would act. And as a superhero, he’s adored by all of Paris.

And yet Marinette tells him she thinks the him that he’s insecure about- socially awkward Adrien Agreste who never gets to feel like he’s good enough- is ‘less lame’ than Chat Noir. And he LOVES it.

Just a random (personal) thing on ch. 131 

You know? I remember so clearly that when probably one of the first flashback chapters came out, some random user made a post (it was a little bit ill-intentioned tbh) that said something like:

 Sebaciel shippers: awww Ciel named Sebastian after his dog because he truly loved his pet!

 Reality: Ciel is absolutely terrified of Sebastian the dog, that’s why he called the demon like that : /

And gosh, that post got a lot of notes and I remember I was so bitter because, for all that we knew back then, it was right… Sebastian wasn’t friendly with Ciel, and he was indeed scared of the big dog, it wasn’t the ideal relationship between kid and dog…

But I kept thinking to myself that it would’ve been kinda pointless and senseless for a little kid to call his butler after his dog just out of spite, you know??? There had to be certain meaning behind it, it had to be for a better reason… 

And now, some chapters later…

I’m honestly so happy to see this!!!!!!!

These panels represent a lot so… 

yeah, that’s all I had to say (^^;)