mua surettaa jos miesten itsetuntoo huonontaa se jos ne on lyhyitä tai jos ne kaljuuntuu
koska oikeesti
oli yleinen mielipide mikä tahansa
niin mun mielestä
lyhyt on just jees
ja kalju myös

et elkää pojat murehtiko

ja kans tytöt jotka murehtii pieniä tissejä ja sitä ettei oo riittävän laiha
koska oikeesti
oli yleinen mielipide mikä tahansa
niin mun mielestä
pienet tissit
ja se et ei oo mallin mitois
on just niinku

et elkää tytöt murehtiko

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so.... howd they find out that they had crushes on each other and their reaction to it? And who asked who first? If noone asked this yet? 👀 Also ur art is really amazing and ur also a really nice and cool person!! Have a good day/night!!!

okay well since their first meeting, poor Sports been OBSESSED w rob talking about him constantly to his pals trying to get info (theres not a lot). Sport waits until their schools play again and he like. sneaks around the band until he gets to the sax section and finds Robbie

he stutters out somethin along the lines of “hey ur p good at the sax” and robs like “???? thanks i guess. im only marching so i dont have to take PE”

sports hardly listening giving him the heart eyes and blurts out “UH YOURE CUTE CAN WE GO ON A DATE,,” 

rob like. jumps and freaks out cause people are looking at them nd he says “uh. sure please calm down youre causing a scene”

sport gives robbie his number and is ready to flip away but stops himself cause. i mean. he’ll knock over all of the trumpet players

I may have listened one too many times to a certain opening and all its countless remixes and versions while thinking about my sons like I always do.

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22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

a/n: inbox me a # and i’ll write you a jikook drabble
still in an x-mas mood :))
this is kind of a continuation of #26??? well, you can think of it that way? (if you do, just imagine that it’s some time after they’ve realized that wow they actually like each other and it’s x-mas again)

jimin remembers, about two months ago, when he and jungkook had decided to take a road trip in a rented minivan, with jimin driving and jungkook giving the directions using the assistance of GPS navigation. jimin had found, very unfortunately, as in-synch as the two of them may be, they can’t make it to a place more than two miles away without getting lost.

the reason for that is - well, jimin won’t say it ever aloud, but -

“a little to the left, no, right, okay - sorry, ack! yeah, okay, sorry, straight, straight.”

- jeon jungkook is pretty terrible at giving directions.

having just almost tripped over a very sharp table leg, jimin grits his teeth. “jung - ow - kook, can i open my eyes yet?” oof, there goes the couch. “please?”

“nuh-uh,” jungkook’s voice comes, probably accompanied by the shaking of his head (jimin can’t be sure because of the blindfold over his eyes). “just a little bit more.”

jimin scowls and grumbles to himself, cursing in his head about jungkook’s stubbornness because he really doesn’t want to spend christmas day nursing an injury, but otherwise stays silent. any of his protests will fall to deaf ears.

“straight now! good, good, see, there, yeah, wait, ouch, sorry, that must hurt.”

jimin sometimes questions his life decisions.

eventually, jungkook reaches his fingers forward to shake jimin to a stop. thanking every deity known to man, jimin breathes shakily through his nose, ankle throbbing a little, and feels jungkook hands ghosting the expanse of his neck’s skin, working at the knot of his blindfold.

jungkook gets the fabric off in four seconds and, as jimin is blinking the phosphenes from his vision, yells out, “ta-da!”

jimin is left to blankly blink at the expanse of their living room. he flits back to look at jungkook with quizzical brows for a hint, but jungkook’s excited expression gives nothing away. he looks back.

still nothing.

is jimin missing something? are his eyes not working? is jungkook losing his mind?

jimin frowns, “i don’t-”

a hand comes to jerk jimin’s head up as jimin makes out jungkook giving an exasperated sigh and saying, “look.”

jimin’s eyes nearly fall out of their sockets to mirror the way his jaw falls to the floor. he’s staring at green and red and if that’s what he thinks it is-

jungkook’s hands come up to cup jimin’s face, pulling him in with a tiny squeak (which jimin will never confess emitting) to match their lips. shock subsiding, jimin melts into jungkook like it’s their first time (it’s definitely not), arms rounding up to loop around jungkook’s neck.

both of their breathing patterns are a bit erratic when air comes in between them, and jimin’s heartbeat is skidding by so quickly that he’d probably be able to motorize six polar expresses (maybe seven; they’ll need to measure to make sure).

“merry christmas,” jungkook mumbles into his mouth, and jimin smiles.

(he’ll remember this as “the day he realized mistletoe is a pretty romantic christmas gift.”)

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i think u mean 1 through 5?? im doing all jdkh

1. the meaning behind my url

kim kibum is a real fairy Fight me

2. a picture of me

MMMkhjkfdhsf FINE

(this was a couple of months ago tho)

3. tattoos i have


4. last time i cried and why

i think….i was abt to say yesterday w all that jjong mess but i only got teary bc i was super emotional BUT one tear did roll down my cheek while watching taemin’s mama performance and my brother judged me really really hard….he was like “are you REALLY crying for that oh my god” hfjkhg

5. piercings i have

one on my left ear and two on my right!! but i wanna get more hehe

thank you!!

send me numbers!!

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sup Saul, how's it going? I've got to kno how you keep the foxes so well characterised. Do you have the series handy each time you write a new piece? or do you just have them down pat after all your time writing them? legit its so impressive and so well done xx

what a flattering question, why do you always endeavor to make me blush (it works every time, thank you so much friend <33)

though my answer is …… not the most conventional. 

to be truthful, I’ve read TFC exactly once in a mad obsessed three day stint. minus the occasional timeline or dialogue check, the paperbacks have gone untouched ever since. 

after that, I go fic to get a better grasp on the characters’ voices! one, because various interpretations and situations make good food for thought. two, because I am very bad at rereading series. three, because for me, fandom is what brings characters to life. like. canon would never have Neil tweeting to fans, canon wouldn’t put Allison and Nicky on a shopping trip, canon wouldn’t have andreil almost breaking up, but hell if those scenarios aren’t great and interesting character studies. other authors pick up a lot of nuances I wouldn’t have noticed the first time around (like, fuck, Kevin’s reliance on Andrew paralleling his reliance on Riko in the Nest? went totally over my head on my read through).

nowadays I have definite voices for Coach Wymack and his misfit crew, but I occasionally still check my interpretation against another author’s. 

tl;dr: I am not one for strict canon interpretation.   

this is also why if a rrrreally good fic gets a canon fact wrong, I take it at face-value as truth and thereafter contribute to the inaccuracy. oops. 

do any other writers do this?? I feel a lil guilty. but it’s how I do, so! there you have it. 

thanks again, yo.  hope to see you around!