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The Republicans and Democrats are 100% working together to keep people invested in a constant cycle of defending a status quo. Its easy to keep people from working towards a better world when they’re in constant fear things are about to get worse. You see it in diehard neoliberals, radical centrists, and those weirdly hypnotized clinton worshipers- they’re all filled with dread 24/7. they believe if they were to even consider stepping out of line, abandoning their post in the good fight to keep things shitty-but-not-TOO-shitty, the world would crumble around them.

And I, I reject you! As a “father”, as a person, like a king, like everything, you suck, you here are the only failure are you…Judge Vinsmoke!

Derek + Casey + a Fake Baby (Part 3)

The next day goes much the same way, with Casey and Derek working together seamlessly all while spouting insults at each other, and George and Nora slowly start to feel silly for being concerned. Their two eldest have always gotten on each other’s nerves, but they’ve also always made a good team when forced to work together. What could be more familial than that? And if they seem to be getting a little too into this assignment, well, it’s only natural. They’re growing up, starting to think about their futures. Goodness knows Casey’s always had a maternal streak, and Derek is so wonderful with Marti… it makes sense that they would both look forward to parenthood. As for the domesticity, well, they do live together. That’s all it is.

That’s what George and Nora tell themselves, and each other, until Nora walks into their home the afternoon of day 3 and overhears the following:

“Ha! Told ya, Casey, she’s a daddy’s girl. Aren’t ya, Lex?”

Surprisingly (and creepily) the thing actually answers him with a little robotic giggle.

“Fine, Derek. You win.”

There’s a brief moment of silence, and then-

“Caseeey, are you seriously gonna be mad about this?”

“I’m not mad, I just don’t like losing. Especially to arrogant jerks like you.”

“Oh my God, are you upset that our fake baby likes me better?”


Another moment of silence.

“It’s just-”

“You’re so easy.”

Why does she like you better? Why are you better at this than me?”

“Okay, first of all, she doesn’t actually like anyone, because she’s a robot. Second of all, if I tried to raise an actual baby without you it would be dead by now and you know it.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say.”

“Yeah, but it’s true.”

“You don’t give yourself enough credit. I’ve seen you with Marti.”

“And yet she’d never even seen a vegetable until you moved in here, so what does that tell you? Look, Case, there’s no way you’re not going to make the lamest, most stick in the mud parent ever. But there’s also no way you won’t be awesome at being that because you basically already are.”

Wide eyed, and Nora finally swings the door closed to announce their presence. Casey comes scurrying out of the kitchen with the baby, and Derek follows casually behind her with a sandwich. They both have ‘guilty’ practically written across their foreheads and Nora tells herself it’s just because she caught them genuinely getting along.

She almost has herself believing it by the time George comes home an hour later, but the second she sees him, the few damning words she’s been trying not to think about pop into her head.

If I tried to raise an actual baby without you.

“Georgie, I think we need to talk.”

Land and Sky: Smoke

* @baldore-of-the-boros prompt three. Characters are mine, MtG is not*

“Ceral, I’m going to ask this once again.” Laan looked over at his companion through the rain. “What are we doing out here?”
Ceral leaned to the side, his eyes never leaving his scaly charge as it bounded through the heavy rain. “I needed a better place to teach Raz how to fly and you had nothing better to do.”
Raz was no longer attempting to fly, but was instead enjoying the downpour by chasing any small creatures she could find from their hiding spots. Ceral grinned as she dragged a large rodent from under a log into the rain and towards a collection of what used to be leafy bushes. The charred branches of the recently dead brush would provide no cover for the whelps new playmate.
A soft green glow coated the area as Laan sighed. He pulled a hand upwards and a hole appeared infront of the rodent, just large enough for it to slip into. He made it too deep for Raz’s paws to reach down and he reached down to pet her. “I’m amazed that the two of you made any progress before something unreasonable happened. Can you at least lighten up the rain if we’re going to continue standing here?”
“Unreasonable?!” Ceral feigned an insulted tone, but shrugged in response. “She’s a dragon, things catch fire. It’s perfectly normal. And no, I can’t lighten up on the downpour. It took long enough for the rain to put out the flames, I wouldn’t be surprised if theres still a few areas that are smoking.”
“Ceral. There is practically a wall of water coming down and the suns completely blocked out. Its midday. You’ve made it so dark and damp that anytime we use magic, everything within ten feet glows.” Laan threw a hand to the side, spraying water as he moved. “We would probably be getting a constent shock from that lantern of yours if you had brought it.”
Ceral looked at Laan, scratched the back of his neck and looked up. “Fine, if only to stop your complaining.” A deep purple radiated onto the area as Ceral called forth the magic needed to calm the storm. Raz ran over to him as she noticed the glow of something-interesting-about-to-happen, and rubbed against his legs. The rain lightened up and the sun peeked out from between the clouds in some spots. As nothing fun was going to happen, Raz leaped at the rodent that was making an attempt to crawl out of it’s hideyhole.
Ceral bent down and snatched the whelp by the scruff of her ncek and put her ove his shoulder, where she latched on and purred. He gave Laan a toothy grin and headed towards the outskirts of the city. “Happy now?”
Laan shook his head and followed the pair through the shower. “Gods, why do I put up with you.”


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What color would match Lieutenant Lyste uniform??
1. Dark green (top left corner)
2. Light green (top right corner)
3. Light brown (bottom left corner)
4. Medium brown (bottom right corner)

I refuse to buy more yarn…lmao. I have so much so I need to use what I have ;v;!

But his uniform color is a mystery….what can’t it be gray……I have a lot of gray yarn ;3;


Daisuga - Jealousy

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Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—