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Giiiirl congrats on your mystic messenger blog!!! 😄 So excited to see more of your work! 😄 For my ask, what do you think the RFA guys + Minor Duo would do if they found MC's diary? 😂 Would they read it? And if they do, how would they react to her entries about them? 😉

Hey!! Thank you so much!!! I will definitely do this because it sounds hilarious!! Thanks so much for the request!!! So I am going to start out with Vanderwood because he does not get enough love <3. I hope you like it!!

Warning!! I picture Vanderwood cusses a lot sooo profanity ahead!!

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FMA Manga/Brotherhood Ed: Not only will I never make a Philosopher’s Stone, I will never use one that’s already been made, even though the damage is done and can never be reversed.

I’m so disgusted by the idea of it that I would rather be eaten by Envy than attack what’s left the people of Xerxes who all but died hundreds of years ago. When I do use some of those souls to escape starving to death in a river of blood, I’m going to be wracked with guilt about it, even though it was literally the only way for me to save my friend Ling and for me to return to my brother.  

And will I use the remaining life force of a man I hate, who’s already been alive for way to long, who won’t be alive much longer, and who is offering his life up voluntarily to save the person in this world who I care about the most? Of course not! What a ridiculous idea! That would be wrong.

FMA 2003 Ed: In the end, I won’t end up murdering a whole room full of people to make a Philosopher’s Stone and save Alphonse…

..but I’m going to seriously consider it.


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥


4+ hours of gameplay and im this deep 

the last comic is actually true if you try to hack wrench lmao

Inktober Day #22: Escape

Pidge had too much on her mind and was having a hard time sleeping…Lance provides some musical entertainment :’) (Where’d he get the guitar? No one knows…) After the silliness and memes he starts playing some lullabies that were passed down through generations through his family…it’s soothing for both of them.

And Pidge wasn’t the only one having trouble sleeping…

Please don’t tag with any pairings, thank you!

“Am I the only one…?”

“Run, run, run…” 
“A place in the sun…” 
“And then there was light…” 
“Under this gentle glow…” 


My first yoi fanart ^__^ It’s been exactly one year since I drew Yura and Victor for the very first time. They look so strange for me now, lol xD 

The trailer of the anime impressed me so much… and so early! It’s like I already knew somehow that I would love it! Though I couldn’t imagine how strong this love would be <3 

P.S. I didn’t mean these two pictures to look like I was going to ship Victor and Yura. I just liked these jackets. And wanted to take them off, yeah. As I always do :D 

so @joliemariella went and made this amazing freaking picture and has been telling me about this adorable little-mermaid-based au idea of hers and my hand slipped for several, several hours, oh dear.


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue