:3 for bom noona


-2ne1 chat room-

Bom: I’m so nervous

CL: I know unnie but it’ll be great you’ll see

Dara: they’re anticipating something but they won’t know what hit them ^^

Minzy: I actually can’t wait ^^

-YG Family chat room-

Taehyun: did you see that four slots opened on the floor?

Jinwoo: oh my god is that Dara noona?

Mino: I didn’t know 2ne1 was going to be performing at MAMA!

Tukutz: 2ne1 is doing what?!

Tablo: no way!!!

Seungyoon: I’m speechless!

-2hrs later-

Seungri: we really did not see that coming!

Daesung: great performance!

Hanbin: Minzy noona is your neck ok?

Bobby: that was one of the best parts honestly

Mino: the splits!!

Taehyun: Bom noona <3

Hayi: Dara unnies abs *thumbs up*

Dara: Thank you all >< my abs might be gone tomorrow

CL: Are you going to eat a lot to celebrate?

Bom: We’re all going to eat a lot ^^

Jinhwan: I still have the chills

Seungyoon: I’m still speechless.. This was.. Wow

Tukutz: That surprise stole the whole show!

TOP: sad there was no MAMA kiss

Jiyong: who did you want to kiss?

Seungri: hyong you already got one of those

Bom: There was no MAMA kiss needed because I was the surprise ^^

TOP: we can have our own MAMA kiss

Seungri: I’m not going to kiss Jiyong hyong

TOP: I was talking about me

TOP: and

/TOP leaves chat room/

Hanbin: what? I’m confused

Bom: I can’t make it to dinner I’m suddenly very tired from the performance

/Bom leaves chat room/

Minzy: ok??? What do we do now if we can’t celebrate with Bom unnie

Sean: Just glad you guys gave your fans that surprise, they’ve been waiting a long time ^^

CL: That’s true, thank you everyone

Dara: I miss Bom already :(

Seungri: she’s in good company ^_~

CL: better not be with you

Youngbae: don’t worry ^_~