accent challenge !!
ft. an awkward british bean :3
accent challenge !!

here’s my accent challenge !! i was tagged by nobody bc i’m too awkward to make friends on here but i wanted you to hear my obnoxiously british voice so here you go !!

i just wanna say that i’m ill rn so i sound a bit different and also i’m not as posh as this it’s just bc i was recording ! also it got a bit asmr-y at points but oh well and also i’m sorry for being awkward lmao !

so i tag @simprising, @windenburger, @cupidjuice, @cozyplant, @cowplant-pizza, @crabb-sims, @plasmapacks, @samtastic-sims, @amessofsims, @dropletofstardust, @simblragain, @pxelmango, @pxelbox + any of my other followers !!

the rules are under the cut bc they’re quite long :3

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Yo creoooo que ya no quieren continuar con un APM porque en esa serie como que ya tocaron fondo (o sea se casaron). Entonces al ya no haber nada nuevo para renovar decidieron ponerle otro nombre, ya que hasta hace unas semanas todavía le llamaban a la serie APM. uwu

Kinda sad porque APM fue su primera serie juntos de todos los tiempos.😞