:2nd season

Shit, I just realized that it’s Wednesday again.

The second Wednesday without YOI.

And I thought I was moving on with my life just fine after it ended, but now that it’s Wednesday again… that’s a NOPE.

Man, I do miss this anime. My Wednesdays are definitely much emptier now than they used to be and it sort of hurts, just a little bit.

Here’s to hoping that we can all make it to the second season.

How I want my man:

✓  Looks good with blood (Call me a psychopath, but I like them when they’re a bit mad.)

Is a good person deep inside

✓  A bit spiced up with angst.

 Basically, is perfect no matter what angle you look at him even the gay angle

And these, my dear friends, are some of the reasons why I don’t have a love life.