Sooo Danny just told Steve that he’d be happy just eating fish and chips with him at the pub Rachel took him for their 1st anniversary.


[ Inktober 2016.10.01 - Luna Lovegood ]

I’ve decided to try my hand at Inktober for the days I don’t have any digital art to post! That’ll hopefully keep my art blog somewhat active this October :D (Today’s a double post because I had too much time on my hands… bless Saturdays hehe)

12 years since I first met Luna in my midnight release copy of OotP, and to think this is my first time drawing her - shame on me!

So, how should we believe that Catherine, who Steve “never called just to say hi”, who Steve couldn’t call her girlfriend, whose little personal details Steve hadn’t any clue about, because he didn’t bother to ask or find out, who he saw like two times a year till she had nothing better to do than stay around, who he plainly refused to share details of his childhood with (he didn’t want to tell her about the fishing spot he used to go to with his father), who he couldn’t say “I love you” to for more than a decade till she left to start a life built on lies (and never when she was around, not even after she came back because she had to lie to his face, too), who is keeping everything from him for the past 2 years, is the only one that he ever really let in? I just can’t believe that, because the WHOLE show tells me otherwise.

so I was thinking about why so many of us in the McDanno Trash Heap™  were put off by Danny and Steve’s relationship in season 6 and after marathoning it on Netflix, I think I’ve got more of a grasp on the answer

during the early seasons we grew used to seeing 1) casual touches 2) affectionate pet names 3) “dates” and one-on-one time 4) lingering glances and 5) relationship affirmations. it was as those five things started to get filtered out that we collectively started to get concerned about the state of their relationship and season 6 is when it all came to a head

  1. Casual touches - Remember when they used to reach out to each other after a fire fight or a hard case? Touch the other when they were laughing? Cuddle on the couch? Touch just for the hell of it!?!!!? Yeah, there was none of that in season 6. In fact, I don’t think they laughed together at all in season 6
  2. Affectionate pet names - Danny called Steve “Steven” only once and the lone “babe” of the season was directed at Chin. Danny also dropped a “Neanderthal” but Steve was not present. I’m not counting “buddy” or “pal” because they use that for everyone
  3. “Dates” and one-on-one time - We didn’t see them hanging out independently of the others and their retreat was used as a way to quickly knock out all of their therapy hours in one fell swoop, not just because they wanted to spend time together
  4. Lingering glances - I counted two. One when Max was explaining Hanukkah and the other during the Valentine’s Day episode when Steve was #Upset that Danny didn’t think he was romantic
  5. Relationship affirmations - These are moments when they/anyone deliberately puts a light on their relationship in a positive way (ex. “I picked you, didn’t I?” “I love you” “Your dad is the best man I know”). There was one “I love you.” In fact, in what I consider a kind of sad turn of events, Steve said Danny made him “miserable” and that Charlie would grow up to “hate you just as much as I do.” Were they said in jest? Yes. But it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when looked at with everything else

it’s my belief that because they hit three out of five in the season opener that we were happy with it

  1. Casual touches - Danny when they were entering HQ and at the end when Steve was leaving to take time off
  2. Affectionate pet names - N/A
  3. Lingering glances - The rooftop after Steve listened to Danny by not jumping and the end
  4. “Dates” and one-on-one time - N/A
  5. Relationship affirmations - Kono’s “they in love again” while Danny continued to watch Steve leave with a smile on his face

I also think Grover’s reactions to them were interesting. his comment that he hoped the transplant would make Steve and “his man” closer shows that he knows on some level that their relationship is strained (btw it’s a real shame he wasn’t around for the flirty days of yonder). at the end when he says “you two” and laughs at their moment it’s pretty obvious that he can see the potential for them to become closer like he mentioned

(feel free to add to this if I missed anything!!!)

You all right?

Danny Williams to Steve McGarrett while flying on a plane for the first time after Steve’s near death experience (Hawaii Five-0 - Episode 7.02 - no ke ali'i wahine a me ka ‘aina)

The second episode of season seven had some great Steve/Danny moments in it, but my favorite scene was the one on the plane. I’m not talking about the conversation/argument/discussion they had about control issues and who gets to drive the Camaro. I’m talking about the moment Danny put his hand on Steve’s shoulder to ask if he’s all right. Danny noticed that Steve was struggling – Danny knew. Who cares about their bickering afterwards? The most important part is that Danny knew his partner and best friend was not all right and he was there for him.

The moment might have been brief, the gesture small and the touch short, but it’s the meaning behind it that counts.