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okay but your stuff isn't that good anyways. moodboards? dead easy to make. yours don't even make sense! your hyacinth au? ill never get those five minutes back. youre being really creepy here, you know that. writing about someone REAL is really fucking weird you dick. in conclusion: I don't like your blog and id be very happy if you deleted it, and im sure that others would be too. thank you and goodnight.


okay.. people said they wanted to see so, here’s the result of about seven hours of playing with SAI ><

obviously it’s nowhere near finished but if anyone has constructive feedback, i am all ears

The Deal - 9 (Steve McGarrett/Reader)

Steve and the team are faced with a job they can’t do alone leading them back to you…the one they locked up in prison a couple years prior, offering a deal you can’t refuse…Steve struggles seeing the  supposed reformed inmate as he has to keeps tabs on them until the op is over…will things run smoothly? or will there be trouble in paradise?

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

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Steve stared at the email finger tracing over his lips as he read it. He smiled a little hearing the inflection of your voice in the words that you wrote. You were doing well for yourself and he was happy for you. He looked up as Danny walked inside his office, “Hey.”

“Hey back.” Danny smiled putting his hands into his pockets, “So I got an email this morning from Y/N.”

“Yeah, me too.” Steve pointed to his computer, “Sounds like she’s been doing really good for herself.”

“Right, I mean we knew she would when we sent those reference letters to her.” Danny nodded a little, “Hard to believe it’s been, what seven months.”

“Yeah something like that…” Steve nodded thinking back to the last time he saw you.

It had been a wild ride of events that led him into your hospital room. He stepped inside seeing you resting on the bed hooked up to a few monitors. Your arm was in a cast, the side of your face scrapped, bruised, and bandaged in places. He stopped at the foot of your bed looking away taking a deep breath in through his nose.

“If you’re going to growl during this visit…” He looked back to you as you opened your eyes into slits a small smirk playing on your slips, “…can you at least do it in a sultry way?”

“Sultry?” His eyebrows shot up as he looked at you, “What you want a strip tease or something?”

“Are you offering?” You laughed a little before groaning making the small smile on Steve’s fade away quickly.

“Take it easy.” He stepped over to the side of the bed looking down into your eyes seeing one of the blood shot from damage, “What were you thinking?”

You stared up at him for a moment before looking away, “I was ensuring that the information got out. We would have been caught….”

“You should have told me!” His voice began to raise.

“Told you?” You looked at him again your mouth slightly open, “I don’t…Steve you took me out of jail to make sure that this would succeed. You told me to make it happen. If I had told you what I was about to do your feelings would have jumped in…”

“Feelings? What feelings?” He interrupted you taking a step back, “There are no feelings.”

“Aw man…” You stared up at him sadness in your eyes, “Catherine really did a number on you…”

He watched you look away from again. He swallowed before clearing his throat, “I…just came by to tell you that you’ve been released. The warden is bringing your personal effects over and has apparently talked to someone about your exams.”

You glanced over at him as he reached into his back pocket pulling out a few envelopes, “The team wrote several letters of recommendation for you. You did good and proved to us all that you’ve changed.”

“That…” You watched him set them down on the side table, “Thanks…”

“Yeah.” He nodded watching you lean your head back, “I’ll let you rest.”

He cleared his throat leaning back in his seat before looking at Danny, “You think she’d help us on this case?”

Danny’s eyes got wide, “Well I don’t know…I mean I guess she could be useful. She might see some ins and outs that we didn’t.”

“It’s art heist and she used to steal art, now she tests security systems to stop people from stealing art.” Steve stood up looking at Danny, “We’re at standstill on this…”

“Sure.” Danny smiled looking at him, “I mean we could use a little more feistiness around here, right?”

Steve let out a soft chuckle, “I’ll give her a call.”

“Yeah…just you know…be nice.” Danny told him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Steve crossed his arms.

“I’m just saying you two parted on not such great terms if I remember correctly.” Danny squinted at him a little.

“Well…yeah…but I kinda stayed in touch.” Steve glanced down at his laptop. He’d gotten a call from a bank for a reference and ended up tracking you down sending a brief email giving you a heads up. Ever since the two of you kept in touch exchanging emails a few times a month.

“Oh, really?” Danny tilted his head a little making a face, “Well…then, do what you think is best. You are our fearless leader after all.”

Steve did. He couldn’t believe how easy it had been. He thought for sure you’d give him trouble and sass. You didn’t though.

You just told him you’d be on the first flight out that you could get. An hour later he received and email confirming your flight. You’d be here tomorrow.

Steve fiddled with the lei in his hand looking at the people getting off their flights. Danny watched him carefully, “Would you stop? We’re going to need to buy her a new one.”

Steve looked at him and then to the lei seeing how crumpled he was making it, “Sorry…”

“Why are you acting like this?” Danny crossed his arms,

“Like what?”  Steve glanced at him before looking back at the people for you.

“Like a giddy school boy.” Danny smirked when he looked at him, “What have you two been talking about?”

“Nothing…just her business and you know general stuff. How do you dos and she checks up on the team…” Steve told him glancing over at him, “You know…normal stuff…”

“Right…no of course.” Danny looked away from him seeing you round the corner hair bouncing around your face, “Oh hey…look.”

Steve followed his friend pointing. He couldn’t help but smile as you raised your hand waving at them. He moved forward to meet you but stopped midstep as people moved out of your way his mouth dropping open.

He heard Danny next to him, “Wow…”

You walked up to him your shoes in your hands, “Sorry…I lost shoe on the plane and it was all crazy…and…well…”

Danny smiled at you looking you over dressed in a snug pant suit that went over your plump belly, “Wow…you look amazing…”

“I look like a blimp…” You laughed looking at him, “But thank you.”

“Pregnancy is a beautiful look on you.” Danny stepped forward giving you a hug.

“Oh please…” You hugged him tearing up a little, “keep talking my self esteem needs it right now.”

“Aww…” Danny rubbed your arms gently, “I remember when Rachel went through this…never mattered what I said, she called me a liar. Your emotions are all high and out of whack.”

“Oh you have no idea.” You wiped your eyes before looking at Steve, “Hi.”

He blinked several times before he spoke, “Hi.”

You smiled before speaking again, “So I am starving.”

“Right…uh we can grab a bite before getting you setup at your hotel.” Steve swallowed trying to wet his dry throat.

“Well I…actually was hoping one of you might be able to put me up for a bit while I search for a place to live.” They both looked at you surprised, “Yeah, I’m moving back. I wanted to have him here, Hawaii is where I felt most safe, and my doctor won’t let me back on a plan until after he’s born.”

“It’s a boy!” Danny smiled happy for you, “That’s so awesome, I’m sure I can…”

“You can stay with me.” Steve beat him to the punch, “I’ve got that spare room that I’ve been working on for my mom when she visits. Little small, but…”

“It’ll work.” You nodded staring at him, “Thanks.”

“Sure…you want to eat out or at home? I don’t know how you’re feeling.” Steve asked you his grip on the lei tight.

“I am a bit tired…you mind if we grab something and then take a nap before work?” You asked bringing your shoes close to your chest.

“That’s fine.” Steve nodded looking at Danny, “You gonna be able to handle things without us?”

“I am more then capable of getting the team up to speed.” Danny rolled his eyes before looking at you, “It’s really good to see you…you look great, better then great, you’re gorgeous, and if he gives you any trouble just punch him. It’s what I do.”

You laughed giving him a hug again. You hadn’t laughed in a while. Things took off rather quickly and your business grew fast. You had employees and contracts, and people who actually believed in you.

You glanced at Steve as he drove while you took another bite of a french fry. His face was rigid in thought. You let out a sigh through your nose, “Yes.”

As he pulled up to a stop light he looked at you, “Yes?”

“The question that’s been rolling around your head since you saw me at the airport. The answer is yes.” You looked into the bag of food on your lap.

He stared at you until the light turned green. He didn’t say anything or even look at you until he pulled into his driveway. He put the truck into park, “…why didn’t you tell me?”

You looked at him, “…I’m scared.”

“You’re scared…that’s your reason for not telling me that you’re carrying my son?” Steve looked at you his eyes full of emotions, “Y/N…”

“Steve…you’re an amazing guy and no doubt would be a tremendous father.” You told him looking away, “But…I just got out of jail. You still looked at me as a criminal and…and I didn’t think…”

“Didn’t think what?” Steve turned in his seat a little more looking at you.

“I didn’t think you’d want me…any part.” Your nose got red as you started to cry, “God dammit…I’m so over all this…crying shit.”

His nose flared as he looked at you. Before he got out of the truck he let out a sigh, “I’m gonna be there for you…and him…no matter what.”

You looked at him as he shut the door and walked around to yours opening it for you. You looked at his hand extended to you, “I’m not made of glass, Steve.”

“I know…but I’m not going to let you do this by yourself anymore.” Steve told you in a low voice, “I wish you would have told me…”

You looked away feeling more tears, “I…I’m sorry…”

He sighed, “We’ve got…a lot to talk about, but for now you need some rest.”

He helped you inside and got you settled before he walked out to his private beach. His mind was racing as fast as his heart was beating. He knew she wasn’t lying. There was this…switch that went off inside of him when he saw you. He knew.

He was going to be a dad…