Today Yemeni bodega and restaurant owners across the five boroughs closed up shop in protest. My little corner of Brooklyn has many Arab and Muslim-owned businesses—especially Syrian, Lebanese, and Yemeni (shout-out to my beloved Damascus Bakery!)—so I wasn’t surprised to see several of them shut today, including the one I go to most frequently.

But the streets in my neighborhood were bustling this afternoon: I passed big groups of people holding flags and signs and heading towards Borough Hall, where a solidarity rally would be held this evening. I showed up before the official start time and hundreds of people were already there, packing the steps of Borough Hall and waving American flags. I saw someone say later that they’d never seen so many American flags at a protest, and I’d say the same. It was an endless sea of red, white, and blue.

I’ve always had the privilege to scoff at flag-waving patriotism. Two generations removed from immigration to this country, it’s something I could always take for granted. But I’m hard-pressed to remember a moment where I’ve watched people chant “USA! USA!” and wave American flags and felt so moved. It doesn’t take much for me to cry these days, but still. To embrace a country whose government is actively trying to reject you—to cheer for it wholeheartedly—takes an extraordinary amount of courage.

A man held a sign that said: “Brooklyn my home. Brooklynites my family. United we stand.” Fellow New Yorkers: let’s make sure we fight like hell to let him know that we feel the same way about him.


Yuzuru Hanyu dancing to the Ex’s of his co-skaters during practice/Gala.

May I introduce?

0:14 CowboyYuzu

0:42 CowboyPooh (featuring Misha)

1:06 FunkyYuzu 

2:05 UnstoppableYuzu (featuring air guitar)

(Thanks to the uploader for sharing this hilarious video with us, but I noticed it’s not the original owner of the video parts. So if they belong to you or you know to whom, please tell me so I can give them proper credit, thanks)


Sibling AU

“You’re determined to protect this pure-hearted being with all your heart!”

Frisk tries desperately to early instill in Papyrus the sense of safety & cautiousness around strangers. Sadly, it ends in a loving & warm hug.

Inspired by a video of a young mother trying to teach her daughter about the danger of strangers. It was very cute and I think Papy would act the same as the daughter had! :-D