hoje me disseram que eu era egoísta… senti aquilo com tanta intensidade que chorei,
chorei sozinho no meu canto.

meu egoísmo não se faz pra tanto ou para tantos assim…


This so far is my favorite song of their comeback. I don’t feel this is the “saddest song” I have heard, tho it is sad. But Idk, it is speaking to me on a level, unlike any other song

Hayaan mo ako. Hayaan mo akong gamutin yang sugat na dinulot ng nakaraan mo. Hayaan mo akong tulungan kang makabangon muli at hilahin ka paalis sa putik na pinaghulugan mo. Hayaan mo akong tulungan kang mangarap muli. Hayaan mo akong iparamdam sayo kung gaano kasarap ang mahalin at magmahal. Pakiusap, hayaan mo ako.

Dear D,

You’ve done something;

It caused me to think of you differently.

Your I love you’s and begging,  

Begging for me to stay,

To forgive,

To understand.

My words left my mouth before I could process.

“I will always love you.”

I’m blinded.

My eyes can only see your perfection.

My heart is fully committed, but my brain is worried for me.

The conflict I am going through from this hurts.

I’m over-thinking,



Convince my brain to realize what my heart sees in you.

Come back and promise,

Promise me you’ll never hurt me again.


Nahihirapan ako kapag may kausap ako na malungkot na tao or may problema. Kasi ako yung tipo ng tao na handang itransfer lahat ng positive vibes ko sayo just to make you feel okay. Ang ending lang, ako naman yung nagiging malungkot at sobrang apektado.