Wow it’s only been just shy of a month, and I already have more than 200 followers wanting to see my Mercy.                                           Thank you all so much! ❤

            I’m not really sure how to respond to this all tbh?? I haven’t been able to RP for quite a while due to school and just really lacking the urge and motivation too because I really couldn’t find a muse ( even though I had many in mind ) that I thought I would enjoy for many days to come. It hasn’t even been that long but I can already say that this is one of the most?? heartwarming and welcoming communities I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in honestly. I’ve been on Tumblr for a couple of years now but I’ve never felt this welcomed in all of my time here ( I sound like an old woman ) and that’s thanks to all of you guys!! thank you for welcoming me in! 

               I’ve made a lot of fast friends here and some really fun and nice people and pals that I get to goof around in OW with!! I wanna talk about them for a lil’ bit and if you aren’t listed it probably just means we haven’t chatted a lot but tbh all you gotta do is invade my IMs or inbox and just yell into it and we’ll be on our merry ways. If I forget anyone forgive me pls 8′) I don’t sleep enough to have a proper memory. Without further ado here goes!

                                                            i’m so sorry for that atrocious edit

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inspired by @arystudies [X] and @diplomatsun [X]’s creative wallpapers ♥‿♥, i created a photoshop file for wallpaper building!

version 1 of the psd includes:

  • two templates (eisenhower matrix, to-do)
  • accessories
    • calendar
    • tape
    • ribbon
    • corner
    • lined paper
    • sticky note
    • thumbtack
    • picture
    • app shelf
  • decorative shapes
  • instructions + color palette
  • sample backgrounds (color, pattern, gradient)

all accessories can be customized, whether resized, pattern added, color changed, rotated, etc, etc, with basic photoshop knowledge.

(*tip: ctrl + j duplicates a layer!)

download here! (16:9 aspect ratio)

— kyt (+ other posts)

              *has a million things to do but clearly wants to add more things to the pile*   :///    ‘tis my birthday on sunday and i’m gonna be kinda spotty with activity for the next 2 days, sO just for some smol things to queue up when i’m not around,  like this post for a LYRIC STARTER  !!