i can’t stand twitter users who’s tweets only consist of regurgitated tumblr posts about social issues like y’all really are out here using the systematic oppression of a group of people for fame….disgusteng

J’essayais de faire une sieste dans mon canapé avec la baie vitrée ouverte mais mon voisin a décidé de jouer au foot en envoyant le ballon super fort dans le but

I’ve seen all this madness going on right now that Zac is ‘depressed’, and I think it’s stupid. Do you know what depressed mean? He’s a human being, and like any of us he has his days when he’s not super happy and smiling, and that’s completly normal. It obvious that he’s not going to smile while the paparazzis are attacking him, he hates that! So don’t start to say things that don’t have sense and you have no idea if they’re true or not. Any of us are psychologists and we don’t know Zac personally enough to start diagnose his sentimental status.

Do you think Zac is sad? Look at this picture, not taken long ago. He’s smiling! Ok, my rant is over.