times that hoseok changed dope lyrics to some of their dogs’ names U´ᴥ`U

( side note: waaahh what a sweet gesture to mention ddosun.
“ddosunie, are you living well? (╥﹏╥)” )

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When I go to the games I always see people wearing Arsenal shirts and I try to imagine what the story is behind them and what links them to the club. I see the red and white shirts and I wonder what the emotional connection is [of the fans with the club].

Did they go to the first game via their father or grandfather? Then the fear comes in, that I might let these people down. They are my family. The longer I stay the greater the fear of disappointing people becomes.

There’s something magical about the club. People come together and support the team, basically for the purpose of being happy and my job is to make them so. I believe the human being today is still at the centre of the values of Arsenal football club. I have tried very hard to maintain that. -AW