Being plus size, and dating Peter would include…


  • Endlessly looking at photos of those impossibly stick-skinny models, and wondering how on earth they look like that
  • Feeling insecure around all of your skinny friends
  • Hating how everybody seems to think that ‘fat’ means ‘ugly’
  • That feeling when you take off a dress after a long day, and your thighs burn from the chub rub
  • Hating how you always get a muffin top every time you wear jeans
  • Doing every day activities with your friends like clothes shopping and dancing gives you anxiety sometimes
  • “I don’t think I can go with you guys, but thanks for the invitation anyways.”
  • When you do go shopping, you hate it how your fat seems to squeeze out of your clothes
  • Constantly pulling up your pants to hide your muffin top
  • At school, fitness testing is the absolute worst
  • Online shopping is a nightmare. It seems like the only sizes they have available are for super thin people
  • Getting judged for eating too much
  • “You should’t eat so much. You might, um, get a stomach ache.”
  • Getting judged for eating too little
  • “Why aren’t you eating?”
  • Being sick and tired of people always silently judging you, just because you don’t have a perfectly toned body
  • “Wow, she must be unhealthy.”
  • Cross country gave you so much anxiety, you tried every possible method to skip out
  • “I’m not feeling well, I think I might have to sit out.”
  • When you go shopping with your small friends, you usually only shop for jewelry and shoes
  • And even then, you usually can’t fit those tiny, narrow high heels
  • Hating how the fashion industry think that a plus-size model is just a woman with a little bit of arm flab
  • Constantly feeling like you’re not good enough for Peter
  • Feeling uncomfortable when trying on clothes
  • Because you can see your soft tummy, your flabby thighs, and all of your stretch marks
  • Hating your prominent stomach rolls
  • But when the Avengers find out about your insecurities, they do everything they can to assure you that you’re beautiful just the way you are
  • Peter urging you not to try and lose weight, or take on any stupid diets, mainly because:
  • “You’re very nice to cuddle with.”
  • “If you went on a diet, we wouldn’t be able to go to Chipotle or KFC anymore, and that’s just tragic.”
  • “It doesn’t matter whether you’re skinny or not, because you’re always going to make the bad guys shit their pants in fear when they see you coming their way.”
  • “You always beat me during training, I don’t see any reason why you would want to exercise yourself to death.”
  • Feeling like you really do have a family in the Avengers, because they support you in every way (and they’re super fun to hang out with)
  • “Okay, today we’re going to take one of Tony’s jets, and see how long it takes for him to realise that we’re all missing.”
  • “Clint, are you sure that a good ide-”
  • “Y/n, he stashes a bunch of his credit cards in his jets.”
  • “Let’s go.”
  • Realising that you don’t need to change in any way, because you’re a mind-blowing badass

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