hi guys! it was excruciatingly harder to choose members for this network since everybody’s entries were outstanding and it was difficult not to let you all in, but thank you so much for applying anyways and ily guys so much.

 here are the members for the exy network! @milleibobbybrown, @heytherehuckleberry, @rikomoriyamaofficial, @neiljostvn, @lindseymorgan, @hemmycks, @andrewminyird, @petalloso, @rhyesand, @ichiroumoriyama,@monmouthmanufacturing, @owlwithafringe, @kazbriekker, @gayikaros,  @constllations, @wylanvansunshine

what will happen now 

-i’m going to follow you 

-i’ll message you so i can to the members page

 -that it’s it! just start using the tag #exynet whenever you post your works, edits, selfies there, etc so we can all share the luv 

 also anyone who wants to start playing exy rn 

y’all, PLEASE stop linking to ReturnOfKings. PLEASE. You are literally putting money in the pockets of violent MRAs/misogynists. Pageviews translate to real money. If you have to provide proof, use screenshots or donotlink. PLEASE. Jezebel did a nice writeup here. Their daily pageviews went from 35,000 to over 500,000 over three days because of outrage over one of their articles.

It’s great to warn people about these meetups, but when you link, you’re paying them. :(