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can't you just take lactaid for your dairy issues? like, it legit supposed to work. lactaid is supposed to replace the lactase that then speeds up and matches the enzyme's shape. also, if you're lactose intolerant, that doesn't mean you have to avoid all dairy-as, the sensitivity of lactose intolerant people varies from person to person. i.e. a lactose intolerant person. can eat cheese, but cannot drink whole milk. it varies. who knows, you may be able to live your cheesy-love dreams after all!

doesn’t work for me?! im at a place rn where it’s just not worth it to try stuff because its just so……… thank you for all ur knowledge it’s quite cool

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PLEASE give us more tootsy cat content, you are filling a void within me i didn't even know i had (if you want to ofc!! lmao it's your art, but you definitely have one interested person here, tootsy is INCREDIBLE)

im gonna make a species sheet and some adoptables stay tuned anon