rizzoanthony-deactivated2016012  asked:

write an imagine about us meeting

imagine you got a couple hundred bucks lying around for a summer chill sesh so you finna decide to book yourself a goshdang ticket on southwest to meet me in vegas because 1) meetin’ your soulmate and 2) nhl awards carpool with said soulmate.

so, you text me the deets to your flight and i make a sign out of cardboard like a homeless person that reads GABI TERAVAINEN and am on my way to pick your fine self up at the airport.

as soon as you land and walk out of the plane tunnel, we lock eyes and i drop the bum sign and you drop your bags and we slowly and dramatically run towards each other and we hug each other while spinning for like 5 minutes just chanting BRO, BRAH, BREH, and then the security folks are like ‘pls settle down you’re making a scene ladies’ and we’re like 'pEACE okay sorry internet homies meeting for the first time ya feez we just got a little crazy.’

then so i drive us back to my crib and my mom will make us some rice and noodles and dimsum or something embarrassing and then we fudgen dip for the nhl awards and see all the nhl hotties aka our future lovers wassup.

also insert approximately four thousand selfies.

imagine that folks.