i really, REALLY want to watch a version of the live action beauty and the beast where everything is the same except they never put in the Beast so the movie is just two hours of emma watson falling in love with this lumpy grey dude

the fact that tswift fans are celebrating her “reclaiming” the snake image she brought upon herself is so insane to me it’s comical. she got caught in a lie that completely demonized a black man in the media so she could push her “im a frail white woman and succeeding against all odds” agenda. kanye himself didn’t even retaliate because he knew it was pointless– it was a black dude who was already seen as crazy by the world vs america’s sweetheart. taylor had everyone where she wanted them. it took his wife kim kardashian being so fed up with how the media was patting taylor on the back to finally expose her as the manipulative, soulless, liar she is and always has been.

her fans cheering her on and calling her snake kween proves they’re just delusional. who would think that’s cute? you don’t have to answer, that’s completely rhetorical. the answer is white women and we all know that. you should be disgusted by how willing she was to scapegoat a vulnerable black artist, colleague, “friend,” etc., in the name of her own personal image. she’s been planning this revenge since the VMAs when kanye came to the defense of the beyoncé, black woman and the greatest performer of our time, after she was snubbed in favor of taylor’s misogynistic mess of a song and video. and that’s the fucking tea. take a fucking sip