:)))) literally brotp or otp

Headcannon that one Fourth of July Gansey takes the raven gang to his house to celebrate and it’s all very cultured and orginised and legal and generally very Gansey and Adam and Blue are just looking around slightly offended because “this is not how you celebrate 4th of July Gansey, where is the fire and the fREEDOM/ANARCHY?!?!” And Gansey sort of expected this from Blue but not Adam and Adam’s just like “sorry, but this is one thing that henrietta does 10 billion times better than what ever you have created here” in his real accent and he and blue leave to go and light some fireworks and scream about freedom and Ronan goes too because that is his shit and this is the only time when Adam has been COMPLETELY FKN DOWN WITH IT and Gansey just stares after them like “wtf are my friends?”