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if i'm never your hero - Chapter 1 - braveten - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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The first chapter of my Vigilante AU, if i’m never your hero, is now out!!! I hope you like it!!! ^.^

Saudade (2)

Bucky x Reader

Saudade: (n.) Portuguese for a melancholic nostalgia for someone or something from the past.

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 2k+

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence

Part 1 Part 3


Originally posted by coporolight

She was in and out of consciousness for three days. She doesn’t remember much, but what she does remember are Bucky’s ear shattering and gut wrenching screams. She remembers hearing the tools cut through skin and bones like he was paper. She groans, grabbing at her head. She sits up and screws her eyes shut. The blood rushes to her head and she felt like puking. Her eyes lock onto a bucket next to her and she crawls to it in a hurry, feeling the sensation to puke, but nothing comes up. She hadn’t eaten anything in days.

“Y/n,” a voice croaks from behind her, causing her to turn her head. She manages to gain her footing for a split second before losing her balance. She falls to her knees with a stubborn grunt and crawls over to Bucky.

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Enbies who play sports and have to deal with the clear divide between “guy” and “girl” teams are strong and awesome. No matter what team you end up on, you are still valid. Sports are sports, whatever your gender; girl football, guy basketball, girl volleyball, it’s all sports. If you want to join a team, don’t let the “gender” of it invalidate you.

I know people might look at me posting fics and think it’s not a big deal but honestly… it is. It is a huge deal for me to post anything online.

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