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ezraweisz: Starting to prep the sessions of the English recording of Season 2 for Miraculous Ladybug! i am so excited! I could not believe the shocking twists i just read in this episode!!😨 OMG Miraculers!! OMG!

This is from Ezra Weisz’s Instagram. Say hello to what’s potentially the first episode of Season 2!

Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 66

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

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It has officially been one year since I posted the first chapter of this story! I’m so excited it’s been that long already. Thank you to everyone who stuck with me when I first started, and thank you to everyone just joining! I’m so happy you’re reading my story! Thank you! I hope you enjoy this longer chapter!

Chapter Sixty-Six: The truth comes out

Lucy struggled to claw through the water, trying to clutch onto anything that might save her. Her eyes burned from opening them for a second, but they were squeezed tightly now, her lungs protesting the lack of air in her body.

She couldn’t tell if she was upside down or not, she didn’t know how deep she was. All she knew was she couldn’t feel anything besides water crushing her from all around.

Finally, Lucy’s fingers brushed against something. She didn’t care what it was, she grabbed, and she grabbed hard. Using her strength, she pulled herself closer to the object in her hand, wrapping her arms around whatever was in front of her. She felt movement as her body began to lift upwards.

Lucy gasped for air once her head broke through the surface. Her eyes remained shut, her arms tight around whatever she was holding. She didn’t let go, even when she felt hands overlapping her own.

“Luce?” Natsu’s voice was close, but she couldn’t open her eyes yet.

She tried to respond, but all she could do was cough as her lungs worked to expel the water that had gotten in them. She knew she swallowed some after she fell. There was nothing she could do to prevent it, her shock keeping her from thinking straight.

She leaned in, pressing her head against a solid surface, feeling a tinge of heat on her forehead as she coughed. She expected herself to fall under the water again, but whatever she was holding on to was helping her stay up. She was thankful, she didn’t think she would be lucky enough to survive a second time under the water.

Lucy freaked out when she felt herself dipping, the water coming up to her chin. She squeezed harder, her legs coming up to wrap around whatever she was holding. By now she guessed she was holding on to someone, but who that person was, she didn’t know. Truthfully, she didn’t care, as long as she didn’t drown.

She felt herself being moved through the water. Her coughing had subsided, but she still felt pain in her chest and nose from inhaling water. She hadn’t been ‘swimming’ in so long, she forgot the feeling that always came when she ventured into water that was too deep for her.

When her body stopped moving, she felt a hand grab at her hand before traveling up her arm. She was tempted to smack whoever it was, but she couldn’t risk letting go and drowning. Instead, she settled for asking in her cracked voice, “Wh-who is th-this?”

The hand paused for a moment before resuming its path, plucking her own hand off the body -much to her dissatisfaction, and shifting it away. She was about to protest, but stopped when she felt her hand land on something hard and flat. She recognized the rough texture immediately.

Her hand gripped the edge of the pool, her mind feeling more secure now that she knew she was at least somewhat safe. As long as she held on, she couldn’t die. She didn’t remove herself from the body, too scared to let go. Instead, she used her other hand to wipe at her eyes, rubbing them vigorously until she felt she could open them again.

She blinked, vision coming in blurry until finally it focused, the color pink being all she could see for a moment. After a few more seconds, she realized she was staring directly at the back of Natsu’s hair.

Lucy gaped for a moment, surprised but relieved it was her boyfriend she had grabbed on to.

“Are you okay?” Natsu asked, turning his head to look at her sideways.

She swallowed, tasting that nasty pool water that lingered on her taste buds before nodding. She didn’t say a word, but he didn’t seem to mind.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how Lucifer will get past the Chloe/miracle revelation. I’ve read around and some people think that the only way is for Chloe’s purpose to be made clear by God or otherwise. But I disagree because I don’t think that’s the problem.

Obviously his Dad could explain things what with Him being the builder of this ship, but that situation would probably cause more damage because much of the reason for his reaction is his distrust of his Father and His plan. All of this is understandable considering Lucifer’s history, which is compounded by his own low self efficacy and intimacy and trust issues which again stem from his family.

But those emotional issues are only part of the problem. Lucifer is still a novice when it comes to human emotion. In 2x15 he was reading a children’s book and he wasn’t getting it. And he didn’t actually learn that episode’s lesson: that feelings can’t be controlled. They are natural occurrences in humans based on genetics, social training, and internal and external stimuli. They cannot be manufactured from outside the person. A person can fake an emotion, even ‘feel’ it, but not without that person being aware on some level that they are not ‘real’. Lucifer is confusing actual emotions (involuntary) with choice (voluntary).

There’s also Chloe. No matter how much he says that he trusts her, on some level he doesn’t. Lucifer is obsessed with control. If something doesn’t fit in his little box he freaks out. Chloe has always been the square peg for his round hole he’s always had for humanity, so there has always been a certain amount of suspicion towards her. The fact that he loves her makes it worse because he doesn’t understand how she makes him feel the way he does. He’s never felt that before Chloe. He’s lost control in so many ways with her that her love for him boggles his mind to the point where her being manipulated is more logical than it being genuine affection. I mean at first he was upset that maybe she was in on it. If that doesn’t scream mistrust, I don’t know what does. His immediate and stubborn assumption that her feelings aren’t real is saying essentially that he doesn’t trust her to express her true emotions, which she has always (2x15 and on not withstanding), and that she would willingly hurt him (would never happen, but not the first time he’s thought this!).

Even when Amenadiel sets him straight, he still doesn’t trust her to experience her own feelings/be her own person. Don’t forget that every celestial character believes that she only exists for him. To them she wasn’t supposed to exist until God decided to interfere with Lucifer’s life some more. Both that sentiment and his lack of trust will be huge points of contention when she learns the truth. (And I cannot wait for that fight! Chloe will kick his perfect behind!)

In order for them to get past this ridiculousness Chloe needs to know the truth so she can give her input, but also Lucifer needs to learn more about human emotion and human purpose, and he needs to, frankly, take a leap with Chloe by completely trusting her.

If they learn her true purpose, awesome! I want to learn more about her anyway. But that by itself, in my opinion, would be a bandaid over some serious emotional and relational issues.

In other words, the healing of their relationship will be long and hard, but so worth it for the wonderful character development and for their relationship to become even stronger!!

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Youth and ashstorms please maybe?

It was so big.

Balmora always seemed big enough already, but it’s the kind of big that’s really close together. There’s lots of alleyways and stairways weaved all around the buildings like an ant’s nest turned inside out, and it’s very important to have a map your mother drew for you so you don’t get lost and turn up somewhere you shouldn’t. You could hold your breath and try to run across the bridge, and you might make it to the other side but you would have to be very fast, and I only ever get halfway. I thought the very biggest thing in the world were the stones by the outskirts, a little bit taller than the ‘strider platform or even the watchtowers. 

That was as far as I’d ever been, until I was six and Mother took me to visit Uncle Endalyn. He lives really far away, in Ald’Ruhn, even though it doesn’t look very far away in the pictures. Pictures are tricky like that, I found out. Mother wrapped me up in a new travelling shawl she’d made for me, the colour of bricks, with little blue and white stitches on it. I was allowed to pack my own bag, but it had to be a little bag, with only really important things in it, like my drawing book and my toy durzog. Father gave me a little bit of guar-tallow pimihk with the berries mixed in for the trip, like a real soldier’s rations, so that Uncle Endalyn would know I’m ready to be a good warrior and carry a sword.

The ‘strider platform had lots of stairs. I only got a little bit scared because I was very high up, but the caravaner lifted me up and put me into the passenger hole really careful so I wouldn’t fall off the platform and die. He said the ‘strider’s name was Rubaru, and Rubaru’s special because it can say its name, and I was allowed to pet its brain. There’s a little rope around the edge of the shell where the cargo hooks go, and it’s all right to peer out so long as you hold onto the rope really tight, but you gotta ask first if it’s safe.

Balmora’s close-together big, but the ashfields weren’t like that at all. It was like a marketplace square made of dirt and grass and things, except there weren’t any walls or corners, just some rocks and really big mushrooms sometimes. And it goes on and on so far that you feel really tiny, like the ‘strider’s just a little bug and you’re an even littler bug on top of it. And that’s only the little bit on the map between this bit and that bit there. That’s really big, sideways big. And there’s almost no water anywhere, except on rocks for the wild guar to lick.

The sky was so blue it made my eyes go all weird to look at it, and I saw a cliffracer with speckles on it, but it went away when the little bells hanging from the canopy posts started ringing. The caravaner put on his goggles, and Mother made me put my things away and wrap my face up in my scarf because the bells mean a storm is coming. Rubaru didn’t mind, but we had to button up the big leather cover for it so the ash bits wouldn’t get stuck in its squishy parts. I had to go sit with Mother under the cover so we’d be safe too, but I wanted to see. I poked my finger through this little gap and I saw the clouds.

They started really far away, so far it looked like they faded into the world. It wasn’t like normal clouds, but like a big red wall, rolling over the fields and boiling at the edges. The wind got stronger and louder until it drowned out everything, and from up on the ‘strider you almost couldn’t see anything at all. Just red, red, red, and the wind, and Rubaru singing a song to it like it was saying hello. There was a big rushing sound that came towards us really fast, and then the red swallowed us up too. Mother made me leave the hole alone, then, so I sat down.

The storm didn’t stop till we were almost at Ald’Ruhn, but I didn’t know that until later on. I don’t remember the rest of the trip. The ash made a shh-shh-shh noise on the leather cover, and I fell asleep.

((For a later example of Morry and ash storms, try here))

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