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Wanted to try my hand at an animated storyboard, it was a lot of fun! Hugely inspired by this incredible video


It’s magic, baby

Finally I can publish this :D The Dorian piece I was working on during the livestream. It’s been so long since I was able to paint something like this, I’m so happy this is done. 

But can we talk about how much Yuuri must have loved his dog Vicchan for a moment?

We all know that part of the reason why he messed up his performance in the Grand Prix Final’s Free Skate was because of how badly he was grieving over his dog, and we only see a glimpse of this in the anime, but I think it’s an important one.

When newscaster Morooka approaches him and asks him about his plans for the future, Yuuri only gives him vague, emotionless answers. These are soon justified by his inner monologue:

We know that’s not how Yuuri usually acts around people, but he’s too devastated to put on a facade for the media and pretend that everything’s fine. He says the bare minimum in answer to Morooka’s questions just to get him to leave him alone because he feels it’s really not the time for interviews.

He goes as far as trying to shut Morooka out of his head, looking away from him and out the window. Once he catches sight of a random, completely unrelated poodle his mind immediately drifts back to his loss:

Note: This line can also be translated as “Sorry I couldn’t go home.” (And I think that’s the more appropriate one here.)

He apologizes to his dog for not being there for him that one last time, for leaving him with his parents for five whole years. It’s typical for pet owners to blame themselves for the deaths of their pets, but Yuuri also feels guilty - it’s been so long since he’d last seen Vicchan and he couldn’t even be by his side at the end of his life. I’m sure that Yuuri feels that he’s betrayed Vicchan in a way and feels terrible for it.

This is proven by the next shot of Yuuri

Just looking at a poodle and thinking of his own dog for a few seconds is enough to make him teary-eyed, and chances are he’s only holding himself back because he’s in public.

Add to it the fact that he’s just lost the biggest competition he’s ever qualified for and it’s completely understandable why he wants to get out of the venue as quickly as possible. I think it’s fair to say that Yuuri cried a lot in the following hours.

But returning to Vicchan: Yuuri’s relationship with his dog was a really minor part of the story but it was actually presented in a really realistic manner, showing how much losing a beloved pet can affect a person, even going as far as ruining one’s big day that they spent years working for. At the same time, the anime doesn’t judge Yuuri for it - it shows it as unfortunate circumstances and provides a sympathetic perspective on his loss.

It may be a tiny aspect of the show, but it’s shown in a very human way and I think it deserves appreciation.


I get the chills when each player raises the cup #greatestsport

just because they’re in space and surrounded by confirmed aliens doesn’t mean that pidge and keith have stopped their alien conspiracy theories. there are still so many questions, like

  • pidge: [slams table]
    keith: !!! what?
    pidge: how come the alteans look like humans and have lions, an animal supposedly native to earth?
    keith: …i think you’re onto something here
  • keith: they lost contact with the ship, AFTER it landed, and decided they would claim “pilot error”??
    pidge: what a cover-up!!
    keith: such a cover-up!!!
    pidge: i bet they’re working with the galra!!!!
    keith: i bet you’re right!!!!!
  • pidge: we’ve seen galra of different vertebrate classes…like, they all look different? not all of them are mammalian?
    keith: yeah some are totally reptilian
    pidge: what’s the deal with that?
    keith: what if…the galra aren’t just one species. what if they’re artificially created from other species?
    pidge: [whispers] i think we’re onto something big here

man the more ah i watch the more i like ryan but also the more i am confused by him. the man manages to be part awkward nerd dad, part know-it-all big brother, and part serial killer??? and somehow it works?? and is entertaining??? ryan the what the fuck guy

  • Albus: I'm not the prankster type, but every so often, I like to owl my dad letters. From himself. From the future.
  • Letter: Harry, at 8am, someone will poison the coffee. DO NOT drink the coffee. Best regards, future Harry.
  • Hermione: [about to take a sip of coffee]
  • Harry: NO! [knocks mug out of her hands]
  • Hermione: ?????
  • Harry: You'll thank me later.

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Bucky + "I would have loved you."

Isn’t It The Way It Always Goes?

It’s the silence that gets to him first.

Bucky realizes he’s become accustomed to his apartment never being quiet. Your presence created ambient noise that over time became as much a part of his life as the fighting he did. Bare feet against the floor, the clattering of dishes in the sink because you said the dishwasher was impossible. The subdued wheezing of your breathing when you fell asleep before him.

It’s the usual story, as usual as it gets in his life. Boy meets girl, and maybe it’s not ideal that they technically work together. Bucky falls hard, much as he tries to deny it. Innocent flirtation leads to thinly-veiled innuendos leads to being the only two left after a party with a nice buzz loosening up inhibitions leads to kissing leads to, well, bed.

He likes the intimacy, holding you tight in bed late into the night. Hell, Bucky doesn’t even mind getting kneed in the groin a lot because holy shit, you squirmed. You haven’t put a label on what this thing between you is, and for a while, Bucky is fine with it. You meet up, you hang out. Sometimes it ends in sex, but he’d be a rotten liar if he said he minds the quiet nights. You’re there, it calms him. He gets used to you.

So naturally, karma has to come trip him up.

It’s the goddamn story of his life. He gets a good thing going, and it slips through his fingers. He shouldn’t even be surprised anymore. A nightmare, endless falling while everything is ripped from him, rouses him. It doesn’t go well from there. He ends up cowering in a corner, the image of his left hand around your throat forever seared into his mind. He says things he regrets, things fueled by the terror pumping through his veins. His heart splinters when he hears your sob, but he can’t fucking make himself stop. He screams and rages until he hears you rush out.

He wakes up the next morning, shame thudding through him like a hangover. He stays in, the day is fucked up already, no use trying to make it better. For a brief moment, he considers calling you, but his memory replays the horrible things he said, and he decides against it. He does not deserve you.

You end up reaching out, calling him later that night, voice trembling.

“It’s fine, Bucky, it- I’m not- It’s okay.”

You’re too good, so he ends up doing another horrible thing. He lies through his teeth, he says it didn’t mean anything. Bucky is positive his blessed ma will manifest in his room and whack him over the head for all the terrible things he’s saying.

“It never would’ve worked.” He feels sick to his stomach hearing his voice, so detached from the emotions raging inside. “I never would’ve loved you.”

“I would! I would have loved you!”

Your voice cracks and so does Bucky’s heart. He tells himself it’s for the best, he sees it through to the end, and he hates himself when you hang up on him.

He stays cooped up for five days before Steve and Sam come barging in and force him to go to a briefing. It only hits him two days later that he hasn’t seen you. It wasn’t like he expected you to seek him out, but he had expected an awkward bump-in. Leaving his friends, he takes the elevator up to his apartment, taking advantage of his solitude to ask F.R.I.D.A.Y about you.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Barnes. She doesn’t work here anymore. Her resignation was processed three days ago.”

It’s not a fairy tale, he’s doomed to be excluded from them. No happily ever afters for Bucky Barnes. You said you would have loved him. His heart splinters, his metal arm forcefully ramming through the door to his bedroom. He already loved you.

And now you were gone.