► ¿ ◄  It was different seeing all the people from Hoshido in the same area as those from Nohr, but it was something Siegbert started to enjoy slowly. So many different fighting styles and tactics for him to learn from everyone here, the kids we rather nice to chat with too after arriving and proving themselves like he did inside of their Deeprealms. While walking with his horse through the Astral Plane a sound caught the young man’s attention, following it to the training grounds curiously Siegbert was met with the sight of a Hoshido prince most likely bow training. Something the prince had never seen used before since all of his training used swords and arrows merely hurt him from a distance, with a slow paced stride he came to stand far enough away to stay out of the others way but close enough to speak. 

❛You’re Prince Takumi, right?❜

Bog: Princesses? I hate princess! And I hate love! Nothing but fools and-
*Dawn hugs Bog* N-no - listen- no this is just- she’s just my- my prisoner. I’m not- I don’t- *Marianne hugs Bog on the other side* Wait- fu- fuck lisTEN THIS ISN’T- they’re not- I hate love I swear it’s- juST LISTEN



((hi! this post is not part of the storyline!

I am leaning more towards a girl… a flat chested girl LOL. but then I realized some ouran shit is going on on the previous comic post… so you could consider her genderfluid?

she cut her hair when summer vacation started, which is the time she met Alfred for the first time. I’ll be explaining about the back story in the following days. I can’t decide on the name ‘Artie’ or ‘Alice’, probably ‘Artie’. I hope this answers some question, sorry if it wasn’t what y’all expected!

ALSO! Thanks for 220+ followers! It’s not even a week yet gwwaahh/// I will draw something for it uhn, this week!))


inspired by @arystudies [X] and @diplomatsun [X]’s creative wallpapers ♥‿♥, i created a photoshop file for wallpaper building!

version 1 of the psd includes:

  • two templates (eisenhower matrix, to-do)
  • accessories
    • calendar
    • tape
    • ribbon
    • corner
    • lined paper
    • sticky note
    • thumbtack
    • picture
    • app shelf
  • decorative shapes
  • instructions + color palette
  • sample backgrounds (color, pattern, gradient)

all accessories can be customized, whether resized, pattern added, color changed, rotated, etc, etc, with basic photoshop knowledge.

(*tip: ctrl + j duplicates a layer!)

download here! (16:9 aspect ratio)

— kyt (+ other posts)


i think i love the Boosh radio series even more than the tv show. here an animator drew visuals for an excerpt of it