So yesterday I went to work and it was a typical long (kinda cold) day and around 11pm we wrapped the final wrap for two of the main actors. (which was very exciting but we still had to work for another hour) So I was standing there having a conversation with a coworker after wrap and I turned around and Sebastian Stan came walking up to me with the biggest smile ever, he then continued to introduce himself and talk about how it was our second movie together and say how excited he was to see me and hopes I do well in my career as an actress. Literally the nicest guy ever.

Not Calling Them Oppa

Group: BTS

AN: i dont know how i really feel about oppa


“it is okay you can call me cupcake instead!!!”

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“darling you better get used to calling me oppa.”

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“we can save it for the bedroom…”

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“you’re telling me you aren’t my fangirl??????”

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“you can call me anything that you want to sweetheart”

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“call me sexy instead”

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“good because i’m you’re baby boy!!”

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Being Asexual like
  • Straight person: So like you never want to date someone or get married?
  • Asexual: No. I just don't want to have sex
  • Straight: So you don't want kids?
  • Asexual: I want children but I can either have a sex to get pregnant or get a surrogate or adopt
  • Straight: No one will want to date you or marry you if you won't have sex
  • Asexual: um false? Also, I could co parent a child with a soulmate without being their partner because platonic extreme love exists
  • Straight: ummm okay. That sounds fake but okay