Untitled #1
  • Untitled #1
  • Sigur Rós
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Can we talk about the beauty of this song? Supposedly, the first four tracks on the ( ) album, starting with this song, are the softer, happier batch. The last four are the heavier, sadder songs. Yet, when I listen to this song, it hits me. 4:55 into the song and I’m as good as dead. The slow, almost reluctant transitions from each piano chord create such a feeling of hopelessness. Granted, there is a shocking amount of beauty in that hopelessness. It really is the most beautiful and miserable song I’ve ever heard. The lyrics aren’t even lyrics, they’re just mono-syllavic noises, and yet, they mean so much. Perhaps because I read an iTunes review where the writer thought he was singing, “you sat along the fire, you suffer alone.” Perhaps because the video features children running around wearing gas masks in what looks like a nuclear holocaust. Either way, I want this song played at both my wedding and my funeral.

لا يضعك الله في مواقف لا تستطيع التغلب عليها، الله يعلم أنك تملك القدرة على تجاوزها وتحملها، اطمئني لأن الله لا يُكلّف نفسًا إلا وسعها