:((( so unfair

Theo and Tadashi

in the AU where some travel between dimensions using Portals,
where the space pirate Tadashi crash-lands on D37 
behind the farm of a little girl,
where he helps her with her inventions and she helps him fix his ship,

where four years later, he receives the coordinates to a Portal on earth, but decides to stay,

where his enemies catch up with him and kidnap the girl,

and where Tadashi goes after them to save her.

idc if i’m overreacting i’m SO FUCKING UPSET by the get down being cancelled. i could cry honestly. that show had EVERYTHING! amazing characters, diversity, great music, the best aesthetic in the history of television, a bomb ass cast and i wanna scream! it’s so unfair if you have to watch what other shows get 2, 3, even 4 seasons without really having to do anything. fuck this.   

I can officially say that Clarke is older than me now. And it is no longer a show revolving around a teenager. And the actors are now closer to their characters ages.


Thank you so much for your concern.

You know, the funny thing is that I actually passed the exam with 27/30 and he still managed to make me feel like a total failure. What. the. hell. And wanna know the funniest thing? :) Two girls failed and then at the end of the exam he asked for their phone numbers and told them that he decided to let them pass anyway with a mark based on their grade point average and not the exam itself.


Fuck you.

So, two people who had failed the exam now got marks higher than me. I don’t even care about grades because I just don’t, but this is so unfair. And he’s the didactics teacher. Wow.

I tried so hard not to cry in front him because I was just so mad. …and then I cried in front of people on the train. Uh. But I’m fine, I just…needed to vent, I guess. Anyway, I wrote him an email. Let’s see if I managed to screw this up even more :)


x-kit better come up with something to fix the activity page…it’s so unfair..

I barely spend time checking my dashboard for a long period at this point, maybe only to find occasional art references. The main interaction that links me to the people I know on this site is even more screwed now…I mean it wouldn’t matter if at least the notifs showed up correctly on mobile…but no >:C bad staff! bad staff!

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Do you guys do video games night with Rufus & Jiya ? Who's paired with who & who wins ?

Whenever Rufus and Jiya are together, they’re unstoppable and it’s not even fun because it’s so unfair, so we usually mix it up. When Rufus tells me I suck at combat games though I remind him that I am good with the real life thing.

Bitty grew up with a poster of Viktor Nikiforov on his wall

At some point, an inhuman shriek comes from the kitchen of the apartment in Providence.

Jack runs, half-dressed after his shower-

And finds Bitty sitting at the breakfast table, staring at his phone in outrage.


‘…is that a good or a bad thing?’

‘That was MY fantasy! I was supposed to win all the gold and meet and fall in love and marry Victor! That’s SO unfair! Just because Japan is closer to Russia-’

‘Bitty. Bittle. Bits. You’re already married. To me.’

‘Let my inner fifteen year old self express himself, Jack!’

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I was wondering if maybe you could draw Levi and Eren having a pillow fight and Eren is TERRIBLY losing? If not that's fine <3

Eren loses because Levi always takes the mattress instead of a pillow… ಠ_ಠ

Thank you for your request! ♥ (*゚∀゚*)

I’m angry. I have been, for weeks now.

I didn’t want to make a post or say anything because I don’t think enough people will notice or care. But fuck that, because I’ve got something to say.

I’m a fanfic writer for Haikyuu, I’ve been one for over a year; going on two. I’ve written 50 fics for this fandom, and I’ve been posting one fic or chapter update every week since the beginning of this year.

I write because I love writing, because I have a lot of ideas, and because I love the characters. I post my work because I think other people might enjoy my work, too.

But I’m also sick of it.

I’m sick of spending all my free time on writing only to get ten notes max on my fics on tumblr. Which, you know - it might just be that people don’t like my work. But it’s not just me.
I’ve participated in events, and if you look at the pages for any fandom-related project that includes artists and writers, I can assure you that you’ll always find the same thing: art with over a thousand notes per pic, and fics with less than twenty.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the art that people are creating in the fandom, just as much as the next person. I buy every zine I can get my hands on. I commission artists when I can.

Recently, I commissioned a writer. I didn’t even know that was a thing until a couple months ago, and even then, I’ve seen writers offer 1k words or more for as little as 3$. Are you fucking kidding me. I paid 25$ for 4k and I wish I could have tipped more.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m done with this.

I’ve been thinking every single day for the last three weeks that I want to just say I’m not going to be writing anymore. Because I’ve got no more energy for this. I’ve got enough other shit going on, and constantly being angry about how writers are treated is not helping, and it’s not something I can turn off. Every day I’ve been thinking “you should just go. For your sake. Stop this shit.”

I can’t do that. When I finally reached that point, and made the decision today that I’d stop, I’m done, I’m out - I immediately felt AWFUL. I love writing, and I love the friends I’ve made through it. I get really sweet and supportive comments sometimes. I feel like my work has maybe impacted a handful of people.

But I hate this. I hate the way the fandom treats us. I hate getting 1k hits and 2 comments. I hate getting 20 notes, only one of which is a reblog. Who’s going to see my work? No one. I hate it, and I don’t know what to do about it.

I guess that’s all. Expect a new fic from me next week, as always. Because as much as I hate it, I can’t leave. But I’m done pretending I’m not angry. Because I am.