:((( babies

The Holy Trinity

it’s funny because Stydia got to become the canon we all wanted it to be, Bughead had this steamy scene and the promise to love and protect each other no matter what and then, there’s Bellarke… WELL SEPARATED FROM EACH OTHER FOR 6 FREAKING YEARS AND 7 DAMNED DAYS!

nyxfriendsblog  asked:

Hey there!! How's the party? *gives Karamatsu two build a bear plushies that are a blue wolf and a purple cat. The wolf has a similar scheme like Kara and the cat had Ichi* For your kids. Congrats! *gives champagne to Matsuyo* I thought you would like this after having these 6 young men and soon going to have grandchildren too. 💜😊

Ichi: It’s good so far, I’m really enjoying the snacks mom bought for us, but I make sure to leave some for the rest. Thank you for the plushies, they look really cute, and a lot like us.

Matsuyo: Why thank you, dear. It means a lot! :) Oh yes, having grandchildren around will remind me so much of when they were little, only this time it’s 2 instead of 6, hehe!