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Why People Need to Stop Complaining Bev was a ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype

- willingly became a distraction so that Eddie, Stan and Bill could steal medical supplies. Ben would not have received any care if Beverly hadn’t offered to distract the pharmacist

 - threw the first stone at Henry and started the rock war to protect Mike, a kid she never met

 - besides Bill, she was the only person who didn’t want to keep watch outside the creepy house, she was the only other Loser willing to go in

 - Beverly was the one to stab Pennywise in his fucking eye with a metal spear because he was attacking her friends. Not Bill, not Richie, not Mike. Beverly did that shit.

 - she and Bill are the only Losers who originally want to go back and fight Pennywise. Mike, Richie, Stan and Ben all say they want to forget about it and not risk death

 - “I want to run toward something, not away.”

 - Not only did she stand up to her abusive father, she bashed his face in with the back of a toilet seat

 - Pennywise doesn’t kill her because she’s not afraid of him. She’s not afraid of this huge, child-eating demonic clown, even when he dragged Beverly unconscious and alone into his sewer hide out 

 - delivered the final blow to Pennywise, shoving a metal rod down his throat even when he took on the face of her father, the person she feared most

Yeah, it would have been great if she didn’t need to be rescued by the boys at the end, but she was the only Loser Bill was still talking to at that time. Eddie was hurt, he fought with Richie, Stan and Mike and Ben all bailed, so she was the best person for Bill to notice if she went missing.

But do not say Beverly Marsh’s only role was a damsel in distress. That is so disrespectful to a character who is constantly sacrificing herself for her friends and who stands up to her abuser.

Momotaro | #41 #44

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Anon: Bssvwiwg i love your writting so much!!! Can i request #41 and #44 for jungkook???

author’s note: thank you for requesting~ 🍑 Momotaro = “Peach boy”

“You’re one of my best friends Kookie, wouldn’t it be odd if we started dating?” You and Jungkook were at farm, one of his friends let Jungkook and you come pick fruit for their store. It was sort of like a date. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun shine was more comfortable than hot, it was a perfect day.

“You know I’ve always had feelings for you, I’ve always been transparent about that. I don’t think it’ll be weird for us at all, best friends end up dating all the time.” Jungkook was looking up at the peach tree, trying to remeber what the farmer said about how to pick them. “Is it me?” He looked a bit hurt, trying to figure out your reasons behind rejecting his offer for what felt like the fifth time. He was ambitious though.

“Of course not Jungkook, but how do you know that your feelings for me are genuine? You don’t, being friends is just as good as being…in a relationship. You don’t have to be in love to love each other.” You mumbled, gently pulling the peach from the tree and sitting in the basket.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Tell me, what is love then? Because I believe it blooms where it chooses and you know it chose us, don’t you?” He was so matter of fact sometimes.

“Jungkook,” You rested your hands on his shoulders, “we’re close friends, why does it have to turn romantic? That complicates things…” You sighed, sitting under the tree to rest a bit.

“Aaah,” He groaned, stretching his arms, “you can’t kiss your friends, it looks weird. This is the only appropriate option.” He whined, pouting like a child as he plopped down beside you.

You knitted your brows, he heat to your cheeks at the thought.“You’ve kissed me before…”

“I was in preschool, and you beat me up for it.” He scratched his head and giggled at the memory. Your cute little self jumped on him and pulled his hair until his face turned red, the teacher had to rip you off of him.

“Yeah,” You giggled, “sorry about that, but you didn’t ask.” 

He turned his head, looking at you with a smug look. “Can I kiss you now then?” He was so open about how he felt, it always seemed to catch you off guard.

“Um, if you want to…”

“Really?” He was taken aback by your response, he wasn’t expecting you to actually be okay with that. He sat up on his knees, scooting a bit closer to you so he could cup reach your lips. “I want to…” When he kissed you your eyes went wide in surprise—he actually did it. There wasn’t much movement at first but soon his hand slipped under your jaw he was sighing in content. He slipped his eyes open to see your expression and your eyes were still open, he pulled away.

“You know it’s kissing etiquette to shut your eyes, right?” Your cheeks were flushed from the summer air and the kiss, you just nodded. “Okay, let’s try it again.” He held you in place so he could repeat his previous actions, pressing another kiss on your lips. This time you closed your eyes and he smiled in satisfaction, you were too cute to him. His lips were sweet and soft, sort of like a peach. You found yourself melting into him, letting yourself go in the feeling—as soon as you did that, he pulled away.

“Why’re you walking alone? I’m right here.” He shook his head with a bunny smile on his face. “I know you feel the same way so please, can we just try?” He held your hand, sincerity in his doe eyes.

“Okay…we can try.”

Stanley (Stan) Uris Appreciation Post

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He is a mf ray of mf sunshine so yall need to love him or we cant be friends sorry not sorry I WILL ALEAYS PROTECT HIM AND LOVE HIM THE WAY HE DESERVES 💚💛❤️💙💜💞💕💖💗💓💝❣️💘🙌🏽😍


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