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I just want to take a moment to say i’ve been watching Burnie and Ashley through the Amazing Race since the first episode. They have come a really long way and I couldn’t be more proud of them. THIS CLIP IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! ASHLEY FREAKIN NAILED THAT DANCE ON HER SECOND TRY!!! I AM SO PROUD OF HER! JUST LOOK HER MOVE SO GRACEFULLY! SHE WAS IN PERFECT RYTHEM WITH THEM AND JUST—WOW!  

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You remember that one time Miranda kissed (bit???) your neck? Does that ever come up in conversation nowadays >3>

((that was slightly deeper than a kiss anon ))

send me a symbol for a mythical creature/monster au: ♏ Naga 

It was rare to see someone, something lurking around here in this part of the forest. He eyes watched them careful before speaking up, “Hey, what’s someone like you doing around here?” he asked curiously. “It can be dangerous around this part of the forest…”


My name is Simon Blackwell. I’m 19 years old, and I’m prince of the Kingdom of Watford.

I’m destined to become king and marry Agatha Wellbelove.

My father, Davy, is the current king. He doesn’t believe I can take care of the Kingdom. He says I don’t think enough and that I’m far too clumsy. But, I’m sure I’ll do just fine. I wish more people would believe me. 

The only person that doesn’t doubt me is my best friend, Penny. Her parents are advisers for my father. They basically raised me because he was always busy. They’re super sweet. 

Penny and I have always done everything together. She has a horse, and she’s always been patient with my fear of it. I remember one time, I tried to ride the horse. I ended up falling off and breaking my ankle. Penny helped me home. She didn’t call me stupid, or clumsy, like other people would. Although, I am clumsy. Sometimes we bake together, and she never gets mad when I burn the scones. Even though it happens every time, she always says that maybe next time I’ll get it right. 

All I really want is to do something that will prove everyone that I am capable of becoming King. 

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Don't you remember? ((I know that we haven't like interacted but i always wanted to rp with you ><))

He opened his eyes and saw bright light blinding him for a good minute before his eyes adjusted to the lighting in the room. Where was this place? He wondered and looked around. A hospital room? 

He stared at the wall, what was was he doing here? Why was he here?He could remember anything about himself either. But most importantly…

“Who are you…” He asked, turning his attention to the other.