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I just want to take a moment to say i’ve been watching Burnie and Ashley through the Amazing Race since the first episode. They have come a really long way and I couldn’t be more proud of them. THIS CLIP IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! ASHLEY FREAKIN NAILED THAT DANCE ON HER SECOND TRY!!! I AM SO PROUD OF HER! JUST LOOK HER MOVE SO GRACEFULLY! SHE WAS IN PERFECT RYTHEM WITH THEM AND JUST—WOW!  

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You remember that one time Miranda kissed (bit???) your neck? Does that ever come up in conversation nowadays >3>

((that was slightly deeper than a kiss anon ))

The Most Human Color

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It’s his day off today, and Sans couldn’t be happier about it. No more work. No more manning stations. No more Undyne getting on his case. No more people booing him at MTT Resort, and no more Mettaton griping him out for flunking his act.

It might only be until tomorrow, but it’s a welcome break.

He’s already been to Grillby’s, and now he’s strolling on down through the woods near the ruins. Sometimes he finds cool little knicknacks out here that he’ll pick up and take home. That’s how he found his pet rock.

Something’s different today, though…something tells the skeleton that he isn’t actually alone this time…and no, it’s not the lady living behind the door that he sometimes tells puns to.

* …
* hello?


My name is Simon Blackwell. I’m 19 years old, and I’m prince of the Kingdom of Watford.

I’m destined to become king and marry Agatha Wellbelove.

My father, Davy, is the current king. He doesn’t believe I can take care of the Kingdom. He says I don’t think enough and that I’m far too clumsy. But, I’m sure I’ll do just fine. I wish more people would believe me. 

The only person that doesn’t doubt me is my best friend, Penny. Her parents are advisers for my father. They basically raised me because he was always busy. They’re super sweet. 

Penny and I have always done everything together. She has a horse, and she’s always been patient with my fear of it. I remember one time, I tried to ride the horse. I ended up falling off and breaking my ankle. Penny helped me home. She didn’t call me stupid, or clumsy, like other people would. Although, I am clumsy. Sometimes we bake together, and she never gets mad when I burn the scones. Even though it happens every time, she always says that maybe next time I’ll get it right. 

All I really want is to do something that will prove everyone that I am capable of becoming King. 

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"Why the heck aren't we making out?" (Just imagine drunk Shizuo saying this to Izaya)

“Because I hate monsters like you, Shizu-chan~”

Izaya drawled the answer coolly, a undertone of malice slicing through the syllables like the cool metal of a knife as he smirked at the visibly drunk man before him.

So Shizuo was the affectionate type of drunk, huh? Wasted to the point that he was actually wanting to kiss the man he had always claimed to despise from the bottom of his little beast heart.

Honestly this situation was far too amusing, offering the informant entertainment he knew he would most likely never be gifted a second time. 

 “ Unfortunately I’m not too into bestiality. Just can’t get it up for animals, you know? Though I guess I should be flattered that you want to kiss me… Ah, but why is that? Are you really that intoxicated?~”