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i’m not here to be admired or put on an unreachable pedestal. i’m here to role-play with you guys

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Make me pretty!❞ 
Who doesn’t want to be as fashionable and good-looking as Mettaton, after all?
Although they live among different timelines, Mel is quite fond of this Happstaton’s alternate: their personality is incredible and unique, a personality that is required in her timeline and that monsters dream to see; a personality that, if seen closely, fits Napstaton’s perfectly.
Mel doesn’t know about them that much, she’s ignorant about their past, but is aware on what they do and is also aware on how good they are at doing their job. 
One can say that the child is one of their countless fans. Not obsessed, but she appreciates what they do… and how they do it.
In her opinion, being beautifiedby Mettaton personally is a gift or a dream, to not exaggerate (although Mel is certain that she can exaggerate all she wants in this contest).

The star is sliding their finger among her chestnut locks carefully, almost caringly, in an attempt to work together with the other hand to make a coiffure (or to make her hair look special) with the limitations at their disposal. Her hair is short: it barely touches her shoulders. Mel appreciates Mettaton’s attempts at doing their best with what they can, though.
To keep herself busy in the while, her slender fingers intertwine among each others in a gesture of containment: the mere thought of Mettaton working calmly to make her prettier is causing her poor heart to melt and her forehead to sweat.
Mel makes sure to keep her mind busy with different and random thoughts, pondering about the most bizarre of things just to keep herself distracted from watching the mirror; thoughts such as why does the comb have that shape?or what if myself in the mirror is watching me while I’m not looking at my reflection?– absurd thoughts to keep herself distracted.

Absurd thoughts that kept herself distracted enough not to listen to Mettaton’s words: they’re done and invited Mel to look at the mirror.
And if Mettaton says to look at the mirror, the child obeys without second thoughts, almost feeling embarassed for being distracted a few seconds after.
But the result is better than how she imagined to appear: the hair turns slightly curly at the ends while straight on top of her head, with some shades that have a natural effect on her hair especially (the shade is goint to melt away after a washing however); the parfume smells graciously, of roses and jasmines. Mel would spend an entire afternoon smelling it.
The child would call her new appearance princess for a dayor, as a fairy-tale she used to listen to, princess until midnight.

She’s happy, of course. Mettaton has dedicated their spare time to adjusther and make her look prettier for once – prettier than she can define herself at least – and, by the look hosted on their face, they don’t seem to regret it.
But a good work must not left unpaid, of course.
Mel protrudes forward on the stool and stands on her toes above the soft cushion. Her lips part to place a tender kiss on the robot’s cheek.
Now that she looks prettier, Mel likes to think that the kiss went out beautifully, too.

Thank you.