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both choi twins were requested in the “calm down” palette so i put them both in one…
idk how to feel about this, this is my first time using a color palette T__T also didn’t spend much time on this because my arm hurts..

Dear Journal,

Today we all went to Diagon alley to shop for school suplies. Our little Teddy was going back to Hogwarts in a week. I don’t want him to leave me again! Sirius and I were walking hand in hand and Teddy was texting to James Sirius. We were supposed to meet him and James and Lily at the three broomsticks but they weren’t there yet.

“Prongs probably lost a sock or something!” Sirius commented, laughing.

Around five minutes later, they arrived.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault! I had lost my sock!” James said.

Sirius started laughing.

“What? It’s the truth! I lost my sock!” James said, pushing Sirius’ shoulder.

“No we believe you! It’s just that I guessed you would be looking for a sock or something because you’re always late for stupid reasons!” Sirius laughed.

“I am never late!” James said.

“You were late to our wedding!” Lily smirked.

Sirius high fived her laughing and James rolled his eyes.

“I was not late, I was lost in the building! Not the same thing!” James said to his defence.

“Okay Okay. Whatever you say baby..” Lily smiled, kissing his cheek.

“Oh my god… Lily Evans just called me ‘Baby’?!” James joked.

We laughed and remembered our old times at Hogwarts. We ate this delicious meal and talked about nothing and everything. During lunch, James Sirius and Teddy were exchanging heart eyes. It was actually quite adorable.

We bought Teddy’s books and school suplies. It was his last year so he was excited. We went back home with James Sirius on our back seat. He was staying over for a few days since Lily and James had a trip planned.

“Dad?” Teddy asked from the back seat.

“Which one?” Sirius asked laughing, the wheel in his hands.

“Hum.. kinda both.. James and I were wondering how you handdle things when you had to come out to the whole school…” Teddy said, getting a bit anxious.

“Oh.. well, it was hard to gain up the courage but we were so happy afterwards. It just takes a few minutes of discomfort and you might get scared but it’s all worth it. It’s almost like ripping a band-aid off..” Sirius said.

“You just have to both be confident. You need to both help eachother get trough it.” I added.

“Okay..” Teddy said.

“Are you guys nervous?”

“Yeah..” they both said.

“It’ll be okay. If people don’t accept you, they’re just not worth it..” Sirius said, probably thinking about his parents.

“Okay.. thanks dads.” Teddy said.

“Anytime Teddy bear.”

James Sirius giggled a bit and Teddy sighted.

“That’s actually the cutest nickname! I’ll call you my Teddy bear from now on!” James Sirius laughed.

We all laughed at Teddy’s red cheeks. They were going to be alright.


Wip - Church/Cemetery

While I was fixing those statues I made an ‘X Marks the Spot’ for the wedding arch. Y’all are going to get the most random stuff next time.

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Can I request 35 for Kacchako? 💕 you're gorgeous btw ✨

I am not gorgeous oh goodness you all are for keeping up with me. By the way this is my favourite prompt so far? I love how much potential this has and I am so glad someone chose it ♨(⋆‿⋆)♨

They were standing in front of the falling skyscraper. All alumni from the class stared at the rumbling building, wrapped in embers of fire that licked the night stars and gave view to how tall this monstrosity was, and only made the kids realize how dangerous this was not only for them, but also for the nearby civilians.

Some of them had already gone in, barging through the fallen debris– Uraraka only saw people fly in and out in a blur, only thinking about how dangerous this mission was and how reckless everyone was being. Why were they going in so suddenly, why were they going in while knowing they were facing a potential death?

And most importantly,

why were her feet not moving? Why were her eyes so fixated on looking at the ground when all her problems were just a few feet away? What was going on before her that had her so puzzled, brizzled, and dangerously fright–

Suddenly, a hand came to grasp her shoulder, and the feel was so familiar that she didn’t even hesitate to relax. The burnt leather of his gloves bore into her like water to a desert, making all her paralyx go away with a stroke of his injuried hand. “I don’t what the fuck you are waiting for, Uraraka.”

This time, she turned around and faced the man. He must have gone inside the building before too, as his clothes were torn in several places and he had serious injuries near his shoulder, and a bleeding cut on his cheek. She inmediately hurried to his side, caressing the edges of the deep wound. She could feel him shaking underneath her palm, his crimsom pools trembling in agitation.

Just as her palm came to cup his face, his arms folded around her waist, wary of a contusion in her lower back and looking at her like he would always use to when they were in the privacy of his room, tending wounds and sharing truths with deep stares. They would always be seeking for wounds on the other to heal, and what Uraraka was doing– being so painfully gentle, it was out of habit.

But time didn’t usually stop this hard when they were close together. She was afraid of losing him to the flames, and he was afraid of losing her to the axis of time, everything spirraling out of control as he desperately fought the urgency in his voice– but Uraraka was no fool, and she had always been able to see right through his eyes and kiss his heart better.

She wanted to kiss it all better. Kiss his fears, hug the pain out of him, drown him in her presence so he would forget the hell they were in. Fire flickered in his eyes, and she was no more than a child then.

Bakugou wanted to hug her closer, yet felt like she was slipping away the more time he spent near her. Her voice came out in a pained whisper. “You are hurt.”

He chuckled humorlessly. “Isn’t that obvious, damn.”

Uraraka glanced back at the tumbling building, seeing everyone make their way out of that mission. They had severe and several burns marring their skin, running away from the oven as it dared to cook them a bit too much, many victims already fallen in its grasp. But Uraraka knew that there were still people inside– and when Bakugou saw her glaring nastily at the hellfire, he tried to harbor her tighter.

But the brunette wouldn’t have it, he knew. “It’s too dangerous.”

Her eyes only squinted the tiniest bit, signal of approval, yet disconcern. Her hands tightened their hold on his skin for a moment before letting go. “Bakugou.”


Bakugou.” he dared to look at her, and she was fucking smiling at him. He could still tell the little pebbles of despair gathering beneath her lids. “Before I go, there’s something I have to–”

“No.” His head was a bit down this time. Trying to hold her tighter but knowing she had to go, she had to be a hero and this was the moment Bakugou regretted having met her– having seen her, heard her pitched voice, and regreted the moment she was accepted into the school. 

If he had the power to go back in time, he would warn her of her future to scare her away from the first exam– somehiw, he knew she’d try to get in, too.

Uraraka was destined to be his, right? Or at least had been destined to be by his side. Now, he couldn’t help but feel her out of reach, so neat and right close to him but undeniably far away, a black rift tearing them apart. Suddenly, it was too late.

“Before I go,” both their shoulders’ shook, and her voice quivered under the pressure of an uncertain future. “there’s something I need to tell you.”

Her fingers trailed around the corners of his scarlet flames, making him only more aware that she was probably trying to remember what his skin felt like, borrowing courage from his warmth– he just tried to have her closer, but it wasn’t enough. Time wasn’t stopping so he would have her by her side any time soon. Her crippled nails caressed him in a tender, soft, and sweet manner.

She was the feathers of his black wings. He couldn’t let her leave.

“Please, listen to me, Bakugou.”

The moment Bakugou was going to retort with a possesive, lovesick remark about how he couldn’t let her leave, how she was the only think that made sense in his life– her lips came to touch his in a delicate embrace, making his world sink and suddenly break free from the distress around him. He felt something ripple beneath his feet, escalate through his veins and leave him until he was breathless, in a haze.

He gave her power. Now, she gave him faith.

He reluctantly kissed her back.  Her hair swayed on the blowing ashes, as if she was underwater– but he was damn sure that this feeling wasn’t sinking him down, like a sailor with a harbor; but rather making him weightless, mindless, falling into a sky tainted with a beautiful brown, falling deep and scattering across the space of her eyes, those infinite pools of innocence and wonder.

But right after feeling that tingling euphoria twinkling inside his chest, she broke away fast and swift, stepping back and purposefully not giving him enough time to think, heart disconnected from his blurry and discorientated brain– he faintly felt her leaving his side, walking backwards as she smiled, smiled, and he hated that smile.

“I just wanted to let you know, before I do this– that I have always loved you!” screamed she, at the verge of the licking flames. “Please, wait for me, Bakugou!”

There were a couple words floating in the wind as she fell down the hole of hellfire, ashes, sorrow and agony. 

“I’ll catch you in the next life, Bakugou.”

Beautiful Surprise.

Lena sighs.

All she wants to do is go home to her girlfriend and her dog. That’s it.

Instead, she’s here listening to some fucking old, sexist, pimple of a man rant about her new technology that she introduced today.

“… that’s why we shouldn’t have let a woman run this company! … She has no idea what she is doing… She is putting this company at risk…”

Lena tunes him out and starts thinking about when she gets welcomed home by their dog Krypto. He’d jump on her, might knock her down if she didn’t take her shoes off quick enough too.

She chuckles.

There would be boxes everywhere, too. Kara had said yes when she asked her to move in and Lena couldn’t be more excited. After 2 years, it was time. The compromise was they would have to wait a month in order for Kara’s lease to end, AND Kara wasn’t allowed to use her powers. Lena always wanted the experience of moving in with someone, the laughs, and yes even the fights.

She smiles, she can’t wait to get home.

Finally, she’s brought back to reality…


That’s the moment that she loses it.

“Mr. Buchanan, I don’t know how many times I’ve said that this company is nothing like the one that my brother ran. We do not invest in chaos, war or hate. I, for one, am very happy with that fact. I will never run this company like Lex did. Furthermore, I am sick and tired of your sexist, anti-alien, testosterone-driven rants about my technology and the way I’m running this company. Now, I’ve dealt with it for three years and I’m finally done.”

She stands up and glares at him.

“Here’s what I propose: you either step down or I will leak all of your indiscretions, and ALL of your investments to the media.” She states as she slides a packet to him.

Within the packet are pictures him being intimate with women who are not his wife in a dingy hotel room, alleyways, massage parlors, and even in his own bed. There are lists of his investments and how much he’s invested in them. Most of them are… shady, to say the least.

“You wouldn’t- you can’t just- you won’t do-” He sputters as he looks through the contents.

She interrupts him “I can and believe me when I say, I will. Not only will your wife leave you because of the pictures, the people will turn against you, your investments will be gone, you will be ostracized, bankrupt- because we all know it’s really your wife’s money that you are spending- and you will be forced to step down from this board. As much as I would LOVE for that to happen, I believe myself to be above that. So, I give you a choice. Take it or leave it.”

She pauses, and looks around the room.

“Does anyone else have a problem? No? Good. Mr. Buchanan, you can let my secretary Jess know your answer by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. A second later, you will be seeing all of this information on national news, and do not think you can escape it. I have contacts you can even begin to dream of having.” She picks up her things, and with a “Good day gentlemen.” she storms out of the room.

She is beyond angry. She has had to deal with these incompetent, hateful beings for as long as she’s been the CEO. She is completely done with the whole board, some of which have been here since before she took over. A few of them are still loyal to Lex, like Mr. Buchanan. She has been trying to get them to leave, but that is proving difficult. The only ways they can go are if they step down, or get voted off. Most of the old board she blackmailed out, of course, there are no records of her doing so, nor are there any credible witnesses. Her word is better than theirs, especially if she leaked a scandal or two.

“Fucking idiots.” She numbed as she walks by Jess and into her office.

She grabs her coat, and packs up her things.

“Jess, I’m leaving for the day. Cancel my appointments, and then you can go home.”

“Yes Ms. Luther.”

Lena stops and quirks her eyebrow at Jess.

“I mean, Lena” Jess replies with a smile.

Lena smiles “Better. Enjoy the rest of your day Jess.”

“You too!”

Lena practically runs to her car, eager to go home and leave her awful day at work behind her.

When she gets outside her apartment, - THEIR apartment- she takes a minute to collect herself. She lets her anger from the day go, and eagerly opens the door. “Hey Babe! I’m home!”.

She hears a bark and quickly throws down her stuff and takes her shoes off before a blond blur jumps on her.

Lena laughs, “Hey Buddy, ohhh, I missed you too!! Was today good?! Mine wasn’t as god as yours I bet! Thank you for all the kisses!” She gushes, as she loves on her adorable dog. After Krypto calms down a bit Lena asks, “Where’s your other mama??” Wondering why Kara hasn’t greeted her like she normally does.

Krypto barks and runs down the hallway to the master bedroom where Lena hears Kara squealing.

Lena opens the door, “I’m almost afraid to as-” 

Kara excitedly interrupts as soon as she sees Lena, “I didn’t know you had baby pictures!!!“You were so freaking cute!!!! Well I mean they aren’t baby pictures, but they’re of you as a child and I thought you didn’t have any!!! But you do, and I HAD to go through them because you went through mine. I thought it was okay, but you’re not saying anything so I’m assuming it’s not? If I crossed a boundary-” Kara’s rant stops when Lena holds up her hand.

"Love? Say something please, or emote, because you normally have a reaction when I’m doing something you don’t like. But right now, you’re just… there.” Kara worriedly states.

Lena doesn’t say anything as Kara is talking. She picked up a few of the pictures and started to look at them. She drifts to the floor as tears form in her eyes.

Kara notices and superspeeds to Lena wrapping her arms around her, knowing something serious is going on.

“Hey love, what’s wrong?” Kara asks softly as she turns Lena’s head towards her and gently brushes the tears from Lena’s eyes.

Lena looks back down at the picture in her hand. It’s of her and Lex at the zoo when they were 8. A monkey is on Lena’s shoulder, her dad is handing it a piece of fruit. Lex’s arm is around her, her eyes are on the monkey, and Lex is laughing at her.

She remembers this day. it was her first trip to the zoo, and it was magical. Her favorite part was the otters and the monkeys.

Kara rubbing her arm brings her back to reality.

“That box,” gesturing to the box that the pictures came out of, “is from the Luthor Mansion.” She says as she tries to hold in her tears. “I always assumed that Mother didn’t save any pictures of me, because I wasn’t Lex. She was always very cold to me. In her eyes, I never did anything right. I honestly thought she never loved me. Apparently, I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.” She whispered as she looked to the multitude of pictures around the room.

She looks up to Kara, “She did love me. I always figured she only said that because she wanted something from me; but it’s true. My mother actually loves me.”

Kara held her tighter. “Turn the picture over” she whispers to Lena.

Curious, Lena does, and her breath hitches.

On the picture it said, “May 6th, 1999. Your first zoo trip. You loved the monkeys and otters the most. You absolutely despised the snakes after the King Cobra hissed at you. You hugged me at that moment because you were scared. You smiled more today than you have since you been with us. I love you my darling angel, Momma.”

Lena covered her mouth with her hand.

“They’re all like that” Kara whispers in her ear.

Lena shuts her eyes as tears flow out.

Kara holds her till her body stops shaking, carefully wiping Lena’s tears when they stop flowing, and kisses her forehead.

Lena takes a breath, and looks up, “Can we go through these together? I don’t know if I can do it alone.”

Kara nods with a smile, “Of course love. Do you want to move to the bed first though? I’m getting uncomfortable and I’m an alien. I can only imagine what you’re feeling.” she grins.

Lena chuckles, “Yes, Yes, the puny human is also uncomfortable.” with a kiss, she helps Kara up. Lena starts collecting the pictures from the ground as Kara moves the box closer to the bed.

That night they share laughter, tears, pizza on their bed (“Just this once” Lena states), and memories, becoming closer than ever before.

As they are going to bed, Lena starts thinking about her day. "You know, that was a beautiful surprise to come home to. I had the worst day at work.” she states, slipping on her pajama bottoms.

"Oh? Do tell.” Kara replies.

“Well Buchanan was raving about how I don’t run the company the right way, my technology will never sell, and then he finished his rant by saying Lex would be ashamed about how I am running the company.” She says, getting annoyed again.

“Oooofff, wrong move buddy. What did you do?” Kara asks, slipping under the covers.

“You know that information packet on him I’ve been amassing? Well, he has quite a few indiscretions, and a lot of investments that don’t make him look very good in the public eye. So, I gave him a choice.”

“Good for you! He needs to go.” Kara exclaims.

Lena looks up from brushing her hair, surprised, “I thought you were against me blackmailing them off?”

“That was before Dummie Number Three tried to assassinate you. Twice.” Kara gripes, “You’d think they would learn better by now.”

Lena chuckles, “Yeah, I have a super girlfriend that is always there to protect me, and catch me when I fall.” she winks as she climbs in next to Kara.

“And a super-cool mom that loves you.” Kara adds.

“She’s still the head of Cadmus.” Lena replies, looking at the picture on her bedside table of her family at the zoo.

“Yes, but she loves you. So, there is still hope.” Kara says as she puts her arms around Lena.

“That is true, she does love me.” Looking at all the pictures around the room, all with handwritten notes behind them. 

“You know who also loves you?” Kara asks. “Me.”

“You’re a dork.” Lena chuckles as Kara’s lips meet hers.

“Goodnight, my love.”

“Goodnight Lena.”

That night they fall asleep in each other’s arms, with Lena’s childhood scattered on the furniture in the room, with their dog at their feet.

They didn’t get through all the pictures, but they will. After all, they have the rest of their lives together, and Lena couldn’t be happier.

Few things that makes me go crazy now

Or at least make me feel olny negative feelings.

1. I wasted 3h on my drawing, only to get a sweet crash from Sai. Thanks buddy.
2. Apparently a lot of porn blogs are linking thier shit under my work and I’m tired of blocking them and deleting it. (Today I blocked and hided uncomfortable messages from 6 blogs. Of course where they were? Under my art)
3. My mom took my laptop and tablet so probably I’m grounded (I suppose? She just stepped in, took it without a word, looked into my eyes and went away) and I can’t draw anymore. Heh.

Anyway I also wanted to say that I’ll be away for 9 days. I’m going on Woodstock (too tired to explain what it is, go ask google if you’re interested) and I don’t know if I’ll have time for blog then. For sure I’ll be not doing any requests and/or digital art.

That’s all.

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Okay I kept this in my drafts for like a week idk, because I wanted to come up with a perfect headcanon but I still don’t know, I feel like Stiles can do it in a simple sweet way or he can be this extra fucker, there is no in between.

I always headcanoned him proposing to her when they’re in their bed cuddling, I can imagine him having a big plan on how he wants to do it but then one day he wakes up to her face and starts to admire how beautiful and peaceful she looks, and he is like “I don’t want to waste more time, I can’t wait another second, I wanted to marry her since she first kissed me” so he reaches for the ring box that he hid for more than three months, deep in his night stand drawer, then he hides it under his pillow before he leans down to wake Lydia with tender kisses.

They share lazy kisses and cuddle, Lydia resting her head on his arm, while his cheek is resting against the top of her head, and their hands intertwined on his chest.

I can see him dropping a mixtape out of nowhere but Lydia doesn’t get the hint that he is going to propose, because it’s Stiles he always tells her how much he loves her and how much she means to him, she only laughs as she lays gentle kisses over his heart.

She lets him talk and drop kisses on the top of her hair. He goes on and on and when he says “I talked to dad about something and he was so happy and he wanted to witness the moment but since when I do what he wants me to do” her heart start to race and then I can see her looking up at him with tears in her eyes.

And he softly tells her “Marry me” and she lets out a sound of disbelief before getting on top of him, straddling his hips, cubing his cheeks and kissing him fully on the mouth, and she laugh into the kiss “Yes, yes I want to marry you.”  

Stiles face turns all soft and he is like “you want too?”

She nods. “I love you too.”

And he kisses her and he only pulls back to put the ring on her finger and he couldn’t help himself but giggle because he is marrying the girl that he had a crush on since the third grade, the girl who he never thought would look at him but she does now, she looks at him the way he always looked at her, gaze full of love, softness, adoration.

she looks at him, smiling, “your dad gonna be so mad.”

He takes her in his arms and say “we can re create it in front of him again, my acting skills are on point.”

“Stiles you can’t act to save your life”

“Lydia, remember all the times I acted like I came to your house to “study” but we always ended up actually cumming? Because baby I call it acting.” 


“Well, is it acting when you jump off the bed when we get caught and when you scream in my mom face that we were only studying?”

“It just happened twice, Lydia.”

“Whatever you say, just mention me when you win your Oscar.” 

“I will as long as you mention me when you when the Fields Medal.”

We will never see how he propose

So I Wrote Another Langst

aka, i can’t come up with titles part two but not really part two because the two stories are unrelated and i’m just rambling so let’s go

“Nice job everyone.” Shiro said to the team. They had just rescued a planet from another one of Haggar’s robeasts. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m gonna be asleep in like, 2 minutes.” Hunk yawned. “Well I’m gonna head up to my room and struggle with crippling depression.” Lance said jokingly, putting an emphasis on the last two words.
“Look, I get it’s a meme or something, but don’t pretend to have depression like that. Or use it as a joke. It requires an actual medical diagnosis which you obviously don’t have.” Keith said in a way that flipped a switch in Lance.
“Well I’m sorry I can’t go see a psychiatrist because last time I checked we’re in space!” Lance snapped at Keith and the room fell silent. “And I’m sorry that I’ve lost motivation for everything, even eating and sleeping! I’m sorry I stay up until 3 am struggling with all my insecurities and how I’m not good enough for you! I’m sorry that whenever something bad happens, it’s always my fault no matter what!” Tears started to fall down his face as he got louder. “I’m sorry that I cause tense situations and make everyone upset or something like I’m doing right now! I’m sorry that I make jokes about crippling depression and stuff as a cry for help and it’s not getting through any of your heads! I’m sorry that I always hide everything with masks to the point where I don’t even know who the real me is anymore! I’m sorry that I feel so lost and unwanted that I’ve contemplated suicide twice in the past week! And I’m sorry that I can’t even muster up the courage to end it already and rid you all of the burden that I am!” Lance was shouting through tears. “But no, I’m just ‘trying to be a meme and make people laugh.’ Is that what you wanted to hear from me, Keith?” Lance said detached in an almost whisper.
“Well then I’m sorry that I apparently hate you according to you.” Keith’s gaze hit Lance like knifes before he stormed out of the room. “No, wait Keith! I-I didn’t… I…” Lance cried out, collapsing onto the floor. But it was too late. Keith was gone. Wow, nice going ‘sharpshooter’, what a great person you are! He told himself. With that he got up, avoided eye contact with his other team members, and walked silently to his room.