:( im so thankful for everything you have done


Hey guys..
So I got kicked out of my home for good today, one for coming out and two bc I spoke my mind. So I left and I’m thankful that I can stay over at a good friend’s home for the night.
I will probably be on and off of here bc I have a lot happening right now. Im really sorry but I might be late to answer any vent asks or messages. ;;
I don’t really know if I can do commissions right now, I’m really sorry, but I really do need some support.
You guys know I’m really shy and dont like to ask for stuff, but my Paypal is azeeminshan@gmail.com and my patreon is Patreon.com/Azeem.
I would really, really appreciate it if my followers could share this. I have a pretty decent following but, it would really matter right now.
Thank you so much guys for everything you’ve done for me up to this point. I really want to start enjoying life and I hope I can get everything sorted out.

this looks really bad but i trIED WH O OPS

 i wanted to animate thomas  really badly because like,, aghhghg 


hes a great person and all the times he’s said nice things about my art, its made me continue to draw, and since i started watching him everything in my life got so much better?? like wow aaagh ,,, recently he’s been saying suCH NICE THINGS about my art and it makes me so happy and makes me cry tbh because like,, he’s always there for everyone its so sWEET I CANT

so like,, thanks for lighting up my life, thomas 

everything you’ve done has helped me through so many dark times 

Because of you I joined a groupchat about you and it inspired me to make an actual Twitter account instead of a side one, and ever since all the people in the community have made me feel so welcome aaaaa

i’m gonna end this here because im ranting whoops,,, anyways i hope u like it ,, aa aa a @thatsthat24

Well, chaos does tend to follow Lena wherever she goes. I think it’s very difficult for her because she’s attempting to do the right thing and everything she does comes from that place. When you try to do something with good intentions and hear it’s been taken somewhere so negatively it’s always difficult. I don’t think she expects that every time. She thinks “I’ve actually done the right thing and I’m the victim here,” yet she’s still vilified for having the last name. It’s tough for her, but she doesn’t give up. Lena’s not a quitter.
Taken By Force (Taeyong!)

anon(s) said:Hey guys! I was wondering about a Dom!Taeyong smut where he’s really rough and forces you to blow him? Of course including consent but still, can it be really hot and stuff? :D sincerely, whose life is now complete 😌 thanks for your hard work guys❤

Can i request Taeyong smut when he finds out his gf search history was “Taeyong SMUT fanfic” “Taeyong 18+ fanfic” etc Lolololol Thank-you and have a great day

could you do a rough!taeyong super steamy smut? please make it as hot as you can sorry im just too thirsty for this guy lmao

author: admin hyo

word count:1863

a/n: What have I done~ this took me forever, but it’s here. The only real warning is that there is some consensual non-con. So if you’re not into that don’t read. But please enjoy.

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Remember when I said I had a tattoo appointment for today? Well…Here it is!

I’ve been thinking about getting this for literally months and I finally decided to go through with it. I’m honestly so in love with it.

I’ve been watching Jack for years but in recent months, he’s helped me so damn much, both in terms getting me out of my creative rut and for making me happy when nothing else does. I could go into excessive detail but I’ll spare you the long read. All I’m going to say is that I’ve been so happy watching him and I can never thank him enough for all that he’s done. I met my best friend @megsiplier through the channel and tbh I don’t think I would have had the courage to talk to her if it wasn’t for him.

So…Thank you for everything Jack. :)


Edit: No, I’m not going to regret this. Yes, I thought about this beforehand.


!!! I realized I never posted this here ;;o;;
These were taken back in March (when I was in Manila) :D
I was like – who wants to hang out at the mall or something lol
Then these super nice MM fans dropped by and gave me all these prints and gifts and food and kjahkjsa i was so surprised hhuhu so precious ;;o;; LOOK AT IT EVERYTHING IS SO GORGEOUS ((im so lame i only doodled a crack 707 in their notebook kjdshfs))

I brought all the prints and stuff with me here to NY and I’m gonna take proper photos when I’m done with my room (along with other MM stuff a few people have sent me as well! You know who you are heehe) :D Thank you so much hhh


♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <



These past few months have been very emotional for me for both good and not so great reasons, but I’m pushing forward and keeping the mindset that I will achieve my goals and I will be successful!!

My gorgeous, amazing, talented, caring, wonderful girlfriend Terrin ( @sweeter-thing ) has been so supportive and helpful these past few months and I just can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for me..even just being there to talk and listen has helped me so much. Thank you for being you baby ♥️🌹 I love you~

Also, I started cosmetology school at Aveda yesterday!!!!!! 😄😄 I’m so happy and excited to have this opportunity to learn so much and be able to have all of these experiences! I’M SO HAPPY!!!! Lol

OH…and I’m not in the military anymore! IM A CIVILIAN NOW!!!! 😄😄😄😄

Star ASKS!

Hey, I got an unusually high volume of asks related to Star vs. the Forces of Evil this week. I’m replying to some of them in a couple of text posts. Here’s the first one!:

Anonymous said: FanTASTIC job on the song day episode!

Thank you!!

Anonymous said: Ilysm and ty for everything you’ve done for me and my fellow trans friends!!! 💜💜 im sorry you get aggressive folks coming at because of it. Just know that you’re so so so appreciated and im so glad to know that we have a voice for the lgbt community in children media !! No matter what happen with marco know that just the fact that you appreciate the theory is a lot more than we could ever dream of!!💜💜💜💜 and your webcomic is good too you’re just a genius tytyty!!

Hey anon! Thank you for your support (and for your kind words about my comic)! U_U I am not trans myself (I am only your friendly neighborhood cisbi) but I hope I can be a supportive trans ally! I of course cannot speak on Marco’s canon development as a character, but as for the fan theory itself, I am glad it is bringing you happiness!

Anonymous said: I love that anon is so entitled that they’re telling a storyboard artist which theories they aren’t allowed to like on the show they fucking work on

Yep! It would be one thing if I were openly supporting a popular “neo-Nazi Marco” theory or something but … that’s not what’s going on. Let people like the fan theories they like! As long as they’re not hurting anyone! 

Anonymous said: Did Ruberiot get killed after song day because he posible started a riot/revolution or is he okay?

No, no, he’s okay! He’s probably just super upset.

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anonymous asked:

i just started following your account & i like it a lot, everything is just amazing ! im new to tumblr & fan accounts so i dont know how they work and stuff but if you do writing prompts can you do one with betty being new in town & meets the gang at pops. like they see her by herself & then like have bughead in there too.. but if you dont its ok, please never stop posting though ❤

Hey! Thank you so much, that’s so sweet. Here it is, I hope it’s okay! It’s long lol.

New To Town

Alice placed the last box of kitchen utensils on the counter. “Done, finally.” She huffed.

“I’m going to unpack my room,” Polly said as she checked her phone - again - for messages from her friends in their old town.

“Elizabeth, make yourself useful and walk over to Pop’s, would you? Grab us all dinner? I’m too tired to cook.”

Betty nodded, knowing better than to protest.

Alice gave Betty quick instructions on how to get to Pop’s. She accepted the money her mom handed her.

Betty found some earbuds in her backpack and plugged them into her phone, slipped on her shoes, and walked out the door.

Betty admired the streets of her new town, walking quickly to her destination.

She spotted Pop’s and headed inside, the doors chiming above her.

“Hi, we called in an order for Cooper? Four burgers and two large fries.” Betty said to the man behind the counter, popping out an earbud.

Pop nodded his head. “Still on the grill. It’ll be a couple minutes. Have a seat and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” He waved a hand toward the booths on his left, across from four teenagers, laughing loudly.

Betty sighed and looked at her phone, then strolled over to the empty booth.

“Did I hear you say Cooper? As in Elizabeth?” A pretty brunette called to her before Betty had the chance to sit down.

Betty nodded slowly. “Betty, actually, but yeah. That’s me.”

“I’m Veronica.” She extended a hand towards Betty.  "Veronica Lodge.“ She pointed  to the boy sitting next to her. “This is Kevin, he’s fabulous. And this is -”

“Archie Andrews,” The redheaded boy across from Veronica said smiling. “And this is Jughead Jones.”

“Jughead?” Betty smiled,furrowing her brows.

“It’s a family name.” Jughead laughed. “And actually, it’s Jughead Jones the third.”

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Hey everyone!
The zines finally came in today! Everything looks perfect, and were very excited to ship it out to you.
Thank you so much for your patience and support up until this point! I know things ran much longer then intended, and im enternally greatful for everyone who stuck by anyways.
Things will be shipped out ASAP. We have a lot of orders, so it might take a bit to get to you. But dont worry! Ill be working hard everyday until its done to make sure everyone gets what they wanted.
As far as PDFs, extras, ect. Please hang on a little longer before we make any more announcements regarding that. Thank you!


PIP: you’re really going? i mean, i know Sulo was building a rocket but… i just didn’t think you’d ever go! i thought we were going to grow old together, Mei!!

MEI: i’m sorry, Pip. you know i absolutely loved living here and i really would stay here forever but… i need to move on. just… thank you for everything you’ve done for me, Sulo and Song!


KASPER: so, i guess this is good-bye, huh Sulo? it’s been… really nice having all of you around and… i just want you to know that i c-consider you a good f-friend! i-i’m not crying, i swear! *is totally crying*

SULO: i, too, have enjoyed our time together. as much as i have enjoyed the waterslide and chicken buckets. which is a lot.


submitted by lemurianguy 

hey,.. its me and my. boyfriend.  we took this pice a couple month ago in bali. 

i am indonesian, its quite hard being a gay in indonesia, anyway its indonesia LGBT problems.

lets me tell you, we have been meet three years ago, when im in travel in berlin, we match by tinder. im really attracted with arts,.. and he had so much point that i love. im not stayed longer in berlin, we ve been meet 12 times only. then we re conected by texting and video call. in that time we re not a partner just a friend. after 9 month or till he come to my hometown, in bali. we’re living together for a month, we re getting more closer till the day he need to come back to berlin, in the airport he told me that he was happy that he found his love. and iam really happy that he said it. (finally cause i was waiting for this) two month later i came to visit him for three moth i have been in the greatest live and love with him. he was share his life with me, and am really happy. its my third times to visit him, but in this time we re going to merry. so much to do,.. and indonesian bureaucracy really terrible. i had so much trouble for getting merry,.. but im not give up. so i hope everything will done and we wil merry soon. thank you sorry my english not really good, and for indonesia gay couple who want merry i could give them advice.


wow!!!! here we go into the sixth era… REPUTATION. I can’t believe what a huge part you have been in my life taylor, you have truly helped me through every difficulty I have ever encountered and I’m SO happy you’re coming back better than ever!! I’ve been loving you and fangirling over you for years on end and I just want to say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and also thank you for everything you have done for me because WOW THERES BEEN A LOT.


Abbie x @taylorswift


Hey everyone! So I recently just hit 700 followers!!! Which is super crazy to me, since when I started out in this fandom, I only had about 300! So this is absolutely amazing and I cannot thank all of you enough for following my blog and becoming friends with me, supporting me and just being amazing mutuals! I love you all! In honour of reaching 700, I would like to tag

-some blogs that I’ve known from the beginning, and who have supported me fully and 100%, all the time, and who have become my very good, close friends, and those of you that have supported my writing and fanfictions from the start, when literally they would get no notes on them, and you guys would always encourage me to keep writing and keep posting and always shared my stuff around and supported me all the way! I love you guys all so much, and I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, and for being my friends!

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-Some blogs that I’ve recently come to know better/interacted with more, and I absolutely love talking to/interacting with! Thank you for following me and interacting with me, you’re all so wonderful, I love you!

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(there are probably more, but I can’t think right now!) Finally, I also wanted to add, that from now until season 2 (3 weeks AGHH!!), I would like to post more fanfiction and headcanons! Since, I haven’t posted a proper piece of writing in ages!

So, if you guys have any requests that you would like to see, please don’t hestitae to drop by in my inbox or messages and request something! I have a few drafted up headcanons and fics/ideas in my drafts already, and a full Byeler fic to post tomorrow, but I’d love some requests or stuff from you guys if you would like to send anything in!

Thank you all so much for following my blog and being amazing friends!! I love you all so much! Thank you!!! 💖🌟

{Ps, to any of you that have ever reblogged or liked or commented or supported me in any way, with my writing, I want you to know that there is a special place in heaven for you people! 🌟 It honestly makes my heart burst and cry with happiness, whenever somebody tells me that they love my writing, or reblogs it with the cutest tags, or encourages me to write more! I cannot tell you how discovering that I enjoy writing, has made me feel so happy, and at peace and to have people saying they love my stuff and they want more etc, all I can say is that it puts an eternal smile on my face and makes my heart dance! So THANK YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK TO ALL OF YOU, WHO HAVE EVER REBLOGGED MY STUFF OR DROPPED BY TO TELL ME YOU LIKE MY WRITING, BECAUSE IT HONESTLY ENCOURAGES ME TO WRITE MORE & MORE!!! And as long as you guys keep enjoying my stuff, I will continue to produce more content for you guys! It honestly means so much to me! Thank you so much, I love you! ❤️}

Older Brother Jaemin

Request: hi!!! i rlly liked your older brother jeno scenario a lot haha could u write an older brother jaemin one too? its okay if you cannot but thank you!!!

  • okay another request for my boy jaemin, i miss him so much omg ;-;
  • sm at least let him post a few selfies or give updates on him
  • 😭😭
  • but okay let’s start

  • so he’s only one year older than you are

  • but acts as if he’s like 10 years older
  • because he literally treats you like a baby
  • really annoying but cute at the same time
  • he loves teasing & annoying you ever since you were little, and laughs like crazy every time he succeeds to make you angry, then patting your head and ruffling your head after
  • teasing and annoying you includes stealing your favourite toy and hiding them in his room so you had to spend 10 full minutes rummaging all your toys to find it
  • you almost cried because you loved that toy so much, but jaemin didn’t return it to you until you started tearing up
  • even now,
  • he still takes away the things on your study table from your room
  • “jaemin you’re turning 17 this year, how is this fun-”
  • “it is fun when you start becoming annoyed and pissed off at me hehe”
  • “what the heck”
  • “don’t speak like that to me, im older”
  • and like mentioned earlier, he treats you like a baby,
  • for example, always pinching your cheeks and calling you cute,
  • nagging at you to sleep early
  • and always dragging you to the cafeteria to eat even in school
  • one look and everyone knows y'all are siblings because you two look really alike,
  • and you give him that look™ that almost every siblings give each other, you know the “are you serious, why am i related to you but i still love you” look
  • which is why most of your friends asked you to help set him up with them
  • which you don’t see the reason why they’re so obsessed with him,
  • although you had to admit, your brother was good looking
  • “why would i do that, he’s not that great honestly”
  • “what do you mean y/n, jaemin’s the definition of perfection”
  • “uh… idk about that”
  • “it’s because he’s your brother”
  • “/jaemin comes out of no where/ i agree with them my dear sister, i AM perfection right??”
  • “oh my god, shut up”
  • you’re pretty close to his friends and he doesn’t mind because he trusts them
  • in fact, when he found out about your crush on chenle,
  • he was the happiest person on earth
  • he literally jumped up and screamed
  • he wanted to tell chenle right away but it took you an hour of convincing and a free treat to a meal for him to promise not to tell
  • but for some reason, a month later chenle eventually found out,
  • and to your surprise, he likes you too
  • and here we have, jaemin as your #1 supporter
  • you were glad that he wasn’t against it, especially since chenle is one of his close friends
  • little did you know, poor chenle had to sit through two hours long of jaemin’s lecture on how to take care of you etc
  • “don’t hurt her chenle ah, she’s actually a really nice person”
  • although the both of you don’t show it much, you care for each other a lot and are always there to give moral support when needed
  • like how to rushed down all the way from school to the hospital for him
  • “i told you to stop dancing for now, look at your back now”
  • “it’s fine, i’ll get better”
  • “don’t lie, i know how long it has been hurting”
  • “you actually care about your older brother aw”
  • “shut up and rest well, don’t you dare move”
  • but the both of you are so close, you can tell him almost everything, and he gives you advice when needed
  • the type to randomly take photos of you and post them on social media,
  • “can you actually believe we have the same genes? look at the difference between us”
  • “bestest but annoying sister award goes to her”
  • is helpful but loves teasing you a lot,
  • so when you ask him for help with schoolwork,
  • he simply replies with a “im too lazy”
  • or “do it yourself”
  • in conclusion he’s like an annoying best friend that always has your back,
  • but yet you still love him a lot and is thankful for everything he’s done for you
  • im ending it here, im sorry this is so short and pretty boring
  • hope you liked it though omg

anonymous asked:

Hey it would make my day if you could write something with sincerely three about the reader coming out to them as gender fluid?? Im gender fluid so it would be really cool to see how The Boys react to their partner coming out. Thank you so much!!

Absolutely! I’m personally a cisgender loser so I can’t write with experience, but I’ve done a lot of research on all genders and sexualities so I don’t have to ignorant. I hope this is what you want! <3


- I’m starting with him because he’s so precious

- He doesn’t really understand at first, but he’s super open to you!

- He doesn’t want to bombard you with questions and make you feel uncomfortable

- Instead, he goes home and researches everything he can find

- Days when you feel kinda bad or insecure? You get kisses!

- Days when you feel like a million bucks? You get kisses!

- When you’re feeling especially dysphoric or unsure, he lets you ramble for hours

- He tries his best to give you great advice no matter what, and always makes sure you know he loves you!


- When you first tell him, he’s just like “Okay, cool” and you’re kinda mad??

- You expected a bigger reaction and you got so nervous, but he just shrugs it off

- Not rudely though

- He’s experimented with his gender before?? He knows a lot about it, basically

- He helps you with the tiny details (”try this jacket”  “these shoes are lit”)

- Anything you need to feel great, he’ll do it

- He’s pretty laid back, but he goes all out for you


- I write about him being an ass a lot but he can sense this is a big deal

- He honestly just thanks you for trusting him enough to tell him

- No matter how you feel day by day, he makes sure to pay attention

- Like Evan, he tries research

- He’s actually a huge sweetheart on the inside? And he cares a lot about making you happy as possible

For all of them, they’ll always ask for pronouns! Every day!