:( i dont have any time to make new things :(

aka the easy way fro beginners and lazy people like me

I’ll be using photoshop CC 2014 bc I’m lame

sorry for small pics but you get the idea

STEP 1: get ur pic

I got this pic in CAS but you can do it in game too but make sure the BG color doesn’t match anything on your sim, blue and green are best

Double click your “background” layer so we can work with it

STEP 2: after you double click this with pop up and you just click OKAY ok? I rename mine base for the heck of it but you dont have to

Optional step: right click your layer and select “duplicate layer” and it makes a new layer so if you mess one up you have another (i do this like 10 times when i edit)

Another optional step: click the lil thing beside the trash can and it makes an empty layer. i did this twice

Continuing another optional step: use the paint bucket tool to fill the layers with a color. i use green and black. this helps me see if i missed any spots later on

optional step if you copied the layer. hide the layer you arent working with

STEP 3: select the magic want tool and click the screen. it will make a selection


STEP 5: click the rest of the spots and delete. sometimes spots away from the sim doesnt get selected in in game pics so just erase those

 STEP 6: double check that youve got it all and i have so were good

YOURE DONE!!! it doesnt get every little piece but its easy and you cant see it so i dont care


now ill show you examples and u can be on your way

i made this with a CAS pic

i made this with an in game pic


thank you and goodnight

anonymous asked:

Heyo! May i request Junkrat, Lucio and Zenyatta (you can add more if you want too, thats up to you) with a genderfluid s/o that has an intense imagination and youll nearly always seem them drawing or writing or just sitting and staring into the air for a very long time just imagining stuff? Maybe they even start rambling when they get a new idea. If this is too much or too hard to make then i apoligise. You dont have to write this. I hope im not a bother.

You’re not a bother! Thank you for requesting <3

Junkrat is fascinated. He loves how you can imagine things in general. He’d sometimes ask if you have any ideas for a new bomb or just anything explosive in general. He loves watching you, lost in thought. When you ramble, he’d barely understand what you’re saying but he remembers some words.

Lùcio would mostly go to you for inspiration. He loves ‘brainstorming’ with you, in silence. He loves it when you ramble, even if he can’t make out any words. He just loves your imagination and he loves imagining with you

Zenyatta would be quite confused, but he’d try to become more interested in your drawings or writings. Sometimes he’d notice how you stare off into space and he’d question it - he may want to be at peace with humans, but that doesn’t mean he understands their mannerisms. But he’s interested. Even when you ramble, he’ll ask you to slow down so he can understand you

ID #15868

Name: Eva
Age: 17
Country: USA

uhm. (i kind of suck at describing myself, so im sorry if this kind of sucks, xD)
but hi. my names eva, (but everyone calls me ebbles) and im 17. im from the sunny city of orlando, florida, and i like music.
music is cool.
genre doesnt really matter because i like just about everything, but my friends like to say i lean more towards the indie/folky side.
(some bands i like: kaleo, the 1975, arctic monkeys, milky chance, nirvana, x ambassadors, etc.)
my friends also like to say im a bit of a nerd because more times than none im stuck in a book.
(jk rowling, dean kootz, stephan king, etc.)
i also like horror movies, (was practically raised off them) and monster makeup. (sfx cosmotolgy) is a hobby ive picked up recently.
i like drawing, and cheese, and sometimes skateboarding, too.
and when i get older i kind of want to be a writer/costume designer or a phsycologist/paranormal investigator because ghost are also kind of cool, xD
and im looking for (a) pen pal(s) because i like meeting new people and it would be really cool to have friends all over the world. my dad was in foster care growing up, so im kind of used to the idea of having family/friends spread throughout all kinds of corners, (japan, germany, australia, europe, etc.) and now that im reaching the time where i kind of branch off and do my own thing, i think its cool to make these kinds of connections.
(ESPECIALLY, because i want to travel in a few years. visit all the places my
ancestors are from
and many more. and yeah.)
so again, im sorry this kind of sucked, but i look forward to making some new friends with this expierence!!

Preferences: i dont really have any preferences. like, gender doesnt matter nor age, (i kind of want someone close to my age) but if not than thats cool, im not really pickkky. !

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I came out to my parents 3 years ago, it's been a long road but we're finally doing okay and I decided to wait until I was 18. The thing is, I turn 18 soon and I'm trying to get my HRT set up (can't do it underage without a battle in family court), and I was planning to ask my parents for help. But we just lost someone who was like a son to my parents, who had been living with us and I don't know how to approach the subject without making them feel like they're losing another child. Any advice?

Im sorry to hear that. Its a separate situation though and you were already out to them before so I dont think you should let that stop you from being who you are. Given they have known for 3 years now it shouldnt come as some big new surprise to them, I would imagine they have had time to process it all already. That being said, if this is a very recent thing you may want to give it a bit of time before bringing it up with them as they will be dealing with that loss right now. When things settle down a bit it may be easier to sort this out. They are not losing you, you are still there and wont suddenly become a different person. Reassure them of that as well as the fact that doing this is important for you to be true to yourself. You may want to write a letter instead where you can explain all your thoughts and feelings about this. Dont have to give it to them now or even at all, it can even help you to just write it all out. I would probably wait a little while at least for them to deal with this before bringing it up where you could mention that you turn 18 soon which you decided on, and want to get started with this. It will be gradual changes and you wont just change over night. You will be the same core person, just more likely to be happier and more comfortable in yourself. I would hope they would want that for you and not feel that way about it

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When you get this, please respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then, send this message anonymously to the last 10 people in your notifications. You never know who might benefit from this positivity!💕

uhh okay here I go
1. my bed is my happy place. nothing better than flopping onto my bed after a long shift
2. music!! ie the only thing I care about rlly
3. the beach, preferably when its not TOO hot and totally empty except for me
4. learning new skills makes me happy. currently learning to play uke and guitar, as well as a bit of german. I dont have massive amounts of free time to do that though unfortunately, since I basically work full time as well as being a full time uni student
5. when things are tidy and organised it makes me happy but I never have any motivation to clean up bc of the Depression™

thanks for this ask it was v sweet!

I want to come back but I want to start over as much as I can without making a new account; Delete all my dragons, sell a bunch of stuff I dont want, and stop any threads im ‘hosting’. 

I think I just need the push to do it. I hate to abandon the subspecies thread I run but I really just dont have the energy for it, and even if I did I dont have the time. I just wanna chill, do my own thing. 

Also think I will change flights. Any recommendations? 


ok…im sorry this one turned out fuzzy and its hard to see the timeline. : / I dont know what messed up in my recording settings and at one point the screen shifts but this is my 3rd time trying to upload it and its getting late and I DONT CARE ANY MORE. ALSO MY MIC STILL CUTS OUT..I tried to edit around it but I may have to get a new mic for my next video because its annoying and makes editing so time consuming. 


 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)


I get into animation with this one - if there is anything you want me to go more indepth on , or pick out to have its own video please let me know . 


edit : I want to apologize for the sound being down so low ,I guess my headphones arnt really true to..how things are, or I turn my volume up way too high ! but I adjusted it and re-uploaded the video so hopefully thats better. I’ll keep this in mind for other tutorials and boost my mic volume more before I export. 

sorry for not uploading any pics recently ;x;

i know i haven’t done any of the halloween pics for dami and dick too. Im sorry.

i will be posting the designs later once my dead phone is revived.

for the time being I’m planning to make a new jaytim au and comic and short SO I DONT BAIL OUT ON THE OTHERS LIKE I HAVE DONE SO. a page a day or two if i can.

NEW GOAL: finish a comic <<<<   (:,3ヽ)_

oh and I’m still not open for requests but if there is an idea you’d like to see in my art (if your ok with my art) i can draw them! but the thing is i wont go through every one of them, so i wish you all luck if your idea gets picked!

ME,, CAITLIN ,,,,,UR LOCAL WINWIN STAN aND CAPTAIN OF THE YUTAEWIN SHIP,, HAS REACHED 1,200 FOLLOWERS……so many of yall uglies follow me for No Reason idek,,,,,y

um ok,,,,iv been on tumblr for lik e 2 years but i didnt start making friends until the last 6 months which is also the same time i joinedt the nct fandom nd i rly feel at home wit this fandom so :)) i wanna thank evyereone for makign tumblr a fun happy place 4me to jus….laug h nd hav fun…..um id like 2apologyize to anyone that followed me from the beggining bc yall kno how uglie my blog was when i was an exo stan jsebbhjdis k nanyways thank u all :(( wow im  Cry 

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im supposed to hang out with this guy this weekend and i havent really done a lot of sexual things so basically he fingered me the last time we hung out and idk i just dont know how to do anything i feel like lol? everythings new to me and im scared ill do shit wrong or be bad at it like do u have any tips for things like that? i feel like i wont even know how to make out like what do i even doooooo i have no one to talk to about this so anything woukd be helpful

the only tip is, do not do anything you’re not ready for. I personally feel like, if you have to ask for tips about this subject, you aren’t ready.

Double Sided Kings Cup Rules

Okay so this is a modified version of the classic drinking game known as kings cup. Me and my friends played kings cup every weekend and while we love it, it ended up getting kinda boring. This is why I came up with this version to make it more interesting. It’s actually pretty simple. The rule that’s usually only associated with the card is now associated with the color too. So if you get a red two the rule will be different than if you get a black two.

You’re going to need two decks of cards instead of one and a dice. Spread the cards around a cup in the center of the table. Going counter clockwise, the first person draws a card and follows the rule associated with that card.

Red 2: You pick someone to drink.

Red 3: You drink

Red 4: Women drink

Red 5: You have 5 seconds of drinking that you can distribute among whoever you want. (So you can make one person drink for 5 seconds or 5 people drink for one second)

Red 6: Guys drink

Red 7: Last person to be pointing toward heaven has to drink

Red 8: Roll a dice. Drink for however many seconds you get on the dice.

Red 9: Come up with a word to rhyme. The person on your right has to rhyme with it and then the person on their right has to do the same until someone screws up. Then they drink.

Red 10: Categories. Same rule as above except its a category of something instead of a rhyme. (You say types of fruit and the person to your right says apple and the person on their right says pear and you keep gong until someone screws up etc)

Red Jack: Never have I ever. Put three fingers up and say never have I ever followed by a statement of something you have not done. Anyone who has done that thing puts a finger down. Anyone who loses three fingers has to drink and then the rounds over.

Red Queen: You are the question master. Any time you ask someone a question and they respond with a statement they have to drink.

Red King: Make a rule. The rules compound. So new rules dont replace old rules.

Red Ace: Waterfall. You start drinking and the person to your right does too and cant stop drinking until you do and the person to their right does the same etc.

Black 2: You pour some of your drink in the middle cup.

Black 3: You drink whatever is in the middle cup.

Black 4: You are now the beer bitch. You are in charge of getting everyone drinks when they’re out until someone else gets a black four. 

Black 5: Bust a jive. Do a dance move. The person to your right duplicates and then elaborates. The person to their right does the same until somebody screws up.

Black 6:  Drink three. Person to your right drinks two. Person to their right drinks one.

Black 7: Last person to put their thumb on the table drinks

Black 8: Social: Everybody drinks.

Black 9: Gecko. Last person to put three limbs on the closest wall FINISHES THEIR DRINK.

Black 10: Truth or dare. Pick someone and say truth or dare. 

Black Jack: Choose someone to spell a word of your choosing. If they screw up they drink.

Black queen: You cannot talk for 2 rounds.

Black King: You have the power to alter any rule or get rid of it completely.

Black Ace: You sing a song of your choosing to completion. For however long you sing this song everyone else must drink. However if you screw up then you must finish your drink. (So if you sing happy birthday you wont screw up but its a short song so your friends wont drink long and if you sing stairway to heaven you could easily screw up even though its a long song so choose wisely)


THANKS GUYS!!! yesterday i squealed on that cute number of 1.123 and so i decided to do a mini art give away <3 well actually i’ve promised you guys like 15371312 years ago- im sorry orz

i call it mini bc i will only do doodles i’ll do one with decent art when i have a quite long free time guys ;w;


  • 1st place digital bust up (simple shade)
  • 2nd place digital bust up (flat color)
  • 3rd place manual sketch bust up!

the pics i uploaded are just rough samples , i’ll do better color for the prizes ! sorry for not drawing any new thing dont judge my laziness (:3


  • for followers only! sorry guys i make this give away as my thank for my followers <3
  • reblogs and likes counts
  • i’ll use randomizer.com to pick the winners~
  • im ok with both oc and fanarts but please dont ask me to draw a non anime/cartoon characters orz
  • perfectly fine with blood and gores


16th February 10:00 GMT+7! , wow we have like almost one month , sorry guys finals ends at the 15th ^;o^;

good luck everyone have a nice day uwu<3 <3

things i actually liked about the finale:
1. scott reaching a new low
3. malia and braeden interacting
4. lydia being lydia bc she’s half the reason this show is alive
5. that stalia moment (even tho i dont ship em)
6. my girl hayden comin back to fuckin life
7. mason, our little sunshine
8. theo getting duffed by stiles

things that fucking sucked from the finale
1. barely any screen time with lydia martin, and the screen time she did have mostly had to do with a burnt bucket of mayonnaise :)
2. where is the stydia :)
3. what makes you think you can touch lydia martin :)))))
4. no actual sciles scenes
5. where the fuck is kira where where where how is she doing is she fine is she ok
6. parrish still on this show
7. what the fuck was that hand holding scene
8. where is the stydia we were told about :)
9. theo locking lydia martin in a fucking closet
10. hayden dying alone
11. that scallison parallel…. that wasnt ok…….
12. that cliffhanger was fucking horrible
13. no stydia :)
14. a t a l l :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Time for a quick tutorial! Some glowies!

This is my method of doing bot-glowies. On interior pages I usually dont mess with the honeycomb pattern stuff [takes longer :P] but I tried to remember to do it on covers and stuff :P

[and you can do the same process for decepticon glowies, just make things purple instead of red!]

1- Have your image!

2- On a new layer above all your line art and everything, this is where you block in your glowy bits. Usually i’m pretty messy with blocking it in, then I go and select my line art as a sort of mask and delete any excess glowy stuff that goes anywhere over my lines I dont want them to. Thats how I do it GENERALLY [not all the time] and its totally not the only way to do it, but thats how I did it here. Lots of times I just take the polygonal lasso and make my selections and fill those with my glow color. It can be that easy :P Just get the spots you want to glow in place! I dont care how, hah. The important thing is that these shapes are on their own layer so you can do the next step….

3- Time for the glow.  I just bring up the blending properties of that layer [i THINK thats what its called], select outer glow, pick my glow color and fudge with the sliders to get the right amount of glow that I want. [After this step is when I usually stop, for interior page glowies fyi]

4- The pattern! This is just a stock hi res texture/pattern I found online. If you’re ever in a bind and looking for stock stuff google is your friend! Thats where I’ve found 90% of this type of stuff. [The other 10% spent combing through deviantarts stock/texture stuff, which can also be helpful!]

5- Basically, just bring that texture over onto the picture!

6- I’ve inverted the texture image [last step, actually, just after i brought it in] and adjusted the levels so that its pure B&W

7- colorize! I made it red cuz yeah…Autobot glowies. [again, if  you want a different color then make it a different color! have fun!]

8- Now I just mess with the layer style til I get something that looks good! I dont know if I ALWAYS use ‘darken’ but this time I did.

9- delete all the excess texture bits that arent on your glowy parts and voila! I’ve also toned down the opacity a little bit so the pattern isnt so strong.

And after this, and any other FX, is when I flatten the pic and do my thing with color balance and paper textures and whatever other garbage I do to pics before I call them finished. IDK.

Anyways! Thats how IIIIIIIII do glowies. This is kind of a super easy sort of graphic take to the look. [if i was REALLY good i’d make the texture conform to proper perspective and the form of the parts and stuff but thats just way out there. I’m not crazy enough to spend that much work on these xD] You dont have to do it like this. But i’ve had some people ask so :)

You could even get an airbrushy eraser and lightly erase towards the edges if you want the pattern to be stronger in the middle and stuff. I dunno. Whatever! Just experiment! Thats how I figure out how to do most the things I do xD

i have something to tell

y'all always think the worst of riley in every situation. riley sees that maya likes lucas? oh shes a bitch for making her speak her feelings. riley still have feelings for the boy she liked for like 2 years and (farkle makes her) says it in new years eve? oh she is so selfish. riley wants to change #her baywindow because they’re entering to highschool and she doesnt feel confortable in her room anymore?? how could she do it before asking maya. riley sees that her friend is not acting like her trueself? oh well and that three times you wore a wig RILEY??? what a hipocrat. riley doesnt want maya to do bad stuff because shes afraid she could get in trouble?? oh riley you are always making things about you.

its like you dont see that lucas (a boy she, at least, thinks she like) since new years eve, is picking her best friend (someone she have always looked up to and wanted to be) before her?? its like she is not allowed to be jealous or to have any feelings.
i get that your favourite is maya, but could you, for once, get in rileys shoes? i would be a MESS, i would hate maya so much.

and, after all, the one thing riley has done, since the firts episode, is caring about maya.