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I already found it!! Thanks for your concern ^^!! Omggg what do you thibk will happen to emma?! It looks like she is getting poisoned bc I don't think she is turning evil that easy..

The baddies have their sights set on Emma (again), bUT

jesus christ it took me 30 mins to find a freaking gif of this


وَأشتَـاق !
لـِ جنّة الرِّضوان
لـ رؤيَة العدنَـان
لـ لقَاء سَرمدي لايعقبهُ فِراق ولابُكاء ولاَ أنيِنْ

الجنَّـة هيَا ماأتمنَّى
“ (


                   i want to  thank each & everyone of you! when i first
                   started this blog,  i  thought i would only take it as  a
                   side blog, or one of those muse you make &  delete
                   after  a  month because you
struggle with activity.
                   ( if it never happened  to  you,  then  just  how )  but
                   jamie became just so important to me & to see  that
                   you guys enjoy my love for her & let me share it with
                   you is simply amazing!  i  mean,  waw,  this  blog  is
                   barely two months old & yet, there’s so many of you
                   here!! you are all
amazing & i just love you all a lot.

  the minions. 

    people i’ve bonded with & that are so very impotant to me.

piiratescave, thelxstsavior, wiickedly, fakedpersona, addictedtobeinghimself, notamonstxr, imnotthesavior, thelittleqveen.

 person of interest.

    people i have/ have not interacted with that i stalk & admire a lot. 

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                       thank you all so much. you are all little cupcakes that deserve all the love!!!