so i was explaining the plot of silence of the lambs to my little sister because my dad works on a campus where they have a prison for the criminally insane and i used hannibal lecter as an example because he’s well known and i shit you not these were her exact words “wait.  WAIT.  YOU MEAN CANNIBALS ARE REAL?  LIKE THEY ACTUALLY EXIST. I THOUGHT THEY WERE LIKE UNICORNS OR NARWHALS. THAT MAKES ME NOT WANNA GO OUTSIDE.” i wish i was making this up for notes, i honestly do

Pokémon of the Day - ‘M

National Dex #000 - Bird/Normal - 23’00” - 880.6 lbs

Dex Entry (R/B):

Base Stats:

HP: 33 - Attack: 137 - Defense: 0 - Special: 29 - Speed: 6

If traded to Yellow, ‘M becomes 3TrainerPoké$

It may look like Missingno. but they are two very different glitch Pokémon. ‘M can evolve into Kangaskhan while Missingno. cannot

'M cannot be encountered with the Mew Glitch but can be encountered via the old man glitch as long as the player’s name is not the default one

'M can appear at level 0 as long as the player's name is not the default, and can also appear at level 80 if the player's name has an odd number of characters

If the player encounters ‘M, they will have 128 more of the  6th item in their bag, as with encountering Missingno. Hall of Fame data will also be corrupted

'M would be the fourth tallest Pokémon and the 10th heaviest

If a level 0 ‘M is caught and sent to the PC, the game will freeze if the player tries to withdraw it

Ayer os hablábamos de glitches en Super Mario World, y hoy os traemos una realidad que mucha gente desconoce, relacionada con MissingNo.

La creencia popular es que este Pokémon es un error maligno del juego, destructivo y capaz de dejar inservible tu cartucho, pero lo cierto es que es benigno.

Esto ocurre porqué hay otro Pokémon glitch llamado ‘M, con un aspecto igual al de MissingNo. que si destruye tus datos, además de encontrarse del mismo modo. Esa es la gran diferencia y un dato que no todo el mundo conoce.

Os iremos hablando el porqué de estos errores y como se originan.