i feel like some pda/life rambling. i love my fiancé to bits. they’re so intelligent and individual and hardworking and they treat me and understand me better than anyone else ever has, they’re sharp but also a huge sweetheart, they’re a HUGE NERD, i continue to be fascinated and head over heels constantly

there’s softness along with intensity and i’m always comfortable, i feel safe and good and like i can actually have a very quality life with them and fulfill a lot of dreams and getting there isn’t even that far away in time. it’s stunning really and i’m in one of the best places i’ve been in my life.

i feel like i can accomplish things too and actually make a difference with them, i’m not useless or too selfish or too giving i’m just right, i can be a positive impact and equal to them like nobody else can and theyre the same for me, i feel like i can make a difference in other parts of my own life that improve everything

i’m not lonely and i feel confident in my own skills, i stand up for myself and my priorities and don’t put up with garbage ppls shit, i’m full of love and dedication to someone who’s been my ideal since i was a kid?? anyway tldr theyre perfect i adore them and things in my life are Good. i’m growing up and finally moving to the next stage of existing and it’s going just fine

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Leicester are top of the league but don't forget how many more games we have had and will have compared to them! The most in Europe apparently. But yeah the result does make me feel a little rubbish too. Bring on Sunderland #ynwa

<333 yes!! I hope our failure has a big hand in giving them the title too, thats the bright side. I want to destroy Sunderland so bad. Thank you so much ynwa xxxx

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((Naivespagghetore. I know we don't rp much ... or at all. BUT STILL! ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔))

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