Paper Moon by Nathan Sharp

Alaina and I did a collab!! :D I lined and coloured her sketches, and I think our styles go pretty well together…oh my god Bubble and Zig have complex designs my hand is dead

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me (Zephyrinx)!]

give me Shiro crumbling apart when he sees Matt in season 3

give me Shiro, paladin of the black lion and leader of Voltron, the man who put his life in jeopardy to keep Matt safe, the man who became the Champion, seeing Matt and just losing it

because Matt is the only thing left of his past, before the Kerberos mission went to shit and before he was a prisoner and before he lost his arm and before he forgot everything

because Matt represented everything good about humanity’s drive to explore the galaxy and the galaxy broke him like it broke Shiro

give me Shiro, forced into a position of leadership by circumstances beyond his control and staying calm because, in the end, he had to be the one keeping everyone together, finally being able to relax his shoulders and cry

because Matt is his past and his present

and Matt is alive



Click for better quality (bonus captions)

I just imagine them on a double date and an akuma appears making the gang have to leave, leaving nino all alone. RIP NINO.

insp from @thelastpilot and @illustraice snapchat thingies [here]



Everything you think of
Will become all of me
Look at me and be my lady
You’re my  t w e n t i e s

Jeonghan during SVT Japan Concert - part one | part two | part three (+bonus)


I’m still in the process of replying to all the sweet, sweet messages and asks you guys sent me 💖 and I’ve just been in tears reading and replying to them; you guys are beyond wonderful 💖 i can’t express my gratitude and love for you guys; i honestly don’t deserve you!!

Yesterday, I was having a pretty rough day, and unfortunately in my vulnerable state, I let that horrible anon get to me; it was foolish. I’m sorry that you all had to see it, and thankfully, I’m back to my ‘no publishing hate’ policy! Keeping this blog a positive and welcoming space is incredibly important to me ❤️

I also want to apologise to anyone who was worried that I’d deactivate. I want to reassure you guys that I will never deactivate this blog. Even if I ever choose to step away from it (for whatever reason) I will never deactivate, I want you guys to be able to read my stories and download my poses no matter what!! And i would never leave without a proper goodbye 😊

Today, I took the day off from college and spent it working on meeting my deadlines (I also went to the dentist ew), and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be posting Finding Marley updates throughout the weekend!!! 😊 also, to express my thanks to you all, I’ve started work on my 2.5k follower gift!!

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I can just imagine Annabeth sitting up on Percy's bed rubbing her eyes and grumbling to Percy about how it was inhumane for someone to look as good with bedhead as he did. He just laughs and hugs her. (also I am in love with your writing <3)

He ruffles her hair as he hugs her and she nuzzles her nose into the side of his neck, huffing out a warm little laugh against the hollow of his throat.

“There you go, now we’re matching.”