And a quick dash of Megane!Prompto! I really love this boy, My sunshine, my wooooorrlllddd!  I love drawing Prompto but it’s always more fulfilling when I draw him for others, especially for my @playdencos! Pink with a dash of blue, I end the night with his smile :)


Johnny Weir Instagram: “Rehearsal love pile with these boys! | Nobu-kun, Yuzu-kun, @slambiel, Shoma-kun | #fantasyonice2017″

I cleaned a lot of my room today and I even washed my sheets which I’m pretty sure is a step in the positive direction of my mental health, especially since I can’t remember the last time all my clothes were picked up off the floor. Or quite honestly the last time I washed my sheets, which is totally gross and disgusting and don’t worry it’s only been a few months not that long!!! and i can’t wait to sleep in all my fresh sheets tonight. it’s the baby steps that are pushing me through these days. yay for doing something. 

I’m thinking Barbara, Butch, and Tabitha are going to go after Jervis while he’s being traded in the warehouse. Oswald will end up back with Ed (the synopsis DID say they’d be working together with Fish) and that’s probably when Barbara and her crew storm in to grab Jervis. That leaves Jim and Harvey to run off with Jervis and Oswald and Ed to escape in the other direction. Barbara and co. will choose to pursue Jervis. I’m curious to find out why Barbara wants him.

I don’t know where Ed and Oswald will end up afterwards. Hopefully on the docks making out.