September 29

反逆の御手洗 by Aki | Pixiv ID 2423199

Authorized reprint

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Several hours after the Jabberwock Crew (+ Mitarai) leave FF Headquarters
  • Souda:Hey Komaeda, about Naegi...
  • Komaeda:Oh, Naegi? His luck is overwhelming! Clearly his talent is much better than mi-
  • Mitarai:Wait, I thought he was the Ultimate Hope?
  • Komaeda:
  • Komaeda:
  • Everyone minus Mitarai:o shit
  • Mitarai:...W-why is everyone-
  • Munakata:You can carry the burden of being of hope?
  • Naegi:I'll have to.
  • Munakata:You know what you to do then?
  • Naegi:I've got an idea...
  • Several Month Later...
  • Naegi:I'm gonna reopen the place that caused all this bullshit in the first place, not even gonna change the location, I'm sure there will be no negatives repercussions or killing games in that future that result from this decsion
  • Kaede, screaming from the future:Yoooou... DENSE MOTHERFUCKER.