❛    uwahhhh ~ mami - senpai’s  so  cool  !!    ❜   fists  clench  with  jubilance  ,  eyes  sparkling  as  they  watch  the  girl  land  on  the  ground  after  her  final  attack  on  the  witch.  her  fingers  itch  with  the  urge  to  use  her  butterfly  knives  just  from  watching  mami.  ❛    hey  ,  hey  !!  do  you  think  i  can  help  on  the  next  one  ?  pretty  please ??    ❜   /  @perishen


im WaYNING THE NIGHT feat. THE Waynes

//late night sketches by me whose creative impulses perish at the sight of light


✧ sequel to orbit…………… playlist for starlight and chill

Tell Me What To Do; SHINee ✧ You Better Know; Red Velvet ✧ Drip Drop; Taemin ✧ NOCTURNE; Junggigo ✧  Deja Vu; Nieah ✧ U & Me; Hyuna ✧ VIDEO (Ft. Bobby); Lee Hi ✧ Cactus Flower; Nieah ✧ Loveless; Aseul ✧ Cake Love; Xia ✧ Tell Me Why; Nieah ✧ Fisher; Aseul ✧ Inspiration; Jonghyun ✧ Dream In A Dream; Ten ✧

musical--android  asked:

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               thanks for this ami ilu and think u are super amazing too <3
               also thanks to @dearburninglady & @likecottxncandy who
               sent me this aswell i love u all and everyone here even if i suck
               and reply to this lovely message really late ;;;

sophia’s 2016 thank you message!!

hello everyone!! so its ,, been a year since i made this blog holy shiiiit like wtf 2016 was a really wild ride for me, it helped my alot grow as the person i am now and well– lets just say this will be long af probably-

mutuals i didnt personally draw please dont feel bad aaa i was just too lazy to draw but ilu all ok fcjnf ;; messages under the cut!!!

warning: might be cheesy heck

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prompt: Will/Rachel, goodbye - for midnightstreet

They say that every goodbye is a new beginning, and Rachel understands that, probably better than most, and every time she steps out onto the streets of New York and feels that indescribable something that tells her she is home she knows that saying goodbye to Lima and everyone in it was the hardest and best thing she has ever done. But when she has a bad day, when she eats her lunch alone in a room full of people, when someone in her class sings ten times better than she ever could, when she doubts herself and needs some kind of reassurance that this wasn’t all a mistake, she scrolls through the contact list in her cell but bypasses Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Noah, Quinn, and everyone she really should call. Instead her thumb hovers over his name and she takes a deep breath before dialling, and Will answers the phone with a “Rach, it’s so good to hear from you, tell me everything" and she does, spills all her secrets, talks until her voice runs dry, relieved and reassured and missing him in a way she never expected.