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this is one of the cutest videos (trust me, theres a lot) of yoongi ive ever seen!!! i feel a little bad for giggling but hes so dang fluffy and wow i just love him. /watch?v=SBY3H1zxuRI

also omg poor hobi in that video



HIM GETTING SCARED OF THE FIREWORKS (poor hobi indeed asghkdash)



and him rushing to backstage after all that ;u;

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I LOVE WHEN YOU DRAW PINHEAD CASUE HE'S MAH BOI AHHH!!!!!! We are so lucky to have you drawing all these beautiful horror dorks @ 7 @ <3

Daw why thank you ~

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And I’ll give you more of those horror dorks ;)

Prucan trying to flirt in German
  • Gilbert: du hast schöne Augen ;)
  • Matthew: what did he say?
  • Ludwig (to Feli): you have beautiful eyes
  • Feli (to Romano) you have gorgeous eyes!
  • Romano (to Antonio): your eyes are cool, I guess.
  • Antonio (to Francis): Your eyes are there.
  • Francis (to Arthur): you have eyes, right?
  • Arthur (to Alfred): you have two eyes, Matthew.
  • Alfred (to Matthew): you have eyes.
  • Matthew (to Gilbert): aw, thank you for noticing!
  • Gilbert: *screaming*

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Hey I just wanted to let you know that you're like a big role model for me ((not for life decisions but for like bein cute and shit)) so yeah thanks so much

Aw thank you! But yes, definitely do NOT follow my life decisions. Good call.

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I look up to you so much and your art style is goals!! I want to make a comic too but I'm not that sure about my art yet but when that happens I always go to your blog to feel nice and fluffy ^.^ I hope you're having a great day!

aw thank you so much!! tbh I wasn’t sure about my art either when I started my comic but I was starting to realize that I had been waiting for years to feel good enough and it just wasnt happening so if I didn’t start it SOME time it would never start so maybe you’re closer than you think ;3c I hope you’re having a great day too!!

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Hi, I've send asks a couple of time before and you're very sweet... glad to see you're putting out more art ~Shy anon

Aw thank you so much <3<3 

Are you the anon who wanted to talk to me but was too shy to?? If you still want to talk to me you can send me asks on anon :)

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The girl who I have a crush on is born on the same day as sasuke... Idk how to feel about that ,,, but it's proof that the universe is a huge lesbian and supports me so I'm pursuing My crush!!! Thank you have a goodnight !


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So, what do you think about the Googles? And, does each Google has a different personality? Also, *Boops nose* You are adorable. C:

“‘I was as close to being a friend with Google as you can get when I was the Author,’ the Host responds. ‘We were both sort of mischievous in a dark way, and I guess we liked that about each other. Now, I like to think that I still get along with Google. Maybe not all four of them though. Each of the Google’s has a different personality, which is interesting since technically they’re all just duplicates of the original. I’m quite fond of Oliver, and of course Blue and I have been <friends> for quite a while. I don’t talk to Red much, and honestly I don’t really get along with Green very well,’ the Host explains.

“‘Aw, thank you,’ the Host says, chuckling when they boop him on the nose. ‘You are adorable as well.’“

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You're so cute 😭 Someone on twitter RT'd you onto my timeline and it brought me here... Wish I was actually out and had the balls to DM you lol have an an awesome ass day and forget your ex 😩 She did you wrong

aw thank you & you can always dm me i swear i don’t bite :’)

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Loving your blog and the way you write the characters is spot on. Could I please have headcanons on Sinbad, Ja'far and Kouen sleeping with their s/o (not in the nsfw way).

Awe, thank you sweet pea~ 


  • Likes being the big spoon.
  • Always holds you against him.
  • But he also loves resting his head on your chest. 
  • He enjoys listening to you talk about your day as you both just lay in bed. 


  • Doesn’t mind one way or the other, if he’s the big spoon or the little spoon.
  • Usually by the time he gets to bed, he’s like dead tired.
  • So he’ll just like lay on top of you. 

Kouen Ren

  • He likes holding you against his chest.
  • Also likes talking about anything and everything while he just cuddles you. 
  • He runs his fingers through your hair a lot. 
  • Also likes listening to you talk about literally anything.

Lance would probably be the type of boyfriend that would compliment the heck out of Keith at any given chance, call him ‘babe’ and ‘love’ and yell ‘looking fine sweetheart!’ across the deck during training sessions

and then Keith would struggle, wanting to return the sentiment before turning to him one night and saying ‘If I ever had the chance to trade you with the mothman, i wouldn’t.’