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okay but hands are silent voice is numb try to scream out my lungs it makes this harder and the tears stream down my face if we could only have this life for one more day if we could only turn back time you know i’ll be your life your voice your reason to be my love my heart is breathing for this moment in time i’ll find the words to say before you leave me today

Let Go

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Post 5x07 (even though I haven’t watched it, it’s just set after Jay’s undercover)

A/N: I never thought I would write this. But all this pain is hard to deal with lately, and this piece came  to me at 1:20am while my eyes were burning and my throat hurt. Maybe I’m the one who needs to let go. But it’s so damn hard.

I apologize in advance.

Inspired by You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol and a line in Taylor’s song New Years Day (Please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere).

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At 17, Usagi was ready for her relationship to progress past innocent kisses and cuddles. Mamoru … was not.

adsullatta  asked:

OMG, just had to let you know I laughed SO hard at your Fushimi-minion pic. (It's PERFECT!) Then I proceeded to giggle madly, and then chuckle for many minutes after that. Thanks for the laughs, I REALLY needed them today :D

I’m glad you liked it :D Between that and last weekend’s Shrek!Fushimi I think I’ve reached the limit of CGI character Fushimis–

–Oops my Photoshop slipped

Sean’s Advice.

Okay, I am going to be referring Jack and Sean for this post because it’s a bit more of a serious one. 

When Sean talks at the end of a more serious/emotional game, it’s all great and motivational advice that I really listen to and go ‘yeah!’ and I feel good and happy afterwards. But, now I’ve realized that I don’t feel happy for myself. 
I feel happy for the other people watching, not for myself. When he talks to the camera and when he talks and when he says advice, I think that it’s for the other viewers, not for me. I think he’s talking to other people, not to myself. 

He says that we can do great things, we just have to go for it. he says that we can have so much great moments and ideas happen and he says all of this. He says that we all can do great things, and we’re not only going to do it once. and he says that we all have great potential to do anything. 
I feel like I’m just sitting there, clapping for the other viewers. I feel like I’m rooting for everybody and I’m saying to everybody that ‘You can do it!’ or ‘you’re so talented!’ anything along those lines. 
But I don’t believe whatever Sean says, applies to me. 

Here’s the thing, people say that I’m funny, creative, smart, and just a great person. I say thank you, but all of it went in one ear, and out the other ear.
Some people say that my body was built for speed, and strength. People who’ve seen my art say that I’m talented. People who’ve read what I’ve wrote way that I have a way with characters and I make the whole story come to life and that I’m an amazing writer. People who’ve watched me act, say I’m a great actor. 

But I don’t believe them, not really. When people say I’m talented in my art, I say thank you and smile. But I think that ‘Oh, they’re seeing me art and they feel the need to say that it’s good anyway and they don’t mean it. Okay.’ When people have expectations for me to have the perfect strong body, I look back and see what I’m really like and I know that won’t happen. when people have read what I’ve written and they’ve said that it’s amazing, I read it back and I get bored. When I ask if I did good when I was acting, and when they say that I’m a great actor, I look back and see all of my flaws and I see what I look like when I act, I don’t say anything because if I do, I’ll only cause myself to go down with my own insults and critiques. 

I, myself, have all of these expectations for myself. I want myself to be smart, I want myself to be creative, I want myself to be talented, I want myself to be a good actress, I want myself to be a good writer. but then I look back at who I actually am, and I look back and what I’m actually like and what I can actually accomplish, I lose motivation. But then I get it back and I see what I did, I lose that motivation again and think, ‘Oh, nothing changed’ No matter how many times I do something, and no matter how many times I change what I do, it always goes back to what it was. 

 And I put my all into what I do. I put my all into what I create, and I put my entire being into it. But it’s never enough. 
I try to take the chance and when I look back, I see that I failed. 

And even now I have all of these expectations that I’m going to stop thinking like this and I’m going to accomplish what I want to accomplish, but then the cycle starts over and I look back to see it just to prove that it’s the same. 

I believe in every single one of you who read this, or who doesn’t. I believe that people can do amazing, and beautiful things. They just have to try and they just have to do their best. 


Looking back.. I think I predicted some hairstyles. XD (Nah, I’m just kidding, probably not, it’s just funny. :9 )

Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever posted this here,…did I? It’s so old and dated now, maybe I’ll remake it someday. There are so many things I would change! Still kind of proud of how it did back in the day, though. I worked really hard on it then. (From the French Genderbend contest September 2012. Manon/Maddy introduced Episode 21, which aired March 16th, 2014 and Kentin wig for the Valentines 2015 event. How can you not think with that crazy mullet!? XD)

Gosh, I wanted to see Ken co-exist with himself even all that time ago. - v-’’’’ What a strange thing to want to do…