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Bellamy, what’s happening? Answer. What minor delay? Stuck in the mud. Gonna use the winch to get me out. Negative. Bellamy, you have no suit and I can hear the rain over the radio.

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I just wanted to ask, do you have the story mostly planned already? I love the Chara part right now, but I can't seem to find what it has to do with Zombie Frisk. I'll assume you do have a connection between them and it's not just filler because I really enjoy both sides of the story so far and I desperately want to know the connection ♡♡♡ keep up the good work, you're amazing

Yup! Most of the story is planned (at least, in terms of an outline, yes.)
And nope! It is not filler, even though it probably feels like it, haha…
But no worries! We’re almost done with Intermission 2, I promise. (Even though I probably said that a month ago too haha whoops. I promise I have been slacking on pages for pretty decent reasons.)
And then we’ll be back to our mostly lovable, completely socially awkward and inappropriate human friend and the jerk flower. About time, amirite?
Glad you’re enjoying though, and thanks for sticking with, friend! ;D

you may have seen the happy baby moriyamas i sent @tresmoreau, now get ready for sad pre-teen moriyamas


  • Kengo dies more than a decade earlier
  • whether it was a natural death or the fruit of a long-term conspiracy, the result was that Kengo’s heir was only 11 – too young to take over the family, too accomplished to be easily manipulated by opportunists

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The one good thing about going through old art is finding old facecannon ideas that I abandoned for some reason??? So here’s an updated Tucker.

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Domestic & arguing over the remote #prompt :D

Also available on ao3.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Monday Nights are for The Bachelor

Stiles knew from experience that Derek could be stubborn. He knew that mostly because Stiles held himself to a pretty high standard of stubbornness that was, on occasion, met with an even higher amount of stubbornness in the six feet that built up Derek Hale. In every instance, Stiles always found himself surprised and, if he was being honest with himself, impressed.

This was not one of those occasions.

Monday nights were dedicated to The Bachelor. Derek thought it was a fair request since it was only two hours, one night, each week, for six weeks out of the year, that he required the television in his own loft. The pack had other thoughts on the matter – the use of Derek’s television, not on The Bachelor – the pack had no clue about Derek’s secret love affair with the reality show. Derek did decide to turn four teenagers into his betas, but he was not an idiot. Okay, ignore that last example.

The point still stood that Derek had every right to lock himself in his apartment on Monday nights with a box of red wine and bowl of movie theater butter popcorn to watch a reality show that may or may not contain the use of tears, wildly concocted fights, and artfully chiseled men. The pack was settled and there hadn’t been any supernatural issues in months. Well, unless you counted the time Scott contracted a were-flu and all the werewolves in the pack were reduced to sniffling blanket piles. Stiles had shouldered the brunt of mothering everyone as they regained their strength and while he complained profusely, Derek had suspected the whole ordeal had been an ego boost for the kid.

A ding sounded from the kitchen and Derek took the popcorn out of the microwave, taking care not to burn his fingertips as he grasped it by the corners and tried in vain not to rip the bag in half. The effort was futile, as it always was, and Derek inevitably had a steaming cloud of popcorn explode in his face before falling to the floor. You would think that growing up with werewolf strength would give Derek the time and opportunity to figure out how to do something as mundane as opening a bag of popcorn without it staging a coup, but this was one skill he could not grasp. He stood there, dumbfounded, when he heard a key turn the tumblers in the apartment’s lock and Stiles walked in. He looked at Derek and blinked.

“I have so many questions,” started Stiles.

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Full of Grace - Chapter 1 - DreamingPagan - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/5
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton, Miranda Barlow/Thomas Hamilton, Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton, Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint
Characters: Miranda Barlow, James McGraw, Thomas Hamilton, Admiral Hennessey, Alfred Hamilton
Additional Tags: Period-Typical Homophobia, Homophobic Language, bedlam - Freeform, Angst, Pain, Non-Consensual Haircuts, Non-Graphic Violence, I blame Bean, this was their horrifying brainchild, Hurting followed by reunions and cuddles, Happy Ending, Eventual Happy Ending, can I say canonical character death if it’s under other circumstances than canon?

They are taking them. The thought penetrates Miranda’s mind - cuts through the haze and the panic and the horror that she feels at the sight of James’ limp form being carried out the door, his bare feet dragging, eyes closed, blood still welling from the scrapes he’s received during his short-lived bid for freedom. They are taking Thomas and James away from her.

Or: Alfred orders both Thomas and James to be taken to Bedlam. Miranda is left to rescue them with the aid of Admiral Hennessey.

why is my girlfriend the most adorable person ever

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can i intrude a little and ask what you're studying (and where if you feel like saying) i'm in year 12 and decisions are a com'n my way

i just recently started a graphic design course!!