:') and my heart

WHO IS THAT!?!?! oh, steve, you scared me, i didnt recognize you in that baseball hat, hoodie, and sunglasses

This is just some rambling but I find the dynamic between Sangwoo and Seungbae kind of hilarious. 

Like instead of an intense, complicated cat and mouse chase where both the detective and criminal are highly skilled in order to avoid making the tiniest mistake, their limited encounters have been really clumsy. They’re both impulsive. Seungbae seems impatient. Sangwoo is easily provoked. I’m positive this will end with who makes the biggest, most ridiculous fuck up first and I kind of love it


RebelCaptain  -  One scene - “Welcome Home”.

“I’m not sure four of us is quite enough,” she said. Baze grunted dismissively and looked to Bodhi. “How many do we need?” “What are you talking about?” Jyn asked. Baze jutted a finger, pointing behind Jyn.

All we want is for igot7 to be respected by other people. That’s why even though we’re tired, even though we can’t sleep, even though we don’t eat three meals a day, it’s worth it. We want you guys to be respected. We want you guys to not be embarrassed by other people. We want you guys to go anywhere in this world and say ‘Yeah I’m an igot7’
—  Jackson Wang, one of the sweetest, most caring, most genuine, most amazing people on the planet