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shout out to m’gann m’orzz, who came from a species that wanted to destroy planets and kill/enslave all the inhabitants, for fighting for what was right and actively try to save people. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for showing everyone that where you come from doesn’t have to define the person you are. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for proving that she is a hero time and time again without just going around and saying “i’m a hero now!” like other characters on the show.


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Goodbye Sans, it was nice knowing you.

Anyway, for all my long-time followers, thank you for all your patience–I hope the wait was worth it~! And for the many newcomers, welcome and enjoy the ride, we’re only just getting started. ;D



yes, Judy reveal…n-nothing…special, Got some weird shadow patches here and there but y’know…eh.

really should’ve added a hat to go with that shadow


yes…a hat would be nice

I’ll add a hat later on.


I went to bed last night after smoking a little, right? Or at least I thought cause either I packed that bowl and knocked the fuck out or I got weed fairy packing my bowls at night cause I just woke to a full bowl in my bong. Now I know it was probably just my stoned ass to tired to even comprehend what I was doing and just passed out after packing it, but I’d really like to believe in and manifest this weed fairy tbh.

ok since hansol isn’t in the recent smrookies videos, there are speculations that he might be debuting that’s why he isn’t in smrookies anymore and there are rumors that nct 127 might have a comeback in june and this 127 theory which is 7 members +2 members +1 member and the last member could be hansol?? idk but i think it makes so much sense??


“We’re on the same side, like it or not.”