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2.2 - Scary

Sierra looked up at the indifferent face of the armor. “Hi there. How’s it going? Why are you all-” She was cut off by the armor grabbing her, tossing her over its shoulder, and starting to march back toward Jack. “Hey! Put me down!”

Sean recognized the enemies now that he saw them in action. He wondered if he could take over one of the guards, but decided against it.  So he floated above them, knowing that they were headed to the one thing that could stop them.

“Oh no, you’re gonna activate the resonator again, aren’t you? No! Don’t do it! I’ll- aaaaaah!” Sierra screamed as the guards started crossing the bridge. She struggled against their grip, but wasn’t getting very far. “Jack! Help!”

Jack awoke with a snort and rolled onto his feet. His eyes zeroed in on the the guards, then flashed pink. He roared angrily.

He suddenly leaped forward and grabbed the guard holding Sierra, then dangled him upside down. Sierra lost her grip and fell into his outstretched palm. He set her on the ground next to the resonator.

Satisfied that she was no longer in danger, he let out a feral snarl and swiped up two of the guards in one hand while knocking the other two off the bridge with one of his legs. He crushed the two guards in his hand like an empty soda can and dropped them over the edge. The battle was over as soon as it started.

However, Jack continued to jump and roar. Sean recalled that Sierra needed to calm him down now.

“Oh! You’re all scared now! Okay, I’ll distract you!” Sierra ran up and jumped onto Jack’s tail, then climbed him until she got on the side of his head. She then scratched behind his ear and told him he was handsome.

Sean had to laugh, especially because it worked. Jack laid down in the middle of the bridge just to accept the affection and compliments.

“There ya go, big guy. Okay, so guards are bad- and to think I asked them to open the gate for me! Whatever, you did a good job. You’re scary sometimes, you know that?” Sierra rambled.

Jack purred.

“Awwww! Okay, now that you’re back to normal, let’s keep going. I don’t want you near here if that resonator activates again.” Sierra exclaimed. She climbed down his arm onto the ground and ran off into the next area.

Sean glanced at Jack and followed after. “Come on. She’s got a point.”

Sierra ran under an arch and looked around. “I see sunlight! Come on, Jack, let’s-” she cut off in mid-sentence, finding herself on a balcony. “Never mind. This doesn’t lead anywhere.”

Sean turned to go back and stopped, a chortle escaping him. Jack was trying to get his head through the archway. All he had to show for it was a mess of green hair and one broken horn. “Dude, what’re ya doing?”

Sierra ran back to where Sean was, also stopping in her tracks to laugh at Jack.

Sean briefly shuddered and moved- Sierra was standing halfway inside of his ghostly form, which felt as awkward and weird as it sounded.

“Are your horns growing back?” Sierra asked. She ran up to the single blue horn in the doorway and scratched at the base of it. Jack stopped his attempt to shove his way through and relaxed. Sierra ran her hand over the broken edge. “They are! That’s cool. Good job, buddy.”

She stood in silence for a moment. “Could you maybe move? Or do I have to shove you?”

Jack backed up and tilted his head so that all Sierra and Sean could see was one of his eyes. Sierra was about to run through the door but he squeezed his hand in instead, feeling around the dark tunnel.

Sierra sighed and placed a hand on her forehead. “Jack, why are you like this?”

Sean laughed. “I don’t know either, kid. Didn’t we agree to not question it?”

Both glanced up at the same time and saw a small ledge. Sean noted the array of wooden beams near the ceiling, and the chain leading up.

“I’ll find a way through for you, okay?” Sierra asked. She ran back to the room before the balcony. Sunlight shone through the hole where the chain led to, but she was clearly too short to jump up and grab it.

Jack scrabbled at the ground some more, and Sierra’s eyes followed from the chain to the beams Sean had seen, and back down to Jack’s hand. “Ah- oh. I see a way up. Maybe I can find a hole or something for Jack to go through.”

The hardest part of reaching the chain was getting up on Jack’s hand. He wanted to pull her back through to his side, so Sierra had to be quick about hopping up on him, then climbing the ledge before he had a chance to twist his hand to an angle he could grab her from.

Sean was rather impressed with her- it only took her four tries. He just had to float to follow her.

Sierra jumped and began walking across the beams. She held out her thin arms as she went, and took slow steps. “Man, why do I have to balance? I can’t balance. Okay, just…” she was rambling again, likely trying to calm her nerves.

Sean followed below her, hoping that if she fell through him, he could at least slow her fall. “Oh god, kid, please don’t fall.”

Sierra hopped over to the chain and began climbing. “Jack! I’ll be right back, okay?”

Sean went through the wall and related her message. “It’ll be alright, buddy. You’ll find each other again.” Then he went back to following Sierra.

She emerged into the sun from a old well. “Why is there a well here? It’s not like there was ever any water down there.” She asked. “Maybe they hauled stuff up from below. Like… a broken service elevator for those suits. Who knows?”

Sean paused, considering. That was actually a really good question, but Sierra was already running off. “Wait for me, kid!”

Sierra stopped for a moment. Her hand came up, pointing at something in front of her. “That’s the cage!” She ran up to the edge of the area. “JAAAAACKABOOOY!”

Sean watched over the edge. Jack appeared after several seconds, wearing an expression that loosely translated to, ‘Hey, how did you get up there? Can I get up there?“

“Jack! Hop up here! There’s plenty of room to run around, and- oh, let me get out of the way.” Sierra said, noting how Jack crouched.

It was a good thing that Sierra got out of his way, because the ground could barely hold his weight. It collapsed underneath his back legs, and he flung himself forward to keep his balance. One of his hands grabbed a raised edge and he used that to pull himself up.

“Are you okay, buddy?” Sierra asked.

Jack made a rumbling sound in the back of his throat. Then he suddenly ran off, excited to be out of the cramped space of the tunnel.

Sierra watched him for a minute or so. “Guess you are. You’re so majestic, you know?”

Sean positioned himself next to her. “Yeah. It’s weird to think that we’re the same person- aside from physical differences, I mean.”

Jack suddenly stopped and looked up. Then he started roaring, which reminded Sierra of her goal. She ran up to Jack’s side, looking up. The tower, mostly obscured by mist, loomed over them.

“It looks like a chess piece from this angle.” Sierra commented.

“I’ve never felt this threatened by a chess piece in my life.” Sean said.

Jack roared again.

“Alright, you win.” Sierra said, turning away and contemplating the courtyard. “Let’s find a way up.”

Be My Giant

 Warning: I made this in like, a half hour after inspiration struck. I have never posted anything like this before so I’m a bit nervous. I can’t really sing and there isn’t music and it was recorded on my phone and the rhythm is probably off, but I kind of like it so I’m just gonna go ahead and post this. 

 I figured there needed to be an actual Gt song, so here we go.


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