anonymous asked:

What is the best scene in the last teaser from your point of view?

Bruhhh you know I’m going to say that 2-second clip of Lucifer shitless because mmmm Daddy Devil is lookin’ hot 

but that aside ummm, hmm idk perhaps the scenes with Marcus in it because we haven’t really gotten to see much of him and how he interacts with the characters. Chloe introducing herself to Marcus though lmao 🤣

I mean really though ^ 🔥🔥🔥

Also, based on the trailers, Saru is gonna be on the Discovery and thats gonna be wild, he’s not gonna forgive or trust Michael for some time. I’m particularly hype for the episode where they’re forced together in an emergency and she saves him or he saves her or both and he finally agrees to start talking again I think that’ll be just great