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Hey Mimi one question; do you think Goku died at the end of GT?

Hey! =D And this is a question I’ve often pondered for years. I first thought Goku simply left with Shenron for training but after rewatching GT several years later and looking at it with an analytical skills, I can say I believe Goku was dead at the end.

But that’s not without several points of evidence.

1.) Shenron’s Eye Glow. In the final episode, we see Shenron’s eyes glow and the people killed by Omega Shenron were revived but what got my attention was how this effect seemed to happen to Goku as well as it seemed Shenron brought him back to life

2.)The second piece of evidence has to be everyone’s reactions to Goku. After Goku is seemingly revived, we see him go around the world and say goodbye to all his friends. However, what should be noticed is that he kept on disappearing, almost like a phantom. Not to mention, everyone kept asking Goku, “Are you?”

Not to mention, Vegeta seemed to know something which Goku wanted to keep under wraps

3.) Goku’s leftover clothing.

We see how there was still a leftover piece of Goku’s top GI that Pan found which Vegeta told her to keep close to her.

What should also be noted was how Goku still had a pair of clothes on him as he was leaving with Shenron

4.) The last piece of evidence has to be the ending of GT. By this I mean we see how Goku appears at the end of GT, almost as if he was giving the earth one final look to see if it was in good hands with Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. However, what should be taken into account is how young Goku looked

This ultimately proves how Goku, after a select number of time, died at the end of GT as there’s no way to explain how he looks so young 100 years afterwards. Toriyama has even drawn a picture of an elderly Goku and it’s been said how Saiyans after they hit the age of 80 begin to age.

Also, the fact he was shown as a faded ghost at the end of “A Hero’s Legacy” goes to back up this statement as well

And so with that I think we can safely rule that Goku was indeed dead at the end of GT.

Not to mention, Masako Nozawa said, “The scene where after Goku finishes fighting, he rides on Shenlong and says, ‘Shenlong’s back sure is warm…’. That’s because riding on Shenlong means that Goku’s going to leave this world and go to the world of the gods….I was glad that they didn’t write it plainly that he died though…I feel that Goku probably went to Shenlong’s place is training again.”, which sort of indirectly confirmed that he died XD

Today Hiromi Tsuru, The voice of Bulma, has passed away at the age of 57. She helped bring the world of dragon ball to life and is one of the reasons we still have this beloved show today.

You will be forever in our hearts. You have inspired so many voice actors and children and will continue to do so. You have made your mark on history in the hearts of children and the hearts of those who grew up listening to you. You brought Bulma Briefs to life. You will forever be remembered and your accomplishments will be celebrated