So, what would y’all think if I did make Tom Ellis the main face for my Sherlock? As a few of you know, I’ve been hunting for quite some time now to try and look for an actor who could fit the part without already being connected to a Sherlock franchise. I had looked at him a couple of times when Lucifer first came out, but at the time he wasn’t what I was looking for. Now with time and headcanons developed, I think he’d suit the role just fine since I don’t plan on writing within the Lucifer fandom ( if there is one? idek ). I’ll miss Ben, and probably make it so that I have a verse with his face for anyone who doesn’t want to switch.

     But the bottom line is that I’ve been looking for several months for a new face, and Tom is as close to perfect as I’ve been able to find. Ben is slowly getting to where he doesn’t work for me because I still feel like people see his generic BBC face and don’t bother with my rules or pages and just assume I’m BBC. But, when it comes down to it, I’m actually pretty divergent from any known portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

     like for a starter of varying length
using tom as a face claim. may be
selective if we’re not mutuals and/or
have not interacted very much yet.
although i do seem to have just a tad
more muse for him. who knows?

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                         “We’re home,” Sherlock announced, pulling the car up into the drive and glancing in the rear-view mirror as he pulled the parking brake. His little sister was nodding off heavily in the back seat and Sherlock smiled, opening his doors and collecting her bags. She’d come to his flat to spend the week, wanting some quality time with brother. Now, Friday night, he was bringing her home considerably later than he’d intended to.

He takes her things in first, giving her bag of clothes and assortments to their mother and apologising for his lateness. Then he goes back out to the car for his sister, opening the back door and kneeling down beside her. Giving her arm a gentle shake, he smiles when she opens her eyes.We’re home, little lamb. Let’s get you into bed, hm?” he said sweetly, opening his arms to her as she sleepily hugged him. Picking her up out of the car, he wrapped his arms securely around her and carried her towards the house. About halfway there, he felt her body relax heavily into his, and he knew she’d fallen fast asleep.

He softly shh’d his mother and carried his sister up the stairs to her bedroom – it used to be Sherlock’s old bedroom before he moved out – and gently laid her down in her bed. Pulling the covers up over her, he tucked her in and kissed her forehead. It was late, and it only made sense to spend the night. So he shed his coat and shoes and crawled into the bed, snuggling up beside in a hug as he settled in to sleep.

FULL CHANGE OF PLANS. I’ve come to the conclusion that a face claim change is more logical to do when one is actually able to make icons if they can’t find enough already made, which is my biggest problem for just about any option save for Ben. So, I’m just gonna forget the whole thing for now and wait until this summer. Within the next couple of weeks, I should be back at the lake and making good money again. I’ll be able to buy myself a decent desktop computer again, instead of the laptop setup I’ve been working with for the last few years. By then, who knows? Maybe there’ll be a better option for him out there, or if all else fails, at least I’ll have a way to freely make my own icons. I don’t want to do anything like that while using my mom’s computer. I still have the desire to find him a new face, but I’ve just decided that now is not the time to be doing it. But, having tried to do so, it’s sort of gotten me feeling better about my muse. So hopefully things will flow a little more smoothly.

     Thank you to those patient mutuals who are bearing with me. xDD


               Sherlock isn’t doing much, just sitting back and observing Lara one day while they’re spending an evening together.Are you feeling all right?” he breaks the silence suddenly. He can’t help but notice that she’s been a bit… off in the last few weeks. And not in the usual way.